Why Break Up Can Be the Best Thing for You  

Sometimes, it is a very painful when someone broke your heart without any clear reason. However, it is not a good idea to cry deep for this loss. Even if how many years or months you’ve spent together, it doesn’t mean that you need to cry all day and skip meals just because you are in love to the person.


Actually, it’s the most stupid thing to do when you cry for someone you love but doesn’t deserve to be loved. The best thing to do in a break up is to be happy. Why? You need to be thankful because you are thinking of it so many times.

It doesn’t mean that you don’t have the right to stop your relationship but when you really don’t know how to break up to a guy, just wait for him to get bored with what he’s doing and then he will initiate a break up. It’s a dumb thing, right?


But you have to do it because there’s nothing good that is happening in your relationship even if you do all the things that is good for your relationship. Defining a good and bad relationship is very easy. When you think that your ideas are contradicting, do not force wedding to happen. It’s either, you’ll get hurt or you will livea miserable life.

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