The Best Places to Experience Korean BBQ in Singapore  

Korean pop music and Korean television dramas are not the only things making waves in different parts of the world. More and more people nowadays are enjoying delicious Korean cuisine. Because of this, the Korean dining experience have mushroomed into a profitable business especially in Singapore.


Perhaps we were enticed by what we see in Korean dramas where people dine in eating shacks, grill beef and drink soju that the Korean meat roasting techniques have grown very popular not only in Singapore but in other parts of the world as well.

To enjoy authentic Korean barbeque in Singapore, we listed some of the best Korean barbeque restaurants you have to visit.


Ssikkek BBQ

They serve both fresh and marinated beef, chicken and pork in big trays. You can cook them however you want. There are even non-marinated meat slices available if you want to marinate or boost its flavor just the way you like it.


If you want other food choices, they also have sausages, seafood and other Korean side dishes like kimchi. A lot of people keep coming back to the restaurant because the area is clean, comfortable and very well maintained.


The Corner Place Korean BBQ

One key attraction in The Corner Place aside from their grilled meat options is the Dong Chi Mi Gook Su or noodles served in water kimchi. It’s refreshing and a bit sweet. It’s a perfect combination with grilled meat and it gets you ready for another serving of meats.

The restaurant also offers a bibimbap buffet, which includes a hefty serving of rice, mushrooms, cooked meats, lettuce and other vegetables.


Rochester House: Something for the Little Ones    

If you have a kid or a niece or a nephew, you’d have an idea of how challenging it can be to find a restaurant where both the adults and the kids, especially, enjoy the food and the place. Well, kids don’t really care much how elegant or sophisticated the restaurant’s ambience may be. All they care about is that they get to run around the place and scream their lungs out. Yes, in the case that your kid does want to scream out of utter joy or playfulness, it’s better to be in a restaurant that actually is meant for the kids or at least has the usual load of kid customers. That way, all the other diners will be more forgiving and empathize with you without even a need to excuse or explain yourself. So, for a Singapore restaurant that puts the spotlight on the kids, here it is.


The Rochester House

Welcome to a grand, colonial bungalow perfect for the entire family! Rochester House is located at 7 Rochester Park. In its vast area of 30,000 square feet, you’ll find a bistro style restaurant, that the grown-ups will surely adore, and an indoor and outdoor playground, that is made for the kids. The Playhouse consists of 2 floors of play area. The ground floor inside and outside are for free-play. Children, especially the younger ones, could enjoy running around here all they want. Plus, there’s even a 10-foot trampoline! On the other hand, the second floor consists of 3 rooms which are meant for the slightly older kids with ages about 7 to 12.


As for the menu, they actually have one that’s made specifically for the kids. This one is simpler but perfect for a kid’s palate. They’ve made it such so that children will easily recognize what’s in their food. As we know, kids are such picky-eaters and if something on their plate seems unfamiliar, they’d immediately assume that it’s something that doesn’t taste good. So to avoid this, they’ve prepared an entire kid menu with the usual food items children enjoy such as the classic Mac and Cheese. But they don’t only focus on the taste either because they’ve also ensured that all their kid menu items are tastefully-made with different vegetables in them.

So, if you can’t wait for an enjoyable time both for the grown-ups and the young ones, then just plan your next weekend activity at Rochester House!


Well-Known Bars in Singapore

Singapore is small country in nature but gigantic in terms of their economy and culture. Also, the country is popular for many tourists as it has different places to go round and visit like beaches, restaurants and malls. But when dusk comes and night starts to bloom, the beauty of different bars in Singapore makes the country be more attractive.


New Asia Bar

When you want to experience the highest point of comfort, you have to know how to go to New Asia Bar. Situated in the 71st floor of Swissotel the Stamford, New Asia bar offers first and foremost, the beautiful and incomparable sight of Singapore.

Acid Bar

Not all things sold here are acid or acidic as you imagine. In Acid bar, you can listen to live music and have a chance to sing with the performers in the bar. Also, you can purchase beers her at a reasonable price. Acid Bar is located in the Orchard part of Singapore and is formerly a re-established shop house. Here, music plays even at late midnight.



This bar serves Class A people because this bar is for affluent people. They say that Prive is a expensive.  Prive is located after you cross the bridge from the main island of the city. This bar is near the harbor wherein guests and customers have the opportunity to see the eye-catching maritime scenery together with the sunset. Here, concoctions are locally made which includes blackberry lychee cocktail and more.


Indian Restaurants in Singapore  

Since Singapore was not yet discovered, dishes and spices are enhanced by many people from time to time. During the past times, people just eat raw meats and leaves. They also search for food in a difficult way.

We are so much lucky today because of the advances in technology that we are experiencing. Because of this, there is a quick movement on how we are processing and preparing the foods that we eat. There is also a big possibility that food serving will be changed and developed. It will be simpler compared to the past.

One of the famous cuisines in Singapore is Indian cuisine. This is because the sultan of Johor, India inhabited Singapore and introduced Indian cultures as well as Indian foods in the country. Today, there are a lot of Indian Restaurants in Singapore and most of them are located in Little India (a place where Indian goods and products are sold).

Indian Restaurants

The signature Indian food is the Bombay duck. It’s a very delicious food that you’ll definitely love. You can find is from any Indian restaurants but you need to find a way to choose the most appetizing ones.


Samy’s Curry Restaurant

There nothing you can ask for once you have tasted their finger-licking and spicy chicken. For over 60 years of serving the people of Singapore, Samy’s Curry Restaurant receives a satisfying rating. Aside from their signature dish, they also serve fish head curry, fish bergedil, masala chicken and many more.

Singapore has a lot of Indian restaurants to visit. What you gonna do is visit one and go to another one to make sure that you are satisfied with the taste.