Increase Your Art Gallery Sales

Increase your art sales by working on your gallery’s name recognition and displaying your artworks at different venues aside from your own gallery. Host art gallery Singapore tours, raffles, open classes for the public to view your art pieces, and open houses with the artists to keep your name alive throughout the community. Here are some more ways to help people recognize you and increase your art gallery sales.


1. Increase name recognition

Have your works displayed at hotels, restaurants, art fairs, high-end retail stores, and other crowded areas in Singapore with well-to-do clients like what Vinciarts collection art gallery in Singapore has done to increasing branding. Look for venues and ask if you can bring some art pieces by and host an art exhibit in the art gallery location for their customers viewing. Offer your art exhibit to them as free of charge, since your still a novice and aims to increase name recognition in the community. Bring along with you brochures and business cards for interested clients. Talk to every person who seems interested in your works and give them a little overview and background info about the art and a brochure from your gallery.

2. Host a raffle

Raffle off an art piece that captivates the heart of many in the Singapore community. By this, they will be enticed to join the raffle. Apart from that, sell your tickets at an affordable price so all types of people, from lower to higher class would be able to afford to buy at least one. Host the event in your gallery by offering food and drinks for people to enjoy while viewing some of your masterpieces. Lastly, spread the news about the success of your art gallery event through websites, news organizations, and press releases to local newspapers and donate your raffle ticket funds to the cause.

3. Barter with other businesses

Pay services through artworks. As much as possible, minimize exchange of services through cash. For instance, if you’re throwing a Singapore event, trade one of your masterpieces to a wine bar, catering company, or local restaurant services. Try not to spend a single cent for food, advertising, or any form of event expenses. Have it all in exchange to your piece. Then, put the agreement into writing so that all terms and conditions are met.

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4. Offer art classes

Invite interested art collectors and future artists into your gallery for an art class. Barter art pieces or pay nominal fee for a local artist to impart knowledge about drawing or molding clay to your art class. Ask the artist if he could supply all the materials needed by the class. Have your open class event published in newspapers and websites to invite more people in. Ask everyone in the class to sign a guest book, which you will be emailing and mailing for future advertisements.

5. Host an open house

Let everyone see your art pieces by hosting a Singapore open house event. Email or snail-mail those people on your guest lists, inviting them to join the open house event as VIP guests. Invite the community to come to your gallery through local art gallery publications, websites, and public advertising. Provide food and drinks for everyone to enjoy. Also, if you want more people to come to your event, invite a famous local artist for a meet-and-greet and display some of his works as well for public viewing.