Fencing Safely  

If you are a fan of fencing, for sure you heard about the success of national fencer Lim Wei Wen. He made history by delivering Singapore’s first medal at the Asian Games held in Incheon, South Korea. Wen got a bronze medal. In an interview, he said that he wants Singapore to be proud.


If in this case you are still learning fencing, the first thing that you should know is how to do it safely. Here are some safety practices that you should observe during fencing:

  • Wear proper clothing: It is imperative that before starting, you wear the proper clothing. Fencing is not like wrestling or boxing. In fencing, you need to cover or protect your body so you will be safe from injuries and other accidents. You need mask, jacket, glove, under plastron and long trousers.
  • Make sure the other party is also safe: Before engaging, you have to make sure that the other party is safe. Do not launch if you notice that the other player lacks body protection.


  • Do not lose temper: There are people who lose their temper when playing. It is not advisable. Fencing is after all a game. You might hurt yourself or the other player.
  • Obey the President: The President is also called the Referee. You have to obey to the President. When he says “Play”, you should engage. If he says “Halt”, you have to stop.
  • Do not turn your back: The golden rule here is never to turn your back to your opponent. You have to remember that there is a gap between your collar and mask. This portion of your body is not protected.

These things are just basic. If you want to be a professional fencer and eventually make it through the national team, you have to do your best and practice a lot. Who knows you will reach the Olympics? Good luck!


Growing Debts of Real Madrid

The love of Singaporeans for soccer is unfathomable. There are local and international teams and games that are anticipated by Singaporeans. If in this case you like Real Madrid, you should know that there is a recent issue about the team. The recent issue worries many people.


What is this issue? Well, you must know that Real Madrid is suffering from growing debts now. If this continues, who knows what will happen to the prestigious league. As of June 30, 2014, the total debt of Real Madrid amounted to €602 million or £472.2 million. This figure was released by the members of the club.

Real Madrid owed this much despite their earnings from winning the €60 million jackpot for becoming the champion. Real Madrid owes banks and the Spanish government. In the past year (2013), Real Madrid owed €541 million or £425 million but it rose to €602 million or £472.2 million this year (2014). The figure revealed an 11.3% growth of their debts.


Their debts are divided according to terms – short and long-terms. Short-term debts should be fulfilled within twelve months (about £210 million). Long-term debts make up a large portion of the total debt which is £189 million. The debt rose despite of the rising income of Real Madrid. The income rose only by 5% (about €550 million or £432 million).

Club members are expressing heavy concerns about the growing debts of Real Madrid. The debts may hinder the club from not meeting the commitments especially the future payments. In spite of this, the team still continues to do its best.