Singapore Student Budget Tips  

For students, money is one of their primary needs but when money is lacking, can they survive? Typically, students can survive but it is not an easy way to get out of a situation wherein you really need help. Most of the time, money is the very reason why students get the problem.


But money is not really a problem if you are a student who’s saving for future use. Saving is one important practice especially when you are a student. This is to avoid asking money from your parents. Most of the students make money as an excuse to save money in order to buy new shirts.

Saving money as a student is not like that. You save money through the allowance that your parents gave you and not on the extra money that you have asked them. On the other hand, many students say that it is impossible to save when your money is just enough for your daily expenses.


But there is nothing impossible when you want it to happen. Pushing it to happen will give you a chance to do it. Choose campus gym instead of gyms in the city. While you are busy schooling, you will definitely have a time to go out and build some muscles.

Since you are only a student, your money is limited and you cannot afford gym memberships. But when you go to your campus gym, you will be more likely to have discounted or maybe free membership and unlimited use of gym equipment.