How a Person is Affected by Emotional Pain    

There are a lot of individuals who do not eat, drink and sleep once they’ve experienced a deep emotional pain. Also, they only think that suicide is the only answer to their problem. Yes, you can die as much as you want. But before you do that, try to ask yourself if your family will be happy for you if you die. Can you just think of that?


Suicide is not the answer. You can’t escape the pain you feel. However, you can eliminate it. Although it is not as quick as you might want but if you are dedicated for it, then that pain will easily vanish. So how can you easily get rid of that pain? Any of your friends can actually help you cope up with the pain


However, make sure that they are one of your best friends. Two things may happen if you will share your losing stage to the persons who are not close to you. One, they will only hear and listen to what you say but they will not care for what happen to you. Be careful with this people. They might gossip it to others and you might be in trouble.

On the other hand, you so-called friend will listen and do things which is not appropriate and might also get you in trouble. In reality, you should not share it to your friends. Consider sharing it to your best friends or maybe to your closest sister. But if you do not want those two individuals, you can go to your parents and burst out your feelings.