Common Causes of Lower Back Pain You Should Look Out For

Working a desk job in Singapore, it might be common to feel a bit of pain in your lower back. Of course, this will come from sitting all day. But there are also other causes of lower back pain and some might be more serious than others. Here are some you’ll want to look out for.

Having poor posture

Probably the most common cause of lower back pain in today’s time is poor posture. When you spend a long time sitting in front of the computer at your office or just lounging around at home scrolling on your phone, you usually won’t notice that you’re slouching. If you do slouch for long periods, it will negatively affect not only your lower back but your whole spine in general.


Sprains and similar injuries are actually the most common cause of lower back pain. This is because they can happen as a result of many different things. You can get a sprain simply from lifting heavy furniture or while playing a sport. You can get a sprain if you overtrain or do some unnatural movements with your spine. While you can recover from these injuries there’s already a chance that lower back pain will still nag on you in the future.

If you have muscular imbalances

One cause of lower back pain that’s fairly hard to detect is if you have muscular imbalances. Simply put, if you’re using certain muscles more than others. Barbell squats, for example, is a compound exercise that targets the legs but also engages the core and upper back. If you have weak abdominal muscles, you’re lower back will end up taking all the strain. This goes for many other exercises that involve the core as well.

It may come with age

Lower back pain can also come as we get older. Disc degeneration comes with the process of aging and with it can be chronic back pain. This is probably one the trickiest to deal with because it’s natural. But there are many things we can do to at least delay the first instances of pain. It can be anything from maintaining proper posture, to having a healthy diet, even to having physical therapy! As long as you take care of your body as you age, you can delay the effects of disc degeneration.


Some spinal conditions can also cause lower back pain and scoliosis is a more common one. Scoliosis is basically when the spine curves sideways or in an unnatural shape, like an S or a C. This will lead to unnecessary pressure in some areas in the back. Normally, one will need to go to a physical therapist for correction and to alleviate the effects of scoliosis. With that, the pain in the lower back might also be reduced.

How to End Your Relationship the Right Way

When we fall in love, the last thing we really think about is breaking up with the person. Unfortunately, there’s always a chance that things won’t go well and the relationship might end. If your connection with your partner reaches the point of really having to end the relationship and the first thing that comes to mind is how to break up in good terms, you’re at least doing something right.

A lot of people resort to negative actions like ghosting to end the relationship. But, of course, it’s always better to end a relationship the right way. But before we get to the hows, let’s first dwell on the idea of ending the relationship in a healthily.

Ending the relationship in good terms

Regardless of what people say, it’s always possible to end a relationship on good terms. Unless you did a grave offense to the other person, it’s very much possible that you can stay good friends. Ending a relationship in good terms also means there’s a chance that you’ll never talk to each other again. But at least you won’t be bitter about it in the end.

Think hard about it

For one, don’t end the relationship abruptly. If the other person shows some red flags, it won’t make sense to break up then and there. Once you feel like the relationship is going badly, take a step back and give yourself time to think about it.

This way, you can be sure about your feelings and confirm if you really want this for yourself or not. In addition, it’s highly likely that the other person will respond in shock and start protesting and begging. But if you’ve already thought hard about it, you won’t be swayed so easily anymore.

Do it face-to-face

Nowadays, there are some people on the internet who claim that it’s fine to break up with someone through text. Well, not to invalidate those persons’ ideas but dumping someone without even looking at them eye to eye is just messed up.

You’ve literally spent a good deal of time and energy with each other, the least you can do is give them proper closure. It will definitely be hard to see their reactions when you do it in person but it’s all for the best. Giving them that time will make a big difference in how the relationship will end.

Be completely honest

There really are a lot of people who have trouble being honest when it comes to breaking up, and it’s somehow understandable. But believe me, everything will be way easier if you just suck it up and be honest with the other person. Just tell them what you loved about being with them and what you didn’t. Of course, you should be honest about why you want to break up in the first place.

Different Uses for Turmeric

Commonly used as a spice for most Asian cuisine, turmeric is also known as a medicinal food because of its anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants. Here are the different ways you can use turmeric at home and in your recipes.

Turmeric Face Mask

You can make an all-natural face mask with only a few ingredients such as turmeric, unsweetened yogurt, and honey to soothe and cool skin.

Instructions: Combine 1 teaspoon of honey, 2 tablespoons of unsweetened yogurt, and ½ teaspoon of turmeric in a bowl. Apply on the face and leave for about 5 minutes before rinsing thoroughly. The mask can leave a stain, so don’t use your brand new towels.

Turmeric Tea to Calm Nerves

Substitute this fragrant tea for your usual cup in the morning to start your day right.

Ingredients: Turmeric powder, 1 teaspoon cinnamon, 1 teaspoon ginger, 1-2 cups water, milk, honey, ground black pepper, clove, and nutmeg

Preparation: In a pot, simmer all the herbs in water for about 10 minutes. Then strain the tea before adding milk and honey.

Turmeric Poultice

This simple homemade poultice can help soothe inflamed skin especially if you have eczema or psoriasis.

Instructions: In a saucepan, mix 1 tablespoon of turmeric powder, 1 tablespoon of salt, 2 tablespoons of castor oil, water, and 2 to 3 tablespoons of flour. This should form a paste. Warm the paste on low heat and drops of water to prevent it from sticking on the pan. Let the poultice cool before applying it on the skin. Wrap it on the skin with a cotton flannel then secure with a safety pin. Remove after 2 to 3 hours.

Turmeric Tonic for Colds

Staying at home because of a cold? Relieve the symptoms with this simple and fragrant tonic.

Ingredients: 1 teaspoon dried turmeric powder, 1 ½ cups hot water, ½ teaspoon cardamom seeds, ½ teaspoon ground cloves, 1 tablespoon goji berries, 1 tablespoons coconut oil, 1 tablespoon honey, 2 tablespoons hemp seeds, black pepper, and cayenne

Preparation: Combine all the ingredients in a blender and mix until smooth. Pour mixture through a sieve to strain it. Serve while warm.

Turmeric and Garlic Marinade

You can use this for a variety of meat recipes instead of your usual marinade.

Ingredients: 2 teaspoons ground turmeric, 1 teaspoon ground ginger, 1 tablespoon macadamia nut oil, ½ up apple cider vinegar, and 4 minced garlic cloves

Preparation: Combine all ingredients in a bowl. Mix well and use as a marinade.

Turmeric Teeth Whitener

Why spend hundreds on teeth whiteners when you can use turmeric instead?

Instructions: First, wet your toothbrush then dip it in 1/8 teaspoon of turmeric powder. Brush your teeth then allow turmeric to sit for not more than 5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly then brush with your regular toothpaste.

Turmeric Broth

This is a calming treat for lazy rainy days at home.

Ingredients: 1 teaspoon turmeric powder, 4 cups broth, 3 minced garlic cloves, 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar, 1 tablespoon grated ginger, ½ teaspoon black pepper, ½ teaspoon cumin, and ½ teaspoon salt

Preparation: Combine all the ingredients in a saucepan, the cover and simmer for 5 minutes. Let cool slightly then puree in an immersion blender.

Foods That Help Boost Immune System

Want to start a new diet but you don’t have the motivation to do it? Why not start by choosing food that can help you fight off diseases?

Green Leafy Vegetables

These are loaded not only with fiber to help your digestion, but they also have antioxidants and various nutrients and vitamins. Adults who are busy must have at least three cups of dark green veggies every week; these include kale, collard greens, turnip greens, swiss chard, spinach, mustard greens, broccoli, rapini, romaine lettuce (both red and green leaf), cabbage, bok choy, arugula, and watercress.

Citrus Fruits

These are natural and tasty sources for vitamin C, plus they are also cheaper than most fruits as they come in different varieties. These include orange, lemon, lime, grapefruit, tangerine, clementine, grapefruit, mandarin orange, bergamot orange, pomelo, kaffir lime, citron, bitter orange, and many more. You will never run out of choices in markets in Singapore.

Garlic, Ginger, and Turmeric

Luckily, you will find garlic in most types of dishes, so you’ll have no shortage of sulfur compounds that will help you boost your immune system. Ginger, like garlic, is also valued for its medicinal properties especially when it comes to inflammation and inflammatory diseases. Turmeric, too, is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and it’s sometimes even recommended to patients with rheumatoid arthritis as a relief.


You can alternate your citrus desserts with a cup of yogurt after meals. Plain yogurt in particular is rich with vitamin D which help your body absorb calcium for your bones and regulate your immune system.

Chicken and Turkey

Poultry is also good for you because they contain vitamin B-6 which help your body form red blood cells. You should also use chicken broth or stock in some of your recipes to get your daily intake of protein and vitamins. Who says no to a steaming cup of chicken soup on a lazy day?

Green and Black Tea

A cup of green tea daily can help you fight diseases because it contains antioxidants and amino acids. Just make sure to pick authentic green or black tea. Green tea specifically packs more antioxidants than black tea because it undergoes a different technique. You can also substitute them with ginger, ginseng or turmeric tea.


Incorporate mushrooms in some of your dishes to get your dose of antiviral, anti-tumor, and antibacterial nutrients. There are a lot of edible mushrooms to choose from that you can mix with soup, pasta, and other savory recipes.

Dark Chocolate

Now you have an excuse to eat more chocolate because cocoa contains antioxidants to help fight off disease. However, you should probably stick to dark chocolate which has less sweeteners and other ingredients.

Whole Grains and Nuts

If you like bread, you should switch to healthier whole wheat bread that has anti-inflammatory properties and is more filling than white bread. Nuts are also healthy sources for fats, vitamin E, zinc, and antioxidants. Plus, you can create a variety of dishes with them.

How to Marry Design Styles with Your Spouse

Marrying someone means you need to move in and live in the same house, change your ideas of privacy, share responsibilities in running a house, and change your schedules. It can be both an exciting and stressful time for those who can’t seem to find a middle ground when it comes to decorating the home. How do you marry your design styles if you have different tastes?

Find your objective

You will need to find something in common and then slowly build up from there. For this, you will need to determine your objective when decorating a home. Do you want to focus on a theme or a color palette? Once you have agreed on the basic design objective, then you need to consider which items should go and what needs to remain?

Start with a clean slate

If you both have a ton of items in your possession, you might never be able to meet that common objective. One option that could work is to get rid of non-sentimental and unnecessary items. Start with a clean slate as they say so that you can narrow down the items you need to work with. However, you need to keep in mind that material things are part of your partner’s identity. Asking them to get rid of it because you don’t like it is insensitive and may be indicative of another problem in your relationship.

Work with neutral colors first

Deciding on the color of the walls and furniture is more contentious than you think because color is known to have an effect on the person’s mood. Instead of arguing which color is better, why don’t you agree to work with a neutral color that neither of you have strong feelings about. White or beige can be a good starting point.

Shop together

Whether you’re looking for materials to redesign the apartment or you want to find pieces to decorate the home, both of you should have a say in the matter. Look at different catalogues, browse through listings online, and schedule a window shopping if you must. Shopping together also makes it easier for you both to set a budget realistically because you get to talk about your opinions of the items. If you can’t even do that together, then you probably have other things to worry about your relationships besides decorating your home.

Apply the 80/20 design rule

The idea is to have a similar theme of at least 80% of the furniture and decorations. You can then use the remaining 20% to add personal touches from you both. This is where you can use those personal items or collections you decided to keep. That way the house has its unique style that reflects both of your choices, but it also showcases accents that highlight your unique personalities.

Tips for Stress-Free Travel with the Kids

Traveling with children can either be a fun memory with the family or an exhausting affair for the parents. But you can save a lot of time and effort without getting stressed by planning wisely. Here are tips for a stress-free travel with your kids.

Book everything ahead of time

If you are planning a trip overseas, do not just worry about the booked flights because you will also need to look into accommodation, transportation, tours, guides, tickets, and other activities. If you can, include only activities in your itinerary that can be booked. This will also let you take advantage of child discounts or family packages if available.

Talk to them about the trip

Of course, you will have to explain to your kids what you will be doing during the trip. That way they can also prepare themselves and know what to expect. You can go over some instructions about what they need to do, how to behave, what to expect during the trip, the food and lodging, and that it can be exhausting getting to the destination.

Invest in good travel equipment

Buy the best quality equipment that you can afford. There are even models designed to act not only as a bag but also a stroller for kids who might get bored waiting for the flight. If you are traveling on the road, make sure to install a travel car seat for extra safety.

Pack wisely

Do not bring more items than what you need. This is also why you need to explain the trip to your kids because they will want to bring their toys, too. Make a list of the necessary items to pack so that you will still have enough room for souvenirs when you get home.

Pack medicines as well

It is possible for one family member to get sick because of the food or the changes in the weather. You need to pack basic medication for emergencies that can help with headaches, allergies, stomach problems, and motion sickness. Place the medicines in their original packaging then store them in a small emergency bag.

Prepare the snacks

If you are going on a road trip, you need to pack plenty of snacks for the travel to and from your destination. Having enough food will also ensure that your kids can still eat if the food at your destination is not to their liking. Don’t forget to bring water and other beverages as well.

Make plans for tracking your child

No one wants to plan for when their child gets lost during the trip, but you have to. Make sure that there is at least one person who knows where the children are. You can even go further by letting them wear an identification with your contact information written on it or attaching a GPS tracker on their clothes or shoes.

Have plans for addressing food allergies

If you visit a country that speaks a different language, it is important to know how to ask the locals about the ingredients in the food. Maybe you need to make a list of the common words associated with the food that a family member is not supposed to eat so it is easier to ask.

Most Common Causes of Injuries at the Gym

When you plan to get serious with your physical fitness, the last thing you want to get is an injury. Some injuries will leave you out for weeks and some can be so fatal that you’ll have to leave the gym indefinitely! Of course, nobody wants to suffer any kind of pain that can put them away from the gym for food. And knowing about the common causes of injuries will safeguard you from them.

Equating soreness with a good workout

A common idea between gym-goers is that being sore after a workout means you had a good one. Let me tell you straight out that this isn’t exactly true. The soreness you feel comes from the build-up of lactic acid in the muscle when you flex and contract them with each rep. Now, lactic acid is important for muscle growth but having too much will eat away at your muscle tissues. As a result, you’ll make lesser gains and make yourself more susceptible to injury. That’s why you shouldn’t equate soreness with a good workout.

Not learning the proper form

Having bad form when lifting is probably the most common cause of injuries at the gym. It’s especially important that you learn the proper form as a beginner. For one, having the correct form will help you maximize your strength and muscle growth. And more importantly, you’ll put yourself in less danger! Obviously, the longer you stay at the gym without having the proper form, the more likely that you’ll pull a joint or rip a muscle.

Ego lifting

If you don’t know what this is, ego lifting is basically lifting heavier weight (well, to feed one’s ego of course) at the expense of proper form. If your hands are already shaking too much at the downstroke of a bench press or if you have to jerk up just to lift the weight for a shoulder press, then you’re ego lifting. This is also a high-risk mistake because, as said earlier, you’re disregarding your form just to lift a heavier weight. In most cases, this can be way more dangerous because you’re holding a heavier weight than usual.

Having a bad spotter

If you’re not new at the gym, you already know that some like to test their strength every few weeks with “heavy days”. No matter which gym you go to in Singapore, you’ll see one or two people lifting heavy with the assistance of a spotter. Now the spotter’s main role is to provide a little help when the bar gets too heavy for you to finish the rep. If you’re doing a heavy bench press and your spotter is looking elsewhere or messing around, the bar might fall on your chest or face without him even having time to catch it.

Great Reasons to Spend Some Alone Time

Spending time alone can be annoying for some and therapeutic for others. For some reason, there are also people who think that when you enjoy spending time alone, then you’re a loner. But this isn’t exactly the case as there’s nothing wrong with having some time for yourself at all. You don’t have to always be in a crowd to stay happy. In fact, there are many great reasons to spend some time alone often.

You really won’t miss out if you’re alone

We all know that in Singapore, kiasu or the attitude that comes from a fear of missing out is a big thing. But really, if you take a step back and really think about it, you won’t miss out on a lot of things at all! Because of how fast-paced the world is now, it’s easy to think that you’ll get left behind if you don’t follow the crowd.

However, in reality, life is quite repetitive and there’s really not much to miss. Sure, if you decide to stay at home instead of going out with your friends, you will miss the fun. But you could always go again next time so there’s really no problem there. Once you spend time alone more often, you’ll see how true this is.

You will learn to stop thinking like others

When you spend too much time interacting with others, it’s highly likely that you become accustomed to doing and saying things that will please them. Sometimes you’ll make decisions not based on your own beliefs but in accordance with how everybody else thinks.

Of course, this isn’t always the case and you can still obviously act on your own. We only want to show that it is very much possible to get sucked in and start thinking like everybody else. This is the importance of spending time alone. You can follow your own beliefs and ideas much easier and become free from outside influence.

You can simply give your mind and body some rest

Introverts, for example, know much about their social battery running out. It’s simply the feeling that you want to limit your interactions and just spend some quality alone time. And again, this isn’t a bad thing at all. Even the extroverts, believe it or not, need some time away from interacting with others every now and then.

Taking a break from social interactions is a great way to give your mind and body time to replenish. If you spend some alone time, you won’t really drain yourself of energy since you don’t have to cater to anybody else. Plus, you can use that time to relieve stress and focus on things you want to do.

How to Heal Split and Cracked Nails

Whether you like painting your nails or just keep them trimmed and natural, brittle and split nails are a nightmare. Even if you don’t care much about your appearance, they can still snag on fabrics or on your hair and make simple tasks difficult. People will also stare at them and make judgements about your personal hygiene and health.

What causes split nails and what can you do about it?

Causes of Onychoschizia

Split and cracked nail is called onychoschizia in medical terms. Damaged nails are more commonly found on your fingers than on your toes and are usually caused by overexposure to harsh chemicals. Cracked nails do not appear suddenly, but usually begin with the drying of the nails due to repeated or prolonged exposure to chemicals you use on your body.

Sometimes it’s also caused by the lack of humidity or exposure to extreme conditions that result in the drying of the skin and nails. When the nails dry and expand, they become very brittle because they lose the natural oils that are supposed to hold the layers together.

Complications of Onychoschizia

Products called nail hardeners do not remedy the condition, and in fact, will just make the nails more brittle, because they contain chemicals that dry out the natural oils. If the condition is caused by another medical condition, you need to address it first, because nail treatment will not be effective. Some medical conditions that can cause brittle nails include diabetes, iron deficiency, other nutrient deficiency, and thyroid disease.

While there is no life-threatening complication from split nails, it can affect your appearance and the performance of simple tasks using your hands. In some cases, the split nails can make you vulnerable to bacterial and viral infections and injury that can cause the nail layers to peel.

Preventing Onychoschizia

The best way to treat split nails is to prevent it. Just like your skin and hair, your nails mirror your health and if there are chemicals you’re using on the body are harmful. To keep your nails healthy, maintain an ideal length that is suitable to daily tasks.

Long nails don’t give any significant health advantage except that they look pleasing aesthetically to some people. Be gentle with your skin and nails when choosing body products like soaps, moisturizers, cleaners, and grooming tools. Don’t forget to moisturize after washing your hands and to use nail polish and nail cleaning products sparingly.

Treatments of Onychoschizia

Treating split and cracked nails will take some time because you must wait for it to grow. To prevent further damage, you need to address any skin problems you currently have or treat other underlying medical conditions that may be causing brittle nails. You should also do the following:

  • Moisturize daily after washing with mild soap
  • Avoid prolonged exposure to water and chemicals
  • Eat a healthy diet
  • Avoid using nail polish and other nail products
  • Wear gloves if you need to wash or perform chores