Asking if a Girl is on Her Period

Due to the increase of hormones during menstruation, many girls get angry when they see something that is not appropriate. However, this doesn’t happen every day. It only occur 3-4 days of the month while they are on their monthly period. On the other hand, some women say that they can actually control their feelings even though the strong hormones that make them angry is dominating.


Sometimes, girls only experience excruciating feeling in different parts of their body that may make them incapable of doing what they want to do. If a girl is acting cranky, you can her if she’s on her period – but be sensitive about it. Most women are actually fine with letting people know that they are menstruating. Sometimes, they keep it as a secret because they don’t want to be embarrassed.


Teenage girls are more likely to share that they are having their monthly period. However, some of them may feel shy about it due to some personal reasons or perhaps fear. Since menstruation can possibly make a woman mad even though you haven’t done anything, do not make it worse by asking her is she’s on her period. When you do this, you might encounter a beast-like individual who might want to kill you anytime.

You might be surprised when they do this. But actually, it is just normal for them to have that feeling every time they are menstruating. Always remember that girls have increased hormones during their menstruation and it contributes to their feelings, most especially the feeling of annoyance. Hence, try to be calm and keep yourself at peace.