What You Need to Know About Febrile Convulsions

Febrile convulsion often called febrile fit is a condition characterized by the rapid increase of body’s temperature or when the body experiences uncontrollable contraction of muscles. The usual victims are kids from six months to six years old but anyone can be a victim. The risk of acquiring febrile convulsion is high for children whose mother and/or father suffered the same condition when they were still young.


Symptoms include losing of consciousness followed by the stiffening of arms and legs or the body in general, blackout for a short period of time, drooling, sudden falling, teeth clenching, grunting, uncontrollable bladder and bowel and temporary stop in breathing among others. Now that we know the symptoms, it would be easier for us to identify if someone is having a fit. If someone is having a fit, we should do the following things:


Protect the person from injury

Since fits are characterized by sudden falling, it is important to prevent the fall to avoid any further injury. Keep them comfortable as much as possible by cushioning their head and loosening their clothing. If the child or infant is experiencing high fever, we should do our best to cool them. Victims are usually scared but it will help them get through this if they know we are on their side. We should not leave them until they are better.

Contact a medical professional

If the fit lasts for more than 2 to 5 minutes, it is time to seek a doctor or other medical professional. If we don’t know what to do, it is better to look for someone who can assist us while waiting for the medical professional.

What not to do during a fit

It is highly discouraged to put something between the teeth of the patient and restrain him/her.