Health Benefit of Getting Married


Getting married has a lot of perks. Having someone you love in your arms is a good thing. Building a family together is even a greater feeling. There is no wonder that many people are getting married these days. However in the case of Singapore, more and more couples are postponing marriage until later.


You cannot blame couples because they just want to be stable by the time they have a family of their own. For others, waiting to be stable will take five years or so. By the time you are financially and emotionally ready, more problems will come.

If you want to get married soon enough, you are free to do that. Perhaps one thing that can add weight to your decision of getting married soon is its health benefit. A new study revealed that people who are married are likely to survive cancer compared to their single counterparts.

To some, this sounds unfounded because there is no relation or link between marriage and cancer but you have to believe in the sanctity of marriage and what it can do to the couples. The study was conducted by California Cancer Registry. The study took place between 2000 and 2009.

There were about 60,000 people respondents. At the end of the study, it found out that married people had twenty percent better chances of surviving with their single counterparts. The respondents suffered from leukaemia, multiple myeloma and lymphoma. The lead scientists – Matthew Wieduwilt, said that it all boils down to your support system.


Single patients have later stages of cancer and are sicker than their married counterparts. If you are single, there is no one to bug or nag you to get checked. This is true with single men. Note that single women with cancer have good support system so lesser chances of cancer.

According to his studies, married couples with families tend to stick to the treatment. This is because the patients have good support system from the onset or diagnosis to treatments like chemotherapy. The support system is also constantly reminding the patient to take medications according to the prescribed time.

The study also revealed that married patients are motivated to look for healthcare thinking that they have something or someone to live for. The results tell you that health services should focus their care on single patients. Cancer diagnosis can leave the patients feeling lonely and sad that is why support is needed in the home or even in the workplace.

Getting married is not a bad thing at all. It is not always rainbows and butterflies but couples with strong support can get through even the harshest conditions.


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