Say Yes to the Inexpensive Dress

5 Tips to Score a Budget-Friendly Wedding Gown

Finding a stunning wedding dress will lead you to many different places – bridal salons, consignment shops, department stores, and even to independent designers and mass-market retailers. Some even take the risk and search wedding gowns online, even if it’s impossible to physically fit them, just to find an excellent catch for a much affordable price.

Whether or not your standards are as high for a budget-friendly wedding gown, you’d still want to don a dress from the best bridal studio in Singapore that will make you look and feel beautiful on your special day. So if you’re a budget-conscious bride looking for that perfect yet inexpensive dress, here are some tips we want to share with you.

1. Opt to have a less formal event. Is your wedding more of a casual theme—or are you open to the possibility of having a less formal wedding theme? If so, then you’re a step closer to scoring a pocket-friendly-worth wedding dress. Set your wedding in an outdoor Singapore wedding venue, and match the laidback ambiance with a more casual wedding dress. A lightweight and less dramatic wedding dress is far easier on the pocket than a ceremonial, cathedral-length wedding gown.

2. Search for ‘the one’ at sample sales. Many Singapore bridal shops offer great discounts on wedding gowns several times a year to clear their racks of sample dresses. Although scenes of brides-to-be lunging on piles of marked-down gowns look like a horrendous battlefield, things are actually pretty civilized in these places, not to mention the good savings you’ll get if you join the wagon. To save time and effort in checking out salons, call them and ask for upcoming sale display before heading to their store, or sign up for newsletters to get the latest buzz about upcoming sales.

3. Don’t ignore department stores. With their lovely and elegant styles and reasonable prices, mass-retailers Ann Taylor and J. Crew have been among the go-to sources of brides on budget. But mass-retailers aren’t the only sources to check out when looking for wedding gowns, since more and more Singapore department stores have embracing the bridal business. Instead of visiting just bridal salons, take a stroll at nearby malls and you might just find the most gorgeous gown for a fraction of a price. Also, try checking the malls’ website to check whether they display bridal gowns in their inventory.

4. Give second-hands a chance. Buying a wedding gown on consignment shops or from classified websites might not be your first choice, but these places often have the cheapest dresses in town. Yes, the gowns are second hand, but most of them were worn just once. If you want some real savings, this is probably your best choice. Simply buy the gown that’s flattering to your body type, have it dry-cleaned, and – voila! – you now have a stunning wedding dress, but at a much cheaper price.

5. Buy early and buy simple. Buying early will actually help you save money. If you’re planning to have your gown done from scratch, then its best that you place your orders around eight to 12 months in advance to avoid rush fees, which usually cost a third of the dress’ actual cost. Keep in mind that the more handwork your gown has – beading, embroidery, etc. – the pricier it will be.

Wedding gowns are among those classic garments that look sophisticated even with the simplest embroideries. Keep in mind that simple is elegant, and it will never be daunting to look for that real steal wedding dress.

Energizing Tricks to Combat Fatigue at Work


Do you often find yourself yawning and feeling lethargic at work? If so, you’re not alone. However, though it’s normal to feel tired at the end of a long, busy day, feeling lethargic all the time hinders you from being productive at the office. Try these simple and science-backed tips to combat fatigue and reclaim your energy at work.

  1. Try Colour Therapy

Warm colours, like orange and yellow, are more energizing than their cool counterparts. That’s because, according to a research, they are attention-grabbing—therefore, activating the brain works. One of the easy ways to insert orange in your routine is to sneak it to your wardrobe. Wear orange-hued socks, jewellery or scarves. Another way is to keep an orange fruit on your office desk, and then enjoy it as an energy-boosting snack later in the day.

  1. Re-energize With Cold Water

If you have ever showered in cold water and felt a rush of electricity run through you, perhaps you already know why cold water is a good invigorator. Whenever you feel sleepy or tired, wash your hands with cold water for a minute or splash some on your face to rev yourself up. Because the skin in these parts of the body is covered in nerve endings, it’s sensitive to extreme temperature, making cold water a solution for grogginess.

  1. Have a 20-Minute Power Nap

If you have been sleeping late, short afternoon nap can make a huge difference. A 20-minute nap can instantly amp up your alertness and even improve your quality of sleep at night. A study have shown that those people who took power naps in the afternoon felt energized and saw big improvements in their work performance.

  1. Regularly Sip on Water

Around 60 percent of our body is made up of water, so it makes perfect to stay hydrated to perform at your best. However, many of us do not drink enough water, especially when loaded with paper works and other office tasks. To make sipping water part of your routine, remind yourself by setting alarms on your phone. If you have been sitting at your desk for hours, take the opportunity to stretch your legs by getting yourself glass of water.

Your energy and focus are your greatest resources at work. If from time to time you can’t reward yourself with enough sleep and rest to re-energize, try giving these simple tricks a shot.

5 Beauty Brands You Need to Try Before They Blow Up


While we love drugstore beauty products and high-end brands we see at Sephora, there’s something alluring about cosmetic offerings that are not quite as accessible (yet!). What can we say, the hunt just excites us; and there’s nothing quite like the feeling of discovering a holy-grail product before it hits the limelight.

From organic skincare products to cruelty-free make-up items, here are the brands to keep an eye for before they hit the mainstream.

  1. Primera

This skincare brand is owned by Korean beauty giant Amore Pacific, but it’s one of the less popular brands. It is an organic brand that avoids ingredients like parabens and mineral oil, and uses lots of natural extracts instead. If you have heard of Innisfree, Primera is a higher-end version of it.

  1. Doctor’s Knows Best

Aesthetics doctor Kevin Chua was using different skincare products for the past decades, until he realized that they no longer cut it and started his own beauty line. His HA Collagen Cream, one of his greatest invention, aims to plump the skin upon application and is said to diminish fine lines and wrinkles after continuous use.

  1. SauceBox Cosmetics

Many of this brand’s eye shadows are excellent high-end dupes. Although the prices of their eye shadow palettes are quite steep for an emerging make-up brand, they are much more economical than purchasing individual eye shadow pots from a high-end brand.

  1. Morphe

If there’s one brand that has had created the most buzz in the online beauty community, it would have to be Morphe. They first came into fame with their line of professional make-up brushes at affordable price. But that’s not all! They also offer an extensive line of top-quality make-up products, including blushes, cream shadows, concealers and foundations.

  1. Allies of Skin

For busy women with virtually zero ‘me time,’ this Singapore-based brand will become your new best friend when it comes to skin care. The brand’s effective products are especially designed for modern day multitaskers to go with their hectic lives. The brand believes that skin care should be, fast and easy, and we agree on this 100%. This emerging brand only offers their products online, so make sure to check out their website.

While MAC, NARS and Urban Decay generally dominate the world of beauty, there’s a ton of excellent indie beauty brands out there waiting to be noticed. Now that you know some of them, make sure to stock up on these brands before they hit the mainstream.

Organizing Your Tiny Closet


When you have too many clothes but too little space in your closet, sometimes organizing is a dilemma. Not to mention the hassle every time you pick clothes before you leave for work.

Here are tips to make the most out of the space available.

  1. Make use of every inch of space. That doesn’t mean however that you have to stuff everything inside haphazardly. Keep your things organized because you don’t want your stack of clothes to fall over you whenever you open the closet.


  1. Separate your clothes according to type. Your T-shirts should be stacked separately from your sleeveless shirts and long-sleeved shirts. This will make it easier for you to look for the type of clothing you need. Your pants should also be separate from your shorts or skirts.


  1. Stack them neatly by rows. Stack your clothes in rows with one at the front and another at the back if there is enough space. When you’re done using all the clothes in the front row, exchange them with the row of clothes at the back.


  1. Make use of hangers and organizers. Hang clothes made of materials that easily wrinkle. Folding them will make ironing trickier. There are tiered hangers, cascading hooks and and organizers that you can hang inside your closet. Fasten these to the doors of your closet to maximize space.


  1. Store bags properly and separately. Your bags might be bent out of shape if not stored properly. To keep their shape, stuff them with tissue or paper. Don’t hand them but they should have a shelf on their own. Don’t mix theme with other clothing.

  1. Fold and organize your underwear. Folding your underwear can save space, but don’t fold your brassier. Stack them horizontally so the cups don’t get distorted. Roll your socks by pairs so they take up less space and are easier to find. They should be separate from your tops, bottoms and other things.


  1. Use organizers for your shoes. If you don’t have a separate closet for your shoes, make use of the lower half of your closet. There are tiny shoe organizers where you can hang your shoes. Some may prefer to keep them in boxes but these take up a lot of space.


  1. Hang belts, scarves and hats. Install hooks on your closet door. There are types of hooks you can buy singly or you can also use rods. Separate belts from scarves and from hats so they also look nice.


  1. Store small items in boxes. Don’t mix smaller items with your other things. You will have a harder time finding them if they get mixed up. Use old boxes or jars or buy space-saving organizers in shops. Accessories and jewelry should be stored separately as well.


  1. Install shelves, rods and hooks. If there is still enough space, install any one of these to make use of all the space available. There will still be enough room if you decide to buy more clothes or accessories. Just make sure the stacks don’t weigh too much and there’s still enough space to rummage through every stack.

Ironing Your Clothes Properly


Ironing clothes seem complicated for some people. The dials can look confusing, but they’re not that difficult to understand once you know what they’re for.

Before Ironing. You need a proper setup before you begin. You will need the following: iron, ironing board, and spray bottle with water. There are types of irons for different needs. A basic clothes iron will do for any task. They are cheap too. Ironing boards have materials that are flame retardant. Pick one that you can store and use easily.


Identify the Fabric. If you need to iron a pile of clothes, group them according to the type of fabric. Some irons usually have a guide on the dials for the type of fabrics. If you don’t know what the fabric is, check the label on your clothes. The label usually has instructions for the proper iron setting that you should use.


Thermostat Settings. To avoid damaging the clothes, especially printed shirts, flip the clothes on the wrong side so that you can iron at the back. The lowest iron setting is used for acetate. The highest setting is for cotton and corduroy. Some irons have temperatures printed on the dial instead of numbers usually from 1 to 7.


Ironing your Clothes. Begin with clothes that require the lowest temperature then slowly move up to the highest. Switching the temperatures will require a few minutes for the iron to cool down before you can use it again.

Ironing Shirts. When ironing shirts, start with the sleeves. Make sure you open all the cuffs and undo the buttons. Next, do the collar if there is any. Just like the sleeves, it should be layed flat when you iron. Finally, iron the rest of the shirt.


Ironing Pants. Line up the stitches properly before you start ironing. Start from the bottom of the pants. If you want a crease, fold each leg equally by aligning the stitches and the seams. The same procedure can be done for your shorts.


Ironing Skirts. If the skirt flares, start at the bottom. The pleats in a pleated skirt should be ironed singly. Some skirts are made of fabrics that do not need to be ironed. Some also have creases in the design.


Ironing Wrinkles. Spray water on fabrics that are too wrinkled. The steam created when pressed will help flatten the wrinkles. There are irons that come with a spray head for easy use. There are also sprays available in the market that are made specifically for ironing.


Starch Spray. Some people want that crisp look on their shirts. You can make a starch spray by mixing water and cornstarch in a spray bottle. Remember to spray lightly and don’t use too much heat when ironing.


After Ironing. Hang your clothes properly in a hanger when you’re done. Don’t leave the house before unplugging the iron. Make sure to also empty the water compartment in the iron if it has any. The ironing board can be folded and stored in a closet.

What Do Business Transfer Agents Do?


You’ll find that there are a lot of planning to be done when you are selling a company. If anything, you will have to guarantee that the business is at its profitable state, this is to attract prospective buyers to take over. Best of all, you absolutely need the aid of qualified business transfer agents to make the whole process less difficult. To help you get started, let us go over everything you will need should you finally make a decision to share a part or even the whole business concerned.


To start with, consider your grounds for selling. This is basically the first question that would be asked to you by possible buyers. You should be prepared to answer them. Take your time when you give some thought to your reasons. It can do you more damage than good to mention that your company is performing badly. Focus rather on other things that wouldn’t make prospective buyers take a step back. Good reasons just like change in interest, retirement, or becoming overworked could take the discussion further. Let’s suppose you are the buyer, what can make you want to continue discussing with the seller? What are the things you should avoid stating? Do not tell lies, though whenever possible, be careful with your choice of words.

Seek professional guidance for company valuation. You would have to know how much your company is worth so that you don’t end up estimating a way too low or maybe a too high price. You would need to hire a business appraiser for this. The business appraiser, at the same time, will provide you with a detailed account of your business’s worth. You can share the company valuation with the potential buyers. This gives you integrity and will also prevent prospective buyers from pulling the price to a very low point. It’s fine for buyers to negotiate, nonetheless, you should be able to stand firm at a cost you know is reasonable.


Choose skilled business transfer agents. Taking care of the sale by yourself may be good if you’re selling the company to an individual you know. You won’t have to bother about how you’d approach the person. On the flip side, employing business brokers UK based is a great decision considering that you get to unload yourself of all of the heavy work needed for selling your business. The business brokers UK based is well-versed with the actions you should take and will definitely guide you all the way. They will give you some help when you prepare all the paperwork that you will need prior the sale, and can even refer an accountant to you, if you need one. All that you’ll have to make sure will be to keep in contact with your agent. It is advisable to make yourself available since you never know how urgent their issue is.

Lastly, know the prospective buyers. If your potential buyer is somebody you’ve worked with for many years now, then chances are you can stop worrying about the company. Otherwise, it wouldn’t hurt to undertake some research with regards to the buyer, and business transfer agents are also able to help you should you need something. Do not forget to put all things in writing! It can protect you from future headaches.


What You Need to Understand About Short-Term Loans?


Most of the time, people will be facing financial difficulties. From unforeseen monthly bills to medical fees, it is definitely overwhelming to find a solution as soon as possible. If your family and friends can’t help you, the next best thing to do is apply for short term loans. Many people do it especially when they’re in dire need of money. It’s often referred to as the quick solution to their financial problems.


What are short-term loans?

Many loan companies are providing short term loans and these loans focus on flexibility. They know you need money and these loans can provide the solution. Nonetheless, once you request for such a financing option, make sure that you know exactly what it means, where to get one and what its prerequisites are.

Short-term cash loans are also known as payday loans or cash advances. These are normally paid straight into the applicant’s bank account. In general, this type of loan is unsecured. This means that you do not need to use your vehicle or even your own home as collateral.

Requirements of short-term loans

Most loan companies will have their own application methods, rates, and terms and conditions. This means that if you’d like to apply for the loans direct, you should research to find the best loan companies, the best type of loan and also the requirements. This way, you will be able to commit to the financial lending options by being knowledgeable of anything that it entails.

Today, you can acquire short term cash loans from different companies. All these short term loans will allow you to deal with your cash flow needs. But most people prefer to work with an online loan company when they need money. There are requirements you must pass which includes being a permanent resident, currently employed with the salary directly deposited to a bank account and others, to be considered for the loan application.


Process of application

When you request for a quick loan, it’s also vital that you understand how it works. Normally, you will apply for a particular sum of cash. Right after that, a payday loans direct lender will assess the application before making a decision whether they will grant you the loan. When the application is approved, you will need to plan the monthly payments as well.

Different loan companies will apply different interest rates. Therefore, the full expense of getting a short term loan would be determined by a number of factors. These include the rate of interest, the payment time-frame, the sum of the loan amount and also the lender.

Different loan providers

Several lenders will demand processing or setup fees—among other fee types. That is certainly why it is vital that you know and understand all the costs that are associated even before you submit your application form. Of course, the sooner you pay, the better it will be for you. This is the reason why lenders often recommend that you repay as soon as possible to spend less on the interest charged.

You can also cut down on the cost of your loan when you borrow from reputable loan companies. Research each loan enterprise before you send out an application form. Find out what other people are thinking or saying with regards to these types of payday loans direct lenders and look for feedbacks. You can also ask for some recommendations from family and friends who already dealt with financial troubles before.


Finding a Repair Specialist for Different Types of Watches


One of the most prized possession of an individual like you is your watch. It serves as a useful time to remind you of the exact time. Furthermore, it can also be an accessory to whatever style you are wearing. Indeed the use of watch is important to almost everyone. It follows then that the corresponding watch repair is important too. What are its advantages for all owners of different watches? Here are some of the advantages which will be discussed shortly in the next section:


For a longer use

Everyone wants to own an item which will last for a long time. However, there are really those instances wherein an unpleasant things occur that lead to the damages or malfunctioning of the items. For example, your watch was accidentally spilled by a beverage of a little kid because of his careless actions. Then you noticed that your watch suddenly stopped after what the little kid have done. You wouldn’t want to immediately replace just because it is not working anymore. As an owner, you want a long-lasting usage of your possession. You will opt to ask the service of a skilled watch repair specialist to fix whatever the reasons why it stopped from functioning are. With the help of that specialist, your watch is expected to be used for a longer duration of time.

To save more money

Choosing the option of fixing a broken watch to a watch repair specialist is definitely more cost-effective than buying a new watch for yourself. Say for instance, you just bought the watch for about a few months ago. The strap of the watch snapped out of the lug. Would you instantly decide to buy a new one to replace your current watch? Of course not. You simply need to bring it to the expert who can manage to repair your watch. If a new watch can cost over a thousand dollar, the repair may cost at around a hundred dollar or even less. You don’t need to spend on another huge amount if your watch can still be repaired to how it really supposed to look like. Imagine how much you can save between the two options.

The sentimental value is intact.


The watch is a favorite gift item for different people especially to men. For example, if you are a guy and you received a watch from your girlfriend as a present for your birthday, you would always wear and treasure it. In the event that it gets broken, you will never want your watch to be substituted with a new one because of its sentimental value. A more expensive watch cannot equalize the significance of that watch which came from an important person. The same model of the watch doesn’t possess the sentimental value of what was given to you. You will do everything just to restore it back to its functioning state. Don’t worry anymore as to how it can be fixed when you know there is a reliable watch repair specialist who will do the task you want to see.

The damages are immediately fixed.

It is very difficult to exactly point out as to why the watch suddenly stopped from functioning. Also, it is troublesome to see a broken part in the crystal of the watch. It is not easy too to fix a strap which snapped out of the watch. These are just some of the common damages of the watch. These damages can immediately be fixed by the watch repair specialist. If you encountered a problem with your watch. You should give the proper attention at once. Delaying the needed repair for your watch may worsen the current damage it has. You might need to spend a larger amount because you forget to bring it to the specialist who can provide the solutions instantly. You can also continue on using your watch after the damages are taken care of.

You can hand down classic watches as family heirlooms.

Watches, especially the classic ones and with elaborate designs, can be handed down as a family heirlooms. Imagine the value of a watch which was manufactured from decades ago. Its amount might be doubled or tripled in the current time. Enthusiasts of watches love to acquire antique and stylish watches to be added in their collection. Also, you can preserve the memories of your family or clan as the watch is handed down to several generations. To ensure that it is still properly working despite the years that had passed, seek the help of a specialist. It is absolutely adorable to see an prized possession still functioning even if it is an old model.


Remote Desktop vs. VDI: Basic Similarities and Differences  


All companies who always wants to continuously excel in their operations seek for all the possible solutions to increase their productivity. A great solution which is popular among business who have a lot of employees who need to access the computer system of the company is the use of the remote desktop virtualization services. Through these services, the employees find it more convenient to finish the tasks of their daily operation because of the flexibility that it provides.


In addition, these modern solutions provide the companies the assistance to improve their workloads. Before the company choose these services, they should be aware first that there is a difference between the remote desktop and the virtual desktop. The remote desktop vs VDI is not totally a difficult topic to understand.

The IT support group of the company needs only to understand first the basic difference of these two. Then they should be aware of the nature of the operation of the company. There is the desktop setting which will definitely be appropriate to whatever are the necessities of the company. What are the distinct features of these two settings? The following section will discuss as to how they are unique to each other.

The first that will be tackled is the remote desktop. It is also called as the terminal services. The remote desktop is the Microsoft service which gives the leeway to the users to get a virtual session. This is made possible by gaining access to the different applications, programs, and files via the server.

The utilisation of the services in the remote desktop such as the remote desktop virtualization host 2012 is somewhat similar to using the local desktop. The lone things which these aren’t similar is because the operations are processed through the server itself and not the desktop. Remote desktops are much simpler due to the fact that there is only a minimum infrastructure requirement which is necessary to be complied with, thus, the expenditures in installing this system is relatively lower.


In addition, it contributes in boosting the productivity of the users of remote desktops since it is ideal for employees, workers, and other parties involve in the productivity of the company no matter how far their current locations are. These are the benefits in using the remote desktops such as remote desktop virtualization host 2012. However, there is a setback too in using the remote desktops.

One of the things which must be remembered in using this setting is its compatibility concerns. Several applications and programs do not run on this because of its terminal setting. This was already given attention to by different providers. The vast improvements has been evident because of the various applications and programs that had been running. Take note, however, that there are still programs and applications which do not run due to the compatibility problems.

Despite of the fact that the virtual desktop setting is more expensive than the remote desktop setting, it has several advantages. First of all, it gives the better flexibility for the employees or the company heads who are often on the business trips since they can access whenever they want. Second, it provides an option for the storage, back-up, and recovery of the data.

Third, the logging, deployment, and monitoring of the data is much better than the remote desktop setting. Fourth, the access is available for any given time provided by the functions of the customised virtual desktop through the use of any devises. Now that the basic similarities and differences of the remote desktop and virtual desktop are discussed, you now have the idea as to which between these two will be the perfect choice for your company.

The remote desktop virtualization services you must pick for the company should be a long-term solution in order for you to achieve the target goals you set within the intended the year. It is essential to know the best option for your company because it will become an integral part in your operations and productivity.