How to End Your Relationship the Right Way

When we fall in love, the last thing we really think about is breaking up with the person. Unfortunately, there’s always a chance that things won’t go well and the relationship might end. If your connection with your partner reaches the point of really having to end the relationship and the first thing that comes to mind is how to break up in good terms, you’re at least doing something right.

A lot of people resort to negative actions like ghosting to end the relationship. But, of course, it’s always better to end a relationship the right way. But before we get to the hows, let’s first dwell on the idea of ending the relationship in a healthily.

Ending the relationship in good terms

Regardless of what people say, it’s always possible to end a relationship on good terms. Unless you did a grave offense to the other person, it’s very much possible that you can stay good friends. Ending a relationship in good terms also means there’s a chance that you’ll never talk to each other again. But at least you won’t be bitter about it in the end.

Think hard about it

For one, don’t end the relationship abruptly. If the other person shows some red flags, it won’t make sense to break up then and there. Once you feel like the relationship is going badly, take a step back and give yourself time to think about it.

This way, you can be sure about your feelings and confirm if you really want this for yourself or not. In addition, it’s highly likely that the other person will respond in shock and start protesting and begging. But if you’ve already thought hard about it, you won’t be swayed so easily anymore.

Do it face-to-face

Nowadays, there are some people on the internet who claim that it’s fine to break up with someone through text. Well, not to invalidate those persons’ ideas but dumping someone without even looking at them eye to eye is just messed up.

You’ve literally spent a good deal of time and energy with each other, the least you can do is give them proper closure. It will definitely be hard to see their reactions when you do it in person but it’s all for the best. Giving them that time will make a big difference in how the relationship will end.

Be completely honest

There really are a lot of people who have trouble being honest when it comes to breaking up, and it’s somehow understandable. But believe me, everything will be way easier if you just suck it up and be honest with the other person. Just tell them what you loved about being with them and what you didn’t. Of course, you should be honest about why you want to break up in the first place.

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