Helping Teens Cope with Stress

Stress is not only an adult thing. Teenagers are not exempted from stress too! Teenagers should be taught about managing their stress so they can carry on with their daily activities. Stress for teenagers may come in different forms. For example, school demands, negative thoughts, body changes, divorce or separation of parents, family problems, moving to another place, transferring to other school and many more.


If the teen is unable to cope up with stress, it will lead to aggression, alcohol abuse, drug abuse, withdrawal, anxiety and illness. As a parent, you can help your teens deal with stress by:


You need to be vigilant when your kid is in a stressful situation. You should monitor if stress is affecting their health. You also need to check on their behaviour or feelings and make sure it does not affect their health.


You can check on their behaviour or feelings by talking to them. You should encourage your teens to talk to you and tell them that you can help. Sometimes teens find it hard to open up because they are afraid of judging or nagging. Just let them know you are there.



Your support will mean a lot to your teens. You have to support, encourage and motivate your teens especially if they are involved in sports and other social activities. Do not let them sulk inside the house because it will only worsen the situation.

On the part of the teens, they should do their best to cope up and do not let stress ruin their life. They can do many things so they cannot think about stress – even if it is only a few hours. They can sleep, exercise, do outdoor activities, go out with friends, listen to music, reading a book and many more.