The Motorola Improvements  


If we want to purchase another smartphone, deciding which is better seems to be the hardest. This is because there are myriad of smartphone brands here in Singapore each claiming better than the other. We only want to have the best that is why we have to decide wisely and thoroughly.


If in this case we are only loyal to the Motorola brand, we will be happy to know that there will be improvements coming. Motorola is updating its smartphones and this time, with better cameras and other improvements. This is Motorola’s way of enticing more customers who want an alternative of Apple and Samsung. Motorola brags about manufacturing lower-cost smartphones.

There will be new models to be released in the market – the Moto G, Moto X Style and the Moto X Play. The Motorola President Rick Osterloh said on an interview that these new models will surely deliver great mobile user experience that does not break the wallets or purses of its users.

For Singaporeans who are not familiar of the current structure of Motorola, it is time that we know this – Motorola was bought by Lenovo from Google in 2014. So, here are some improvements Motorola have considered:

Moto G


Moto G boasts of five inches screen. It does not end there because it has also a thirteen megapixel camera (up from eight megapixels last year). Aside from that, Motorola also claims that the Moto G can withstand three feet of dunking in the water for up to thirty minutes. It can support 4G connections at the same prices. The Moto G will go on sale August 4, 2015.

Moto X

Moto X phones (Style and Play) boasts of twenty one megapixels camera (up from thirteen megapixels last year). For the Moto X Style, it has 5.7 inches screen and the battery can last more than a day; it also has sharper screen and more options for customization like leather or wood backs (which are expensive by the way). As for the Moto X Play, it has 5.5 inches screen and assures two days of battery life. Both the X models do not have the extensive protection from water unlike the Moto G. Motorola did not give the exact date of the Moto X release however, they assure the public that models will be out in the next few weeks.

With this new modifications and improvements, Motorola can pick where they left off. This is something to consider knowing that its cost will not break our wallets or users.


6 Things Galaxy S6 Can Do That iPhone 6 Can’t


Galaxy S6 hit the store shelves just this April; but months prior its release, it is the iPhone 6 that was leading the game. Both of these phones though are fantastic options, but there are a few features on Samsung’s new flagship phone that iPhone 6 cannot do.


  • Wireless Charging: Wireless charging is effortless, and it’s just cool! Even with its very thin profile, Samsung managed to fit in wireless charging functionality. No need to worry which wireless charger to buy, since the Galaxy S6 supports both wireless technologies—WPC and PMA.
  • Fast Charging: Aside from wireless charging, Galaxy S6 also boasts a fast charging feature, taking only 10 minutes to get enough charge for up to four hours of use. While iPhone 6 is already quick to charge, Samsung’s Galaxy S6 only takes half of the time iPhone 6 fully charges its battery.
  • TV Remote Control: While iPhone 6 also has the same feature, it requires third-party accessories if you want to use the handset as a TV remote. On the other hand, Samsung’s Galaxy S6 has built-in infrared blaster so you can instantly control just about any device, such as DVD players, AV players, Blu-Ray players, DVRs, TVs, and even air conditioning units.


  • Monitor Heart Rate: There are iPhone 6 apps that use the phone’s rear camera and flash to measure heart rate, but most of these apps are slow and often gives inaccurate results. The Galaxy S6, however, packs a dedicated heart rate monitoring device that instantly and accurately measures your pulse rate.
  • Hide Sensitive Data: iPhones store images in the albums, but doesn’t let you hide the ones you wish hidden from everyone else. On the Galaxy S6, you can set your phone to Private Mode, where you can hide sensitive files and data. This can be activated and deactivated with a quick toggle. But since it’s guarded with biometric technology, only your fingerprint can do change this setting.
  • Lock Apps to the Screen: You forgot to move your sensitive data to the Private Mode, but someone needs a quick access of your phone. So now what? Use the Pin Window feature to lock your device only to a particular app before handing it over to someone. They won’t be able to exit the app without entering a password or authenticating on the biometric sensor.

There are a few more Galaxy S6 features that can make iPhone 6 users a bit jealous. This is just a glimpse of how Samsung has stepped up their game with the recently launched Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge.


Beat Maker Tips from the Professionals

One thing that is needed in beat-making is passion. If you don’t have it, you cannot make great beats or perhaps cannot be successful. As a matter of fact, beat-making is difficult to understand. This is the reason why online beat-makers are making things possible and easier for an individual who wants to learn beat-making.

If you want to save, there is free online beat-making software. On the other hand, if you want to learn more, there are more advanced software that is available online; however, it is expensive. Once, you have bought or downloaded beat-making software, go through the software and study it first so you don’t have to get lost. For beginners, it is best to download a beat-making program that is free and later on, this will lead you to decide to purchase software that is more advanced and expensive to produce more beautiful beats.

Just a tip for beginners and also for professionals; before you purchase online beat-making software, check first its reviews and the testimonials from people who used it. This may be tiring, but in the long run, it’ll benefit you. Most successful beat-makers do not just rely on online beat-making materials. Sometimes, they also want the original musical instruments to use because it is more convenient to them but it takes time. Also, successful beat-makers follow these beat-making tips:


  • Invest for the right beat-making software
  • Learn beats from other beat-makers. Maybe you can get ideas there by listening to their beats.
  • Practice to perfect your skills
  • Experiment – Sometimes, experimentation makes you successful in an instant. Most known inventions are product of experimentation.
  • Don’t give up
  • Enjoy and have fun


A Guide to Designing Your Beats

Many professional beat makers are not satisfied with their work. That is why they are re-making their beats not just to entertainment people but also to feed their interest. For beginners, they have to be trained first to become successful. One that can teach beginners is the online beat-making software. These are software that is made easy for starters. Anything in this software is truly amazing; the techniques, the guides, the procedures and everything about beat are combined in single software.

These online beat-makers will help you design your own beats.  It is not easy to make a beat, so patience is really needed. Also, all you need to have is understand the music and be creative. In this modern time, studio is not anymore needed to create a beat. All you need to have is a creative mind and a beat making software that can be purchased online.

To design your own beats, here are some guides:

Most of the time, quiet areas are the places where to create an imaginative harmony. Also, you can listen well to your beats. With the use of online beat-makers, learning to classify the instruments is an important factor. Moreover, making a beat without knowledge about the instruments is not acceptable because this can ruin your beat.


Basically, online beat-makers shares idea that you can follow or perhaps copy so that you can use it for practice. Now, technology has been highly developed. Therefore, it is very easy the beat you want. So, in creating beats, you should assure that you can create a beat that is unique and can be easily understood to catch the attention of many people.