ILTC Subsidies in Singapore

Singapore is proud of its healthcare services and facilities. We are one of the best if not perfect medical services and facilities here in the region and around the world. Services are thoroughly designed to promote and encourage health, reduce and prevent diseases and more importantly, guarantee that all Singaporeans have access to affordable and quality healthcare. You should know that the healthcare services and facilities here include hospital, dental, support, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Intermediate and Long Term Care (ILTC). In this case, let us discuss deeply the ILTC.

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The Singapore ILTC comprises of services designed especially for individuals who require further treatment and care after they are discharged from hospitals. Not only that, ILTC also covers elders who are no longer in capacity to do their daily activities. ILTC has two types-residential and community. Here are some details about each type:

  1. Residential: Residential ILTC provide shelter for the ex mentally ill. Singapore residential ILTC encompasses community hospitals, hospice, nursing homes, respite care and chronic hospitals.


  1. Community: Singapore community ILTC provide shelter for the frail elders. The community ILTC offers services for seniors to include home nursing care, home medical care, ensuite, meals on wheels, transport, escort, and palliative home care.

The Singapore government realized that the people who require help for a long time should be assisted when it comes to billing so they designed this ILTC subsidies. This subsidy is only available to individuals who are citizens or PRs (Permanent Residents), currently receiving care from service providers funded by the MOH (Ministry of Health) and individuals who met the established criteria.img_moh_3

Guidelines on How to Choose the Best Accounting Software

There is much software for accounting. However, you are not really sure of what software is perfect for your business or what is easy to use. Whatever, your company is, you will have the same accounting software used by many businesses. However, it only differs in the field or industry the company belongs.


In the past, accountant’s uses accounting books to record every financial record is in the company. However, today, accounting software is very helpful in businesses whether it is small or huge. Accounting software helps to correct human errors especially in calculations. With the use of this, it will save time from writing and checking on manual check books. Also, it lessens the possibility of having duplicate data.

The main problem of choosing accounting software is that you cannot verify its feature because there are different kinds of them. The software depends on what type of business you have. Sometimes, it may include spreadsheets and more. In order to choose the best accounting software, you must identify some of the accounting basics and its needs. And because million accounting software in singapore can be used or operated by an ordinary individual, it cuts the cost of hiring professional accountants which is much costly.


The only big question that a businessman asks is “will it be worth it to buy the software?” And when you would ask a software dealer, for sure, he will say that it is worth it. In fact, if you purchase the software, your financial burdens will be reduced. However, if you choose to buy the software for your business, just follow these few tips:

  • Know its features. Because there is much suitable software for any accounting services, you must observe its features and check if you are not having difficulties in using it. In Singapore, most software have almost the same features and it only differs from it appearance in the computer.
  • Try it first. Some of this software has free 30-day trial. Now, if you don’t want the software you can easily uninstall it and find another one.
  • Know your budget. This is very important. You cannot buy software especially if you do not have budget or if you have, know the exact amount so that you can choose from different software.
  • Ask experts. One person that is reliable in giving information about this is an accountant. Accountant can give you some tips on what kind of software you should purchase. However, you can also ask for your friends or competitors who have the same business as you. It will be best if you know what the comments of other people are before purchasing.
  • Make sure it’s secured. Some of this software for accounting do not have feature that restricts to other users. Most dealers of best accounting software are found in Singapore. This provides features that restrict other people to open those sensitive accounts that your company has. If you don’t know to choose or don’t have any idea of what software to buy, just make sure or ask the dealer if it has a good security feature.

In choosing the best software, make sure that it is easy for you to use so that in the end, you will not blame yourself for purchasing the wrong software.

HPB Encourages Oral Care Among Adults

Teeth is important. Few people will simply ignore it but they should be aware that teeth play a vital role in the conduct of our everyday life. We should know that teeth help us chew foods. On top of that, teeth also help us speak clearly and for those people who are beauty conscious, teeth can help us look our best. With this, it is imperative that we maintain healthy teeth and gums. How do we maintain it? We need to take care of our teeth in the best way possible. Proper oral hygiene help us protect our teeth from tooth decay and of course, gum disease.

The Singapore Health Promotion Board (HPB) is very serious about the oral health promotion program in adults. This step is the government’s initiative to encourage people to healthy living. The aim of the program is to raise consciousness of the essence of oral health. Apart from that, HPB also seeks to educate its adult citizens about the avoidance of oral diseases. HPB only wants to promote oral health because it is a crucial aspect in the well-being and general health of its people. This step to perfect living deserve to be heard.missionOralCare

There are many oral hygiene practices that everyone should adhere. It is good if the children, at an early stage, are taught about the importance of oral hygiene and encourage its practice. Perfect living is attainable and it will begin with your teeth.


Beat Maker Tips from the Professionals

One thing that is needed in beat-making is passion. If you don’t have it, you cannot make great beats or perhaps cannot be successful. As a matter of fact, beat-making is difficult to understand. This is the reason why online beat-makers are making things possible and easier for an individual who wants to learn beat-making.

If you want to save, there is free online beat-making software. On the other hand, if you want to learn more, there are more advanced software that is available online; however, it is expensive. Once, you have bought or downloaded beat-making software, go through the software and study it first so you don’t have to get lost. For beginners, it is best to download a beat-making program that is free and later on, this will lead you to decide to purchase software that is more advanced and expensive to produce more beautiful beats.

Just a tip for beginners and also for professionals; before you purchase online beat-making software, check first its reviews and the testimonials from people who used it. This may be tiring, but in the long run, it’ll benefit you. Most successful beat-makers do not just rely on online beat-making materials. Sometimes, they also want the original musical instruments to use because it is more convenient to them but it takes time. Also, successful beat-makers follow these beat-making tips:


  • Invest for the right beat-making software
  • Learn beats from other beat-makers. Maybe you can get ideas there by listening to their beats.
  • Practice to perfect your skills
  • Experiment – Sometimes, experimentation makes you successful in an instant. Most known inventions are product of experimentation.
  • Don’t give up
  • Enjoy and have fun


A Guide to Designing Your Beats

Many professional beat makers are not satisfied with their work. That is why they are re-making their beats not just to entertainment people but also to feed their interest. For beginners, they have to be trained first to become successful. One that can teach beginners is the online beat-making software. These are software that is made easy for starters. Anything in this software is truly amazing; the techniques, the guides, the procedures and everything about beat are combined in single software.

These online beat-makers will help you design your own beats.  It is not easy to make a beat, so patience is really needed. Also, all you need to have is understand the music and be creative. In this modern time, studio is not anymore needed to create a beat. All you need to have is a creative mind and a beat making software that can be purchased online.

To design your own beats, here are some guides:

Most of the time, quiet areas are the places where to create an imaginative harmony. Also, you can listen well to your beats. With the use of online beat-makers, learning to classify the instruments is an important factor. Moreover, making a beat without knowledge about the instruments is not acceptable because this can ruin your beat.


Basically, online beat-makers shares idea that you can follow or perhaps copy so that you can use it for practice. Now, technology has been highly developed. Therefore, it is very easy the beat you want. So, in creating beats, you should assure that you can create a beat that is unique and can be easily understood to catch the attention of many people.


Ways to Find Buyers for Your Art Pieces

With lots of contemporary art and abstract art pieces that’s been circulating in some art galleries in Singapore, selling an art piece might have become quite difficult for artists like you. But there’s still one good way for you to find the potential buyers of your works and that is to simply promote yourself and your art pieces. So to help you find your potential buyers, here are some ways that you can do:


1. Find a local art gallery. One good way to promote your artworks is by looking for a local art gallery in your area in Singapore and see if the owner of the gallery if they can help in promoting you and your art pieces in the area. Building good relationships with art gallery owners and your fellow artists is actually important to get and make contacts and connections with your potential buyers and some individuals who are willing to represent you as a rising artist.

2. Submit an art sample to online markets. Submitting some samples of your oil painting artworks to an online art market can help you in finding potential buyers for your art since online art markets are becoming popular for art buyers. Try checking out some art market websites that you think is promoting the kind of art that you’re selling. Working with art markets can help in attracting buyers who are looking for some fresh and unique art.


3. Contribute to some art communities. Joining some online art communities can help you in your search for your potential buyers since they can provide you with information’s like the right person and place to market yourself and your works. Aside from that, they also offer support coming from other artists and allow you to sell your work in their sites. Some buyers and curators who also buy affordable art singapore by vinci in Singapore also frequent this kind of sites in search for good art pieces.

4. Enter art walks. Entering art walks can actually be a good way to establish connections and relationships with curators and some art representatives. You can promote yourself and your works by giving out small postcard prints with your contact information printed on it. Also, it would be better if you keep your portfolio with you as you scout for some potential buyers. Some art walk events are held on a monthly basis in some major cities in Singapore and can be really helpful since it can attract hundreds of art lovers and buyers in your area.


5. Send art contributions to some magazines and newsletters. Sending some of your oil painting artworks and getting it published to known magazines and newspapers can help you in promoting your works. It would be better if you go with smaller magazine companies since they’re always looking for fresh contents and looks. Also, try participating in some interviews that will be conducted and provide them with one of your oil painting works. Getting your works published will make it easier for you and your potential buyer to discover your artwork.

Selling your artworks can be quite difficult at first but as you develop and establish connections with some of the known art buyers or curators and discover the right way to promote your art, things will become quite easy in no time.

Things to Consider When Asking For House Painting Estimation Cost

Homeowners must first know the factors that may affect the pricing of a house painting project before asking for estimation from painting services contractor. This will let you know how much to expect and for you not to be deceived by opportunists. Different painting services contractors may give you unique estimates depending on their availability and amount of work to be done. In warmer countries like Singapore, where almost every day is suitable for repainting project, the price would mainly vary on the availability of the professionals instead of the climate condition. But in other countries with four seasons, prices are a bit higher during summer and fall than winter and spring.


Apart from the weather conditions, here are some other factors that may affect the estimations of painting services contractors for your home painting project.

Painting Method Used

House painting can be accomplished in many different ways. Some painters would prefer using spray paints, while others rely on rollers and brushes to paint ceilings and walls. Painting services contractors use spray paint because it is relatively faster than other methods, but can be very messy when painting on trims and windows when not covered and protected. Some would prefer rollers as they give smooth finish and faster completion of job without the mess. But there are also some painters who would prefer using brushes. Though this is the slowest application, many seasoned house painters often rely on them for best results.


Condition of the Wall

Another factor to consider in asking for cost estimation is your house’s wall condition. Check the walls of your house for any if there are paint cracking or chipping off. Is there mildew, moss, or molds growing on the walls? Are there dents, cracks, and holes that need to be filled? A reputable painting services contractor won’t tolerate and paint over unstable surfaces. Preparation necessities like priming raw wood, caulking imperfections, and scraping off old paint will surely affect the estimated cost.


Choice of House Paint

The home painting estimation would also depend on your choice of paint to use, which includes the type of finish, quality and brand of the paint, and the color of the paint.  Obviously, painting materials of best quality will cost more. Decide ahead of time if you aim for a first-class project or a cut-rate one. Then make sure to ask what type of materials is used in a given quote. As much as possible, aim for mid-range products that caters both quality and affordability.


Number of Coating

Professional Singapore painting services contractors know if the surface requires single or multiple coats of paint. If you’re working on a budget, use the same paint color as the old one. Painting dark colors on dark surfaces may only require single coating, but painting light colors over dark may require three to four layers of paint. Since you’ll be paying the labor for each quote, be prepared for a bloated painting cost.

Singapore is the Fourth Greenest

Singaporeans were overwhelmed of the news that the country was considered the fourth in the 2014  EPI (Environmental Performance Index) conducted by Columbia and Yale University. The announcement was announced at the recently concluded WEF (World Economic Forum) in Davos on January 25, 2014. The index is steered every two years. green-singapore_MAIN

The EPI serves as the “report card” of countries. It measures the country’s environmental factors like climate change, pesticide and other issues.  Switzerland got the first spot followed by Luxembourg and Australia. Singapore garnered the fourth spot among 178 countries evaluated. In the 2010 EPI, Singapore was in the 28th spot. Its big jump to the 4th place is an achievement. This proves that the government’s environment initiatives are effective.

If you want to know more about EPI, here are some things that you should be acquainted with:

About the Project


The EPI is a joint project of Columbia and Yale University. YCELP (Yale Centre for Environmental Law and Policy) and CIESIN (Centre for International Earth Science Information Network) came together to create this project that seeks to gauge and understand human interactions when it comes to the environment.

The Methods and Objectives

EPI is created through the calculation and accumulation of twenty indicators. The twenty indicators are divided into nine categories which includes two objectives. You should know that there are two objectives of EPI. The objectives include ecosystem vitality and environmental health. Ecosystem vitality gauges the country’s resource management and the protection of ecosystem. Environmental health gauges the fortification of human health from the existing ecological harm.


The objectives are divided into 9 categories that include health impacts, air quality, water and sanitation, water resources, agriculture, forests, fisheries, biodiversity & habitat and climate & energy. The twenty indicators include child mortality, household air quality, air pollution, access to drinking water, access to sanitation, wastewater treatment, agricultural subsidies, pesticide regulation, change in forest cover, coastal shelf fishing pressure, fish stocks, national biome protection, global biome protection, marine protected areas, critical habitat protection, trend in carbon intensity, change of trend in carbon intensity and trend in CO2 emissions per kilowatt hour. The framework constitutes the objectives, categories and indicators.

Calculating EPI

The calculating of EPI commences with changing fresh datasets to standardized indicators. The standardization of raw values are based on comparable indicators across countries like the population, GDP (Gross Domestic Product) and other indicators. The changed datasets are used to compute and analyse indicators mentioned above. EPI utilizes a methodology that evaluates how close a specific country is to their “policy target”. The “policy target” is set by CBD (Convention on Biological Diversity). The scores are from 0 to 100 (0 being the farthest and 100 being the nearest from the “policy target”).

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What You Need to Know about Anxiety Trick

goodman-anxiety Have you heard about anxiety trick? Before you understand the concept of anxiety trick, you should know the anxiety disorder. Anxiety disorder is the feeling of great fear even if there is no presence of danger. Anxiety disorder is common and it is a frustrating problem. With this problem, people get tensed and afraid even if they are not in danger. These people struggle to always protect themselves which increase their troubles and tension. That is anxiety trick.

In simple words, the smallest discomfort will be interpreted as danger thus the trick. Your mind is fooling you. If your brain interprets it as danger, you can either fight it, flight or freeze. If it is weaker than you, you will fight. If it is stronger but sluggish, you will run and it if it looks strong and fast, you will simply freeze.

If you want to know more about anxiety trick, you should be familiar with the following things:

The Victims of Trickery

If you have panic disorder, you will be tricked into thinking that you are going to die or you are losing your mind. If you have social phobias, you will be tricked into thinking that you are nervous standing or talking in front of many people; you will think that you will be humiliated. If you have OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), you will be tricked into thinking that your household or office will be in terrible calamity. If you have anxiety disorder, you will be tricked into constant worrying.

How You Get Tricked

Remember that we all have our natural instinct to protect ourselves. This is the main reason why people are tricked. For example, if you have a social phobia, your instinct is to protect yourself so it will tell you to flee the area that distresses you so much. For people with anxiety disorder, they are always worried about “what if’s”. These people will not be able to take care of present things. For people with OCD, they get tricked into frequently checking the doors or washing their hands. These people will exhaust their energy doing things over and over again.

What Retains Anxiety Trick

The more you protect yourself, the more you retain the anxiety trick. Patients who are seeking for help often say that the harder they try, the worse it becomes. If that is the case, the patients should look at the methods they are using. The anxiety trick will always stay if the person thinks that they evaded a major catastrophe because of their actions. For example, because they checked the stove many times, they saved the household from burning.

Overcoming the Trick

Anxiety trick is destructive. If you want to overcome the trick, you should ask for professional help so it will be more effective. If you ask for professional help, they will implement behavioural or cognitive methods and exposure. If you are serious to overcome this, you should be ready. It will be hard but it will do you good.