The Ultimate Hair Hack List

Simple and Amazing Tips in Getting Great Hair


It’s not easy to get and maintain great-looking hair. No matter how much hair styling product you put or treatments you get, all these will be useless if your hair wasn’t in good shape to begin with.

Girls with chemically treated hair can still get amazingly soft and shiny hair, if they pay special care to it. Here are the best hacks to get awesome hair that will catch the attention of everyone you meet.


  1. Brush before wash

Studies show that people lose about an average of 100 hair strands a day, or even more. Majority of these go down the drain when we shower. Protect your hair from shower shedding by brushing your hair before you go into the shower to release any tangles. Furthermore, brushing your hair can energize the scalp.


  1. Condition the tips alone

Most of us make the mistake of conditioning our hair from roots to tips. This leads to hair looking limp and oily.  Make sure to condition the ends or at least three quarters of your hair and leave the top part alone. However, in cases of extreme scalp dryness, you can condition the scalp and roots.


  1. The secret in silk pillowcases

Silk is a better option for your pillowcases since it causes minimal friction and breakage as compared to the regular cotton ones. Silk also retains the moisture of the hair, unlike cotton ones that tend to suck all the moisture out.


  1. Scalp massage

One of the secrets to better hair is a good old scalp massage. It helps increase the blood circulation in the scalp, making hair grow quicker and longer. A massage also helps relieve headaches and stress.


  1. Wide toothed is the answer

It’s better not to comb wet hair because it is more prone to breakage. But there are times when we’re in a hurry that we have no choice but to comb our hair to at least look presentable before dashing out the house. In this case, it’s better to use a wide-toothed comb to get rid of tangles.


  1. Squeeze it

Towel drying hair can cause frizz and tangles. Instead of using the regular towel, reach for the paper towels because these are more absorbent.


  1. The task is to mask

Nobody is safe from split ends. To help prevent this frustrating problem, use a home-made hair mask to keep hair smooth and shiny. The mixture of honey, virgin olive oil and egg yolk is only one of the classic hair masks you can do yourself.


  1. Filter the water

There are chemicals found in our shower water that are unknowingly causing trouble for our hair. Use a water filter to filter out fluorine, chlorine, rust and other minerals damaging your hair.


  1. Use steam rollers

Curling irons destroy your hair because of the use of extreme heat. This can burn, dry and cause breakage. To get voluminous curls, use spiral steam rollers that curl the hair quicker minus all the damage.


  1. Get that humidifier

Using a humidifier as you sleep will give moisture for the hair and skin. Moisture is essential in keeping both the hair and skin healthy.


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