Negative Feng Shui Features To Avoid


Many Singaporeans consider feng shui not to determine their luck for the year but as a guide. Feng shui is a Chinese system of laws that manage spatial arrangement as well as its orientation in relation to qi or the flow of energy. Chinese use this to determine whether a space has favourable or unfavourable effects.

When you are looking to buy a house, you have to avoid negative feng shui features as they will present challenges in the future. Here are some tips that you have to know to avoid negativity:

Do not align front door with your back door

Imagine qi like rushing water. If your doors are aligned, the water will flow easily. You need to slow down the flow of water so you can actually feel it. With this, you should avoid to align the front door and the back door this is to ensure that good energy will not escape easily plus it will give a chance to circulate around your house.

Staircase should not face the main door

You have to remember that your main door is the mouth of qi. This is how the qi will enter your house and if you put your staircase right in front of the main door, the energy will rush to the higher floor leaving the lower floor with nothing to nourish its energy.

Bathroom door should not face the main door

If your bathroom door faces the main door, qi will escape through it. If this is the case, only few qi will be left to nourish the whole house.

Bathroom should not be in the center of your house

The center of your house is considered as the heart. It is important that the center is open, with light and speaks of beauty. Your bathroom isn’t any of this.

Bedroom should not be over the garage

If you have two-storey house, do not consider putting a bedroom over the garage. Garages mean more moving. It also means unsettled and unsteady which are the things that you do not want to cultivate in your bedroom. Your bedroom should have a stable energy so it will promote sleep and relaxation.

It won’t hurt if you make these priorities as soon as possible. Do not just sit there and wait for your luck though. No matter how you arrange your house and encourage good flow of energy, you won’t be successful if you do not work hard for it. Always remember to take action instead of letting qi do its work alone.

How to Use Body Language to Build Trust


Trust is the core foundation of any relationship, may it be professional or romantic relationship. When you want to be trusted, you need to show them that you are trustworthy. If you want a customer to buy your product, gaining your buyer’s trust should come first before you present your offer. If you want your partner to trust you, you need to show him or her that you are honest and is worthy of their trust.

Aside from not lying, the best way to earn people’s trust is through body language. Since we communicate not only in words but also in actions, it’s essential to be aware of how you present yourself to others in the way you move and act. Here are some ways to use body language to instil trust in your personal and professional relationships.

  1. Avoid Using Your Phone

Eye contact helps build trust because it shows that you’re genuinely interested to listen to the person, but that’s hard to do if you’re constantly on your phone. Listen intently not just with your ears, but with your eyes as well. Not only will it allow you to earn the person’s trust, but also be able to respond to the other person appropriately.

  1. Touch Appropriately

If you say sorry, but do not have any body language, it’s easy to assume that you’re not sincere. Likewise, to show support to a friend, a quick hug or a light touch on the hand shows your genuine empathy than just mere words. Just be careful in using this tactic in the workplace. Unless the person is really close to you and is not your boss, avoid physical contacts because even casual touches can easily be misinterpreted to something inappropriate.

  1. Uncross Your Arms

Perhaps, you’re crossing your arms because you feel cold, but it’s a gesture that makes you look closed and unapproachable. The action unknowingly conveys a negative message, because you have positioned your body in a defensive manner; therefore, blocks your way to earning a person’s trust. Position your body in such a way that conveys openness, so you’ll appear welcoming of other people’s thoughts.

  1. Smile and Nod

Smiling and nodding while listening to someone indicates that you’re interested in what the person is saying. Non-verbal feedback like this encourages the person to share more, because he or she knows that you’re listening. Just make sure not to overdo it, or you’ll look less genuine.

Once you have mastered these body languages, it’s easier to earn people’s trust. They will see you as a genuine person who interested in knowing them better.

Energizing Tricks to Combat Fatigue at Work


Do you often find yourself yawning and feeling lethargic at work? If so, you’re not alone. However, though it’s normal to feel tired at the end of a long, busy day, feeling lethargic all the time hinders you from being productive at the office. Try these simple and science-backed tips to combat fatigue and reclaim your energy at work.

  1. Try Colour Therapy

Warm colours, like orange and yellow, are more energizing than their cool counterparts. That’s because, according to a research, they are attention-grabbing—therefore, activating the brain works. One of the easy ways to insert orange in your routine is to sneak it to your wardrobe. Wear orange-hued socks, jewellery or scarves. Another way is to keep an orange fruit on your office desk, and then enjoy it as an energy-boosting snack later in the day.

  1. Re-energize With Cold Water

If you have ever showered in cold water and felt a rush of electricity run through you, perhaps you already know why cold water is a good invigorator. Whenever you feel sleepy or tired, wash your hands with cold water for a minute or splash some on your face to rev yourself up. Because the skin in these parts of the body is covered in nerve endings, it’s sensitive to extreme temperature, making cold water a solution for grogginess.

  1. Have a 20-Minute Power Nap

If you have been sleeping late, short afternoon nap can make a huge difference. A 20-minute nap can instantly amp up your alertness and even improve your quality of sleep at night. A study have shown that those people who took power naps in the afternoon felt energized and saw big improvements in their work performance.

  1. Regularly Sip on Water

Around 60 percent of our body is made up of water, so it makes perfect to stay hydrated to perform at your best. However, many of us do not drink enough water, especially when loaded with paper works and other office tasks. To make sipping water part of your routine, remind yourself by setting alarms on your phone. If you have been sitting at your desk for hours, take the opportunity to stretch your legs by getting yourself glass of water.

Your energy and focus are your greatest resources at work. If from time to time you can’t reward yourself with enough sleep and rest to re-energize, try giving these simple tricks a shot.

Organizing Your Tiny Closet


When you have too many clothes but too little space in your closet, sometimes organizing is a dilemma. Not to mention the hassle every time you pick clothes before you leave for work.

Here are tips to make the most out of the space available.

  1. Make use of every inch of space. That doesn’t mean however that you have to stuff everything inside haphazardly. Keep your things organized because you don’t want your stack of clothes to fall over you whenever you open the closet.


  1. Separate your clothes according to type. Your T-shirts should be stacked separately from your sleeveless shirts and long-sleeved shirts. This will make it easier for you to look for the type of clothing you need. Your pants should also be separate from your shorts or skirts.


  1. Stack them neatly by rows. Stack your clothes in rows with one at the front and another at the back if there is enough space. When you’re done using all the clothes in the front row, exchange them with the row of clothes at the back.


  1. Make use of hangers and organizers. Hang clothes made of materials that easily wrinkle. Folding them will make ironing trickier. There are tiered hangers, cascading hooks and and organizers that you can hang inside your closet. Fasten these to the doors of your closet to maximize space.


  1. Store bags properly and separately. Your bags might be bent out of shape if not stored properly. To keep their shape, stuff them with tissue or paper. Don’t hand them but they should have a shelf on their own. Don’t mix theme with other clothing.

  1. Fold and organize your underwear. Folding your underwear can save space, but don’t fold your brassier. Stack them horizontally so the cups don’t get distorted. Roll your socks by pairs so they take up less space and are easier to find. They should be separate from your tops, bottoms and other things.


  1. Use organizers for your shoes. If you don’t have a separate closet for your shoes, make use of the lower half of your closet. There are tiny shoe organizers where you can hang your shoes. Some may prefer to keep them in boxes but these take up a lot of space.


  1. Hang belts, scarves and hats. Install hooks on your closet door. There are types of hooks you can buy singly or you can also use rods. Separate belts from scarves and from hats so they also look nice.


  1. Store small items in boxes. Don’t mix smaller items with your other things. You will have a harder time finding them if they get mixed up. Use old boxes or jars or buy space-saving organizers in shops. Accessories and jewelry should be stored separately as well.


  1. Install shelves, rods and hooks. If there is still enough space, install any one of these to make use of all the space available. There will still be enough room if you decide to buy more clothes or accessories. Just make sure the stacks don’t weigh too much and there’s still enough space to rummage through every stack.

Ironing Your Clothes Properly


Ironing clothes seem complicated for some people. The dials can look confusing, but they’re not that difficult to understand once you know what they’re for.

Before Ironing. You need a proper setup before you begin. You will need the following: iron, ironing board, and spray bottle with water. There are types of irons for different needs. A basic clothes iron will do for any task. They are cheap too. Ironing boards have materials that are flame retardant. Pick one that you can store and use easily.


Identify the Fabric. If you need to iron a pile of clothes, group them according to the type of fabric. Some irons usually have a guide on the dials for the type of fabrics. If you don’t know what the fabric is, check the label on your clothes. The label usually has instructions for the proper iron setting that you should use.


Thermostat Settings. To avoid damaging the clothes, especially printed shirts, flip the clothes on the wrong side so that you can iron at the back. The lowest iron setting is used for acetate. The highest setting is for cotton and corduroy. Some irons have temperatures printed on the dial instead of numbers usually from 1 to 7.


Ironing your Clothes. Begin with clothes that require the lowest temperature then slowly move up to the highest. Switching the temperatures will require a few minutes for the iron to cool down before you can use it again.

Ironing Shirts. When ironing shirts, start with the sleeves. Make sure you open all the cuffs and undo the buttons. Next, do the collar if there is any. Just like the sleeves, it should be layed flat when you iron. Finally, iron the rest of the shirt.


Ironing Pants. Line up the stitches properly before you start ironing. Start from the bottom of the pants. If you want a crease, fold each leg equally by aligning the stitches and the seams. The same procedure can be done for your shorts.


Ironing Skirts. If the skirt flares, start at the bottom. The pleats in a pleated skirt should be ironed singly. Some skirts are made of fabrics that do not need to be ironed. Some also have creases in the design.


Ironing Wrinkles. Spray water on fabrics that are too wrinkled. The steam created when pressed will help flatten the wrinkles. There are irons that come with a spray head for easy use. There are also sprays available in the market that are made specifically for ironing.


Starch Spray. Some people want that crisp look on their shirts. You can make a starch spray by mixing water and cornstarch in a spray bottle. Remember to spray lightly and don’t use too much heat when ironing.


After Ironing. Hang your clothes properly in a hanger when you’re done. Don’t leave the house before unplugging the iron. Make sure to also empty the water compartment in the iron if it has any. The ironing board can be folded and stored in a closet.

What You Need to Know about Michelin Guide


If you are a foodie lover, you know what to look for when searching for the best place to eat – the Michelin Star. If you are not familiar with Michelin Guide, it is time that you know what it is. Michelin Guide is a reference guide that awards stars to hotels and restaurants for their excellence.


The star is sought after but only few achieved it. In fact, the loss or acquisition of a star can have an effect on the triumph of ta restaurant. At first, the Michelin brothers published a guide for motorists in France. The guide contained maps, repairing and changing of tires, etc. The brothers were hoping to boost the demand of for cars and eventually car tires. In 1926, the brothers made several changes for their guide to include listing of hotels and restaurants.

The brothers noted the popularity of hotels and restaurants that time so they hired inspectors to visit and write reviews of hotels and restaurants while maintaining anonymity. Fine dining restaurants were awarded single stars but in 1931, the brothers established a scoring system from 0 to 3. However, in 1936, the guide established the final criteria. Here are the starred rankings:

  • One star: The restaurant is considered very good in its category.
  • Two star: The restaurant offers excellent cooking that is highly recommended.
  • Three star: The restaurant provides exceptional cuisine that must be visited.


The cover of the Michelin guide was originally blue but in 1931 it was changed to red and remained that way up to now. In 1950, the first edition (French edition) listed thirty eight establishments. In 1956, Italy also got its first edition but no stars were awarded that time. In 1974, Britain finally got its guide and twenty give stars were given.

Just in 2005, Michelin crossed borders and published its American guide. It only concentrated in New York including five hundred restaurants and about fifty hotels in Manhattan alone. In 2008, Hong Kong and Macau guide were published and in the same year, a guide was published in Tokyo. In 2013, there were about fourteen editions of Michelin guide that covered twenty three countries.

You should know that now, it has come to Singapore. IN fact, on July 21, 2016, Michael Ellis, the director of Michelin guides presented a start to two food hawkers. This is the first of the guide’s history. The hawkers who were awarded include Hill Street Tai Hwa Pork Noodle and Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice & Noodle. These hawkers boast of a Michelin star for meals under S$5.


Tips for Downloading Music


Without a doubt, music plays a major role in the lives of people. It has a direct impact to our mental and emotional state which eventually leads to an immediate change in our moods. Music has become very influential to people’s lives that they instantaneously become happy, sad, nostalgic, energized, or something, and that’s while listening to some of their favorite songs.


Even if you don’t have an Mp3 or you’re not listening to the songs downloaded in your mobile phone, you can’t help but listen to it when you hear songs blasting from the stereo of the public utility vehicle you’re riding to get to your work or from the blaring speakers of boutiques at the mall. Even if you may appear to not be a big fan of listening to music and you consider songs as just noise, you can’t help but take notice when you don’t hear it anymore. It also plays a big part for the therapy of some individuals.

Can you just imagine life without music at all? It would definitely be an unthinkable matter. Although music may have different meanings to different people, the bottom line is it’s still an essential part of their lives.

Before you proceed with downloading some songs to add to your playlist, it is very important that you consider following these tips. These tips will help ensure that you’re making a safe and legal download of songs and other music genres you love listening to.


  1. The number one tip that you should follow is download from a legal music downloading site. Although there are some countries that don’t prohibit online dance music downloads, most are quite strict since it concerns music distribution. Even if you can download for free, it is best that you get music from a legal site. Though you will have to pay a fee for every songs you download, it will be a small amount only and you may even get some discounts.
  2. In addition to the first tip, it is also very important that you be protected from any malicious software downloads paired with the song you’re trying to get online. It mostly happens when you download from an illegal site since it’s possible they didn’t heighten their security parameters. Because it’s easy to find a digital music site where you can copy songs, do your part in making sure you have a safe music downloading experience.
  3. Protecting yourself from viruses and malicious software downloads is as important as protecting yourself from a potential litigation as well. In relation to the first tip which states that you only download from legal digital music sites, it is also very essential that you don’t face any legal trouble. So make sure that you are downloading from a legal site.
  4. As there are different file formats you can choose from, you need to know what is compatible with your portable music player. Although you found a site where you can make a dance music download, it won’t matter if their file format isn’t compatible with your music player. It’s very essential that you make sure of this before you make a payment for the songs to download.

Following these tips, it is now time that you make the right decision on which online site you should download songs.


5 Things to Say Goodbye to During Your Twenties

Like most teenagers, you probably counted the days when you’ll finally be in your 20s. After all, there are a lot of reasons to be excited about embarking on the ride that only our twenties offer. This will probably be the most frustrating and thrilling decade of your life; you’ll experience some ups and downs, but to make the most out of this time, you need to learn to say goodbye to the following things.


  1. Destructive Relationships and Toxic People

Your 20s is when you figure out what you really want in life. It’s also the time when you discover what your dreams and passion are, as well as develop ways on how you can turn them into reality. That said, it pays to have a solid social network who will encourage and support you in chasing those dreams. The last thing you’d want to have during this time are people who only bring negative vibes to your life.

  1. Drama

You spent most of your teenage life creating and dealing with drama, and by now, you know that drama won’t get you to where you want to be in the future. So whether it’s in your romantic relationship or your friendships, start dropping the drama, and act like a grown-up that you’re supposed to be.

  1. People-Pleasing

Gone are days when you look into the mirror several times wondering if you look decent enough to avoid getting laughed at. Now that you’re already in your 20s, be yourself and live the way you want to be. Not everyone will cheer you on for being yourself, but it’s not like their opinion will decide who you’ll become in the future.


  1. Need to Justify Your Choices

Unless it’s someone important who’s questioning your decisions, stop feeling bad about not explaining your decisions to certain people. Now that you’re in your 20s, you’re already capable of thinking and taking responsibility for the consequences of the decisions you make. So forget about the people who question your life choices. Remember that with or without their approval, you can do anything you want.

  1. Need to be in a Relationship Just to be Happy

As you enter the phase of young adulthood, you’ll learn that being in relationship isn’t the answer to a lasting happiness. The key is to be happy regardless of your current relationship status. This way, you’ll be able to live your life happily without depending on someone else. Sure, most of your twenty-something friends might be in a relationship, but that doesn’t mean that they’re really happy with it.

Letting go of things that only bring negativity to your life is what will make your journey to your twenties more enjoyable and worthwhile. So say goodbye to all the drama during your teenage years, and start enjoying a fresher and better perspective in life on your twenties.

What to Consider in Buying Bedroom Furniture

Moving in a new place or getting your bedroom a makeover? Buying new bedroom furniture is usually an exhilarating yet nerve-wracking experience. Being the focal point of your home, the bedroom furniture is an important aspect of making the whole interior design go well together.

So stop stressing about it! Instead, read on the following things you need to consider before you purchase a new bedroom furniture.


Check for inspo. If you’re only starting to think about redecorating plans, you might still be unsure of exactly what you want the place to look like after. Check design blogs and lifestyle magazines for easy home decoration inspiration that you can copy. You can also get ideas from social media sites like Instagram and Pinterest.


Beyond basics. One of the key pieces of the bedroom is of course, the bed. Don’t settle for your run-of-the-mill bed. Look for different styles and other things your bedroom might need such as a bedside table or study desk. Start from this in tying your ideas together and making them work as one.


Shop in context. In order to keep the design theme of your bedroom concise, shop furniture pieces with the theme in mind. If you’re someone who like clean and sleek lines, go for minimalist pieces that go well with the interior design you’re going for. If you’re leaning towards a homier ambience in your bedroom, make sure that the pieces you purchase for are very comfortable. Whatever design theme you’re aiming for, contemplate properly if it goes well to avoid getting mismatched items.


Measure, measure and measure. Measurements are important when buying furniture to guarantee that a piece will really fit in your bedroom. Double-checking measurements is important in order to keep money and time from being wasted.


Anything you can repurpose? Getting furniture for your home need not mean that you always buy new ones. You can always repurpose old furniture and redesign it according to your running design theme. Look for furniture pieces that could use a dash of new paint or upholstery.


Choose a brand or company. Now that you’ve decided on your bedroom interior design, another thing to carefully consider is what company you’re buying furniture from. You can try IKEA for multi-purpose and affordable furniture. However, if you have a bigger budget, try reaching out to small furniture makers that specialize key items.


Make use of the area of the room. No matter how much you want to make your bedroom into your dream room, you must examine the whole area and work with what you have. Check everything from the windows, ceiling, wall lengths and the overall layout of the room. Play around with how you can elevate the whole look of the room using limited furniture choices.


No need to go all out. It’s easy to get carried away with all the decorating plans you have but it is also important to see that there is no need to go on a full-on makeover yet. Gradual refurnishing and redecoration is better than settling for something sloppy and inadequate.