HPB Encourages Oral Care Among Adults

Teeth is important. Few people will simply ignore it but they should be aware that teeth play a vital role in the conduct of our everyday life. We should know that teeth help us chew foods. On top of that, teeth also help us speak clearly and for those people who are beauty conscious, teeth can help us look our best. With this, it is imperative that we maintain healthy teeth and gums. How do we maintain it? We need to take care of our teeth in the best way possible. Proper oral hygiene help us protect our teeth from tooth decay and of course, gum disease.

The Singapore Health Promotion Board (HPB) is very serious about the oral health promotion program in adults. This step is the government’s initiative to encourage people to healthy living. The aim of the program is to raise consciousness of the essence of oral health. Apart from that, HPB also seeks to educate its adult citizens about the avoidance of oral diseases. HPB only wants to promote oral health because it is a crucial aspect in the well-being and general health of its people. This step to perfect living deserve to be heard.missionOralCare

There are many oral hygiene practices that everyone should adhere. It is good if the children, at an early stage, are taught about the importance of oral hygiene and encourage its practice. Perfect living is attainable and it will begin with your teeth.


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