The Most Common Executive Health Screening Tests

Executive health screening is designed to cater busy individuals and business executives who cannot find time to make multiple visits to several doctors for comprehensive physical checkup. For this reason, it is designed in a way that it can be completed in less than a day. The main purpose of physical screening is to provide knowledge to individuals about their state of health without the hassle of going out of their daily routine.
Now, health screenings are used by many people in Singapore from any field, but they must pick the right health screening package according to the demands of their own health.

health screening

Traditional Screening Tests

This health screening in singapore package includes everything needed to get a full overview of an individual’s health. The tests are used to detect and manage potentially life-threatening but treatable ailments such as cancer and heart disease. This screening package includes:
• Medical History Evaluation – immunization, medication, and social history review
• Laboratory Testing – comprehensive metabolic panel, lipid panel test, complete blood count, cardio-CRT test, blood glucose test, blood count, urinalysis, TH4 test, and test for prostate-specific antigen inside the body
• Physical Examination – weight, height, body mass index, blood pressure, temperature, pulse oximetry, body fat percentage, heart rate, visual screening, hearing screening, and examination of the eyes, nose, ears, throat, and head
• Any or a combination of radiology testing – carotid ultrasound, lower extremity with ABI ultrasound, aorta ultrasound, cardiac calcium scoring, echocardiogram, lung scan, MRI of the brain, cardiac stress test, colonoscopy, and bone density scan.
• Electrocardiograph and Spirometry (if needed)

Advanced Executive Screening Tests

This health screening package is designed to have a comprehensive physical examination. It includes everything performed in traditional health screening but includes several more tests that are specially made to detect cardiac illnesses. These tests are Carotid Duplex Ultrasound and Ultrasound with Ankle-Brachial-Index Test.
Additionally, unlike the traditional screening type, cardiac calcium scoring test is a requirement for this as it gives more accurate results for heart disease risk factors.


Senior Health Screening

This physical health screening is specifically designed for Singapore patients who are over 50 years of age. The screening package includes everything in the traditional and advanced screenings, but with few more tests for detection of age-related diseases. Additional physical examinations included in this screening package are:
• Bone density imaging for screening osteoporosis
• Lung scan for screening lung cancer
• MRI of the brain for detecting brain changes that can cause potentially cause dementia
Physical screenings, whether it’s in the form of verbal evaluation or extensive laboratory assessment, are important in taking good care of one’s health. All the aforementioned tests are designed to screen specific diseases and initiate formulation of preventive measures in order to cure potentially fatal illnesses.

Furthermore, findings from health screenings can motivate patients to do major lifestyle changes for healthier body and mind. A health screening test as simple as pricking the finger for blood sample can already reveal valuable information about the symptoms of diseases, like diabetes, iron deficiency, STD, and cardiovascular ailments, and help in finding ways to prevent worsening of many health problems.

Singapore is the Fourth Greenest

Singaporeans were overwhelmed of the news that the country was considered the fourth in the 2014  EPI (Environmental Performance Index) conducted by Columbia and Yale University. The announcement was announced at the recently concluded WEF (World Economic Forum) in Davos on January 25, 2014. The index is steered every two years. green-singapore_MAIN

The EPI serves as the “report card” of countries. It measures the country’s environmental factors like climate change, pesticide and other issues.  Switzerland got the first spot followed by Luxembourg and Australia. Singapore garnered the fourth spot among 178 countries evaluated. In the 2010 EPI, Singapore was in the 28th spot. Its big jump to the 4th place is an achievement. This proves that the government’s environment initiatives are effective.

If you want to know more about EPI, here are some things that you should be acquainted with:

About the Project


The EPI is a joint project of Columbia and Yale University. YCELP (Yale Centre for Environmental Law and Policy) and CIESIN (Centre for International Earth Science Information Network) came together to create this project that seeks to gauge and understand human interactions when it comes to the environment.

The Methods and Objectives

EPI is created through the calculation and accumulation of twenty indicators. The twenty indicators are divided into nine categories which includes two objectives. You should know that there are two objectives of EPI. The objectives include ecosystem vitality and environmental health. Ecosystem vitality gauges the country’s resource management and the protection of ecosystem. Environmental health gauges the fortification of human health from the existing ecological harm.


The objectives are divided into 9 categories that include health impacts, air quality, water and sanitation, water resources, agriculture, forests, fisheries, biodiversity & habitat and climate & energy. The twenty indicators include child mortality, household air quality, air pollution, access to drinking water, access to sanitation, wastewater treatment, agricultural subsidies, pesticide regulation, change in forest cover, coastal shelf fishing pressure, fish stocks, national biome protection, global biome protection, marine protected areas, critical habitat protection, trend in carbon intensity, change of trend in carbon intensity and trend in CO2 emissions per kilowatt hour. The framework constitutes the objectives, categories and indicators.

Calculating EPI

The calculating of EPI commences with changing fresh datasets to standardized indicators. The standardization of raw values are based on comparable indicators across countries like the population, GDP (Gross Domestic Product) and other indicators. The changed datasets are used to compute and analyse indicators mentioned above. EPI utilizes a methodology that evaluates how close a specific country is to their “policy target”. The “policy target” is set by CBD (Convention on Biological Diversity). The scores are from 0 to 100 (0 being the farthest and 100 being the nearest from the “policy target”).

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What You Need to Know about Anxiety Trick

goodman-anxiety Have you heard about anxiety trick? Before you understand the concept of anxiety trick, you should know the anxiety disorder. Anxiety disorder is the feeling of great fear even if there is no presence of danger. Anxiety disorder is common and it is a frustrating problem. With this problem, people get tensed and afraid even if they are not in danger. These people struggle to always protect themselves which increase their troubles and tension. That is anxiety trick.

In simple words, the smallest discomfort will be interpreted as danger thus the trick. Your mind is fooling you. If your brain interprets it as danger, you can either fight it, flight or freeze. If it is weaker than you, you will fight. If it is stronger but sluggish, you will run and it if it looks strong and fast, you will simply freeze.

If you want to know more about anxiety trick, you should be familiar with the following things:

The Victims of Trickery

If you have panic disorder, you will be tricked into thinking that you are going to die or you are losing your mind. If you have social phobias, you will be tricked into thinking that you are nervous standing or talking in front of many people; you will think that you will be humiliated. If you have OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), you will be tricked into thinking that your household or office will be in terrible calamity. If you have anxiety disorder, you will be tricked into constant worrying.

How You Get Tricked

Remember that we all have our natural instinct to protect ourselves. This is the main reason why people are tricked. For example, if you have a social phobia, your instinct is to protect yourself so it will tell you to flee the area that distresses you so much. For people with anxiety disorder, they are always worried about “what if’s”. These people will not be able to take care of present things. For people with OCD, they get tricked into frequently checking the doors or washing their hands. These people will exhaust their energy doing things over and over again.

What Retains Anxiety Trick

The more you protect yourself, the more you retain the anxiety trick. Patients who are seeking for help often say that the harder they try, the worse it becomes. If that is the case, the patients should look at the methods they are using. The anxiety trick will always stay if the person thinks that they evaded a major catastrophe because of their actions. For example, because they checked the stove many times, they saved the household from burning.

Overcoming the Trick

Anxiety trick is destructive. If you want to overcome the trick, you should ask for professional help so it will be more effective. If you ask for professional help, they will implement behavioural or cognitive methods and exposure. If you are serious to overcome this, you should be ready. It will be hard but it will do you good.


What to Expect in Universal Studios Singapore

The Mummy, Jaws, Jurassic Park, Despicable Me, Shrek, The Phantom of the Opera, Dracula, Transformers, Waterworld and Fast and the Furious—do these movies ring a bell? Are some of these actually your favourite movie? These movies are produced by Universal Studios, and if you would ask if you would see them in Universal Studios Singapore, the answer would be—yes! Many of the different attractions in Universal Studios Singapore have designs and theme inspired by the said movies.

unversal studio

First attraction here is the Lost World. Dive into the deep by enjoying the live performance inspired by the movie “Waterworld.” This ride is included in the Jurassic trail where forests and water forms are a famous attraction. Flying dinosaur rides, Rapids Adventure and canopy flyers can also be tried by kids in the Jurassic themed area. Not to mention the real life figures of Trex and other forms of dinosaurs. You would really think that you are in Jurassic Park in this part of Universal Studios.

Have a look and experience how Egypt is in the Ancient Egypt Zone. Follow another trail which will bring you back to the era when mummies are still practiced. You can ride the mini vintage car to have a tour in the treasure hunting trail. This area shows an excavation site during treasure hunting. Roller coaster and creative figures and lights will be experienced in The Revenge of The Mummy Ride. Prepare courage and ear plugs because shouts will surely echo in the coaster trail.


Other rides include those which are inspired by Transformers, Battlestar Galactica inspired roller coaster and the SciFi city which will bring you to the future and nothing of the remnants of the past. There is also a child friendly ride inspired by the Sesame Street—Sesame Street Space Chase.

Have a taste of New York City and Hollywood in the zones especially made for them. Building found in the concrete jungle as well as popular figures can be found in these zones of Universal Studios. Make sure to prepare your camera to have photo opportunities with stars and famous architectural designs.


What to Do and Where to Go In Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands is probably the most famous spot in Singapore City, and the infinity pool is probably every person’s dream. Nonetheless, there is far more than the infinity pool once we talk about Marina Bay Sands. There are more activities to do after hanging out and relaxing to the pool that overlooks the cityscape. Let’s start from the infinity pool, though.


The infinity pool is located at the Marina Bay Sands Skypark. Expect breathtaking view in this place; therefore prepare your cameras to capture the moment because in the Marina Bay Sands Skypark, one gets to see a 360 degrees view of Singapore. It is exciting to play “find that landmark” in this area because most landmarks can be seen and pinpointed. The Merlion, the Singapore Flyer and the River—you can see it all from this spot. You’ll be relaxed and awed as you walk in this park.

Another way on taking a look to Singapore is having a ride to the Singapore Flyer. Have an exciting 30-minute ride in this Flyer. You can see Singapore at a low point to a panoramic view once you are here. If you want something that can truly show that you are in Singapore, go to the Merlion also located in Marina Bay. Merlion is the official tourism icon of Singapore, so never miss taking picture in this landmark.


Lifestyle, fine dining and world class shows wait in the Esplanade –Theatres on the Bay. Dive into the luxurious place by watching the shows, tasting their good food and choosing Esplanade as your shopping spot. Not to mention this place’s unique architecture. If you are a fan of building designs and figures, you would not stop looking around wondering how amazing Esplanade was built. Arts and culture—these are the two words that best describe Esplanade.

Before ending your tour at Marina Bay, make sure not to leave Gardens By The Bay, and be wowed by their super trees planted in 101 hectares of land. These super trees are not only called “super” because of their size but also because of their environment friendly functions.



Singapore Rules

Rules imposed strictly are meant for authority and order of a society. There are certain things which we would give up and stop in order to achieve a well-disciplined nation. This is what I learned from Singapore. Below are some DON’Ts in this disciplined country.


Chewing Gums

The country is not a big fan of chewing gums. These candies are prohibited in Singapore. This ban was enacted on 1992 and still existing. You cannot bring gum from other country and this is a popular rule observed by tourists. People chewing gums just dispose it anywhere so the government decided to ban it. Rather than educating people, they cut the root of the problem.

Eating in public vehicles

Tried eating and drinking in buses or trains? In Singapore, eating and drinking on transport trains and buses is prohibited. Posters which say a penalty of up to S$500 will be imposed for those who are caught violating this law. Better be full before traveling!


Reckless pedestrian crossing or Jaywalking is a big offense in Singapore. You have to walk half mile to reach a certain walk bridge to cross the road, but again it’s for the benefit of the people since vehicles are driving at a high speed.

Unregulated fireworks display

Important seasons are more fun to celebrate with fireworks but this is not a good idea for Singapore. Selling or buying of firecrackers are banned in Singapore, yes you heard it right! But there are fireworks displays for special events or shows.

Many would think of these rules as pretty harsh and crazy but honestly, these could contribute more benefit and disciple to the society.

Financial Tips for Starting Individuals

Financial Tips

Starting is always the hardest part. If you are a fresh graduate, you will surely find things difficult. Looking for a good and stable job for one is hard. Saving money for the future is another thing. It is important that you know how to manage your finances as early as now for you to survive.

Here are some tips that you can consider for every financial dilemma you have:

Tuition Fee Loans

There are Singaporeans who depend on tuition fee loans to sustain their studies. When you graduate, you will be asked to pay the loan. A letter (Commencement letter) will be sent to you. The letter will tackle your payment options – repaying it in full, repaying it partially and repaying it monthly. The tip here is not to postpone or delay the payment. If you do not start right away, after two years, you will be charged an additional 1%. You have to allocate a portion of your monthly income for the tuition fee loans.


Credit Cards

As much as possible, you have to avoid using credit cards. Credit cards are borrowed money. If it is borrowed, you should expect an interest. Every time you sue the card, you are borrowing money from your bank. If you do not pay within the given period, you will incur interest. The best tip – do not spend more than your means. You have to pay in cash and do not make acquisitions with your credit cards unless you really need it.

Buying a House

If you want to be independent, you will think of moving out and purchasing your own house or flat. You have to decide if you want to purchase private property or HDB flat. When you buy a house, you will face down payment and monthly payments. The best tip is to clear your debts so you can focus with your house.

Planning a Wedding

After securing your house and car, the next thing that you should think about is your wedding. Getting married will be one of your biggest decisions in life. Weddings are expensive here in Singapore but you do not need to drain your bank accounts for this event. The best tip is to talk with your partner and determine the price ceiling. If you want a budget wedding, you will not spend so much but if you want an extravagant one, expect to spend so much.

Managing your finances is a complicated thing to do but it is necessary. If you do not learn how to manage your finances, you will suffer.


Must-Visit Locations in Singapore

Singapore has proven to the world that it is a blossoming country most especially as a tourist destination. It has been recorded as an enjoyable tourist destination with fun attractions. Here are top destinations to love Singapore more.

1. Universal Studios


Universal Studios Singapore is the top tourist destination in the country located in the Resort World Sentosa. It is divided into 7 zones: Madagascar, the Palace of Far Far Away from, the Lost World where Waterworld is located, Ancient Egypt, Sci-fi and the two zones are America’s cities- New York and Hollywood.

2. Singapore Zoo


If you’re an animal lover, Singapore Zoo is perfect for you. In here you can see animals you’ve never seen in your life. Enjoy the beautiful atmosphere at the Night Safari during sunset. This zoo does not just give entertainment but also education for visitors about the diversity of the ecosystem and rain forests.

3. Botanical Gardens


An Eden in the city – this is how would Singapore Botanical Gardens is best described. Recharge to the cool air from green trees and variety of plants. The garden is approximately 64 acres. The National Orchid Garden is the highlight in this spot with more than 3,000 species of orchids.

4. Boat Quay


Relax from the soothing jazz music or groove into the dance floor at Boat Quay and Clarke Quay. Famous for young executives and couples from work and even tourists, this place is best for clubbing.

5. Singapore Flyer


Enjoy the 360 degrees view of Singapore as you take a ride at the tallest Ferris wheel, the Singapore Flyer. Opened early 2008, reaching 165 meters, the Singapore Flyer takes your breath away as you have a full view of the whole Singapore.

Singapore is a good place to visit anytime but the months June to August is the perfect time to love the tropical climate.

Assessing Eating Habits


You do not blame the food for being fat or unhealthy. You should blame yourself because you are unable to control the craving or the desire. There are people who are blaming foods for their belly bulges and love handles. Foods are innocent. You have to look at your eating habits before blaming anyone or anything.

There are many tasty and delicious foods here in Singapore. In fact, many Singaporeans are gourmands. You will notice that wherever you go, every corner or every street has more than one restaurant or food centre. Food is highly available and accessible here and with this, it is important that you assess your eating habits first if you want to be healthy. You can assess your eating habits by learning what type of eater you are. Here are the types of eater:


1.       The Meal Skipper
If you skip meal, you belong to this type. There are people who usually skip breakfast because they think that they will lose weight. They thought wrong. When you skip breakfast (or any meal) you have the tendency to binge eat because you feel very hungry. You consume double than what you regularly eat.

2.       The Convenient Diner
If you do not like or if you do not have time to prepare for food, you belong to this type. You know that junk foods and fast food meals are unhealthy but you eat them anyway. You only want to consume what is there.

3.       The Swing Eater
If you consider healthy eating today and forget about it tomorrow, you belong to this type. You have to be consistent when you consider healthy eating. Remember that healthy eating is not a one-day thing. The inconsistent eating will confuse your body. You should avoid this.

4.       The Hearty Portioner
If you are slowly eating your food because you savour each bite, you belong to this type. When you eat, do it like the Parisians do. They eat and talk in between. If you eat slowly, you are giving your brain time to process it and send a signal that you are already full.

5.       The Steady Eater
If you eat even if you are not hungry, you belong to this type. You think that there is nothing wrong if you spoil your body with foods that you think you deserve. That is understandable but sometimes, spoiling yourself will not do you good.

6.       The Night Time Nibbler
If you love to nibble during midnight, you belong to this type. When you sleep late, you consider eating snacks. You will surely gain weight if you sleep late.

Now you can identify which eater you are. After identifying it, you can now make a plan to change your eating habits and make it healthier. It is not easy to live a healthy life but you have to do it anyway for the sake of your future and your family.