Things to Remember When Giving a Best Man Speech

It can be quite a great feeling if a friend or relative asks you to be their best man. This will happen at some point in your life and it can sometimes be a once in a lifetime opportunity too! And one of your most meaningful duties will, of course, be the best man speech. Though this sounds simple, it’s not something you should underestimate, especially on such a special day for a person close to you! So, here are some handy tips to help you give a great best man speech.

Don’t get drunk (at least until after your speech)

There have been so many cases where the best man gave his speech drunk and just kept rambling on and on. Save yourself—and everybody else for this matter—from the embarrassment and stay sober before you go up front. Of course, it’s okay to have a few drinks just to shake off the nerves. But remember that even if it is a day for celebration, you should still avoid going all-out with the booze. You wouldn’t want to ruin the couple’s day just because you’ve had too much alcohol!

Make sure to prepare your speech

When you think about the best man’s speech, it all seems very light-hearted. You share a story about the couple, crack a few jokes, propose a toast, and etc. But this really doesn’t mean that you can go in there unprepared. If you think you can go impromptu and nail the speech on the spot, you’re not doing yourself a favor at all. You will have weeks to prepare so use that time to think of things you can say for the speech. Stories, jokes, and quotes will be better presented if you already plan them out beforehand.

Avoid saying anything controversial, insulting, or too embarrassing

A lot of times, when you’re already in front of the mic you get tempted to say a really embarrassing story in an attempt to invite laughter from the audience. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with telling some weird story, but just don’t do it at the expense of your friend and his wife. In addition, never say anything that insults anyone in the room or something controversial like past relationships. Obviously, this should all be common sense but there really are dudes out there who need a bit of reminding.

Keep it short

The best man’s speech always goes last. That means by the time you make your speech, everybody’s ready for a little fun (or the food if the speeches happen before the meal). Plus, because the best man’s speech is expected to invite a lot of laughs, it won’t be necessary to drag it out for too long. Share a short story, crack some jokes, read out messages from those who couldn’t make it, and finish with the final toast.

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