Securing Your Valuables

You cannot deny that there are many people out there with ill intentions when it comes to your valuables. With this, it is important that you protect your valuables because you worked hard for it. You can consider many things if you want your valuables to be protected. You can begin with the following things:

Spy cameras and CCTV


If you want to install spy cameras inside the house, you are free to do so. You can also monitor your surroundings by installing CCTVs (Close Circuit Televisions). This is effective when identifying an intruder. If you have this, you can positively identify the intruder or attacker in front of the police.

Security system


There are thieves around. When they see that your house is poor when it comes to security, they will take that chance and break in. To avoid this from happening, you can install a reliable security system. Security system will alert you if there are unauthorized entries. This is expensive but rest assured that your house is protected from robbers or thieves. Security system is in the form of doors with special locks, burglar alarms, etc.

Pepper spray


When you are outside, you bring your valuables. It is not legal to bring guns or tasers here in Singapore. The best thing that you can bring is pepper spray. Pepper sprays can temporarily irritate the eyes of aggressors or attackers thereby giving you time to flee. After fleeing, you should report the incident to the police so they will increase their patrols in the said area.

You can get these gadgets easily. No questions or documents asked. Just make sure you use it for the greater glory. If you use items mentioned above for dark motives, you will be penalized.