How to Use Body Language to Build Trust


Trust is the core foundation of any relationship, may it be professional or romantic relationship. When you want to be trusted, you need to show them that you are trustworthy. If you want a customer to buy your product, gaining your buyer’s trust should come first before you present your offer. If you want your partner to trust you, you need to show him or her that you are honest and is worthy of their trust.

Aside from not lying, the best way to earn people’s trust is through body language. Since we communicate not only in words but also in actions, it’s essential to be aware of how you present yourself to others in the way you move and act. Here are some ways to use body language to instil trust in your personal and professional relationships.

  1. Avoid Using Your Phone

Eye contact helps build trust because it shows that you’re genuinely interested to listen to the person, but that’s hard to do if you’re constantly on your phone. Listen intently not just with your ears, but with your eyes as well. Not only will it allow you to earn the person’s trust, but also be able to respond to the other person appropriately.

  1. Touch Appropriately

If you say sorry, but do not have any body language, it’s easy to assume that you’re not sincere. Likewise, to show support to a friend, a quick hug or a light touch on the hand shows your genuine empathy than just mere words. Just be careful in using this tactic in the workplace. Unless the person is really close to you and is not your boss, avoid physical contacts because even casual touches can easily be misinterpreted to something inappropriate.

  1. Uncross Your Arms

Perhaps, you’re crossing your arms because you feel cold, but it’s a gesture that makes you look closed and unapproachable. The action unknowingly conveys a negative message, because you have positioned your body in a defensive manner; therefore, blocks your way to earning a person’s trust. Position your body in such a way that conveys openness, so you’ll appear welcoming of other people’s thoughts.

  1. Smile and Nod

Smiling and nodding while listening to someone indicates that you’re interested in what the person is saying. Non-verbal feedback like this encourages the person to share more, because he or she knows that you’re listening. Just make sure not to overdo it, or you’ll look less genuine.

Once you have mastered these body languages, it’s easier to earn people’s trust. They will see you as a genuine person who interested in knowing them better.

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