5 Helpful Habits for Working Couples

Working couples often get entangled in the fast-paced everyday way of living. They are often pre-occupied and in a hurry, resulting to less bonding time with each other. What most working couples seem to overlook though is that they can connect with their spouse in a lot of ways with these five habits:


1) Have a morning routine. Whoever wakes up first could make the other one a coffee or whoever brushes teeth first could put toothpaste on each other’s toothbrush. These little actions surely translate into “I’m-thinking-about-you-when-I-woke-up.” Doing and receiving sweet gestures are great ways to start a busy day!

2) Make a lunch call or text. Schedule in the office could become so hectic. However, a minute or two is just what it takes to call or send a text message to remind your spouse to eat lunch. Caring for one’s health can be shown through this thoughtful reminder.

3) Go home together. If you get off work at the same time, you could meet halfway and then go home together. Spending quality time in the train is a good way to talk about each other’s day at work. You can also catch a movie or eat street foods on your way home together.


4) Do grocery together. Buying groceries is an errand one of you is bound to do. However, this will be a more enjoyable errand if done together. This way, you will maximize grocery time by buying both your needs all at once. This is likewise a great opportunity to get to know your spouse’s brand preferences – from cooking oil to facial wash!

5) Establish a night activity. After washing the dishes and putting the kids to sleep, you can watch tv series together. You might discover and realize that both of you like the same shows. While watching, you can give each other foot massage as an added treat. Engaging in the same hobby with your spouse is entertaining and relaxing as well.

Working couples who connect with each other despite the busy day at work definitely sleep better and happily look forward to waking up with each other!


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