5 Beauty Brands You Need to Try Before They Blow Up


While we love drugstore beauty products and high-end brands we see at Sephora, there’s something alluring about cosmetic offerings that are not quite as accessible (yet!). What can we say, the hunt just excites us; and there’s nothing quite like the feeling of discovering a holy-grail product before it hits the limelight.

From organic skincare products to cruelty-free make-up items, here are the brands to keep an eye for before they hit the mainstream.

  1. Primera

This skincare brand is owned by Korean beauty giant Amore Pacific, but it’s one of the less popular brands. It is an organic brand that avoids ingredients like parabens and mineral oil, and uses lots of natural extracts instead. If you have heard of Innisfree, Primera is a higher-end version of it.

  1. Doctor’s Knows Best

Aesthetics doctor Kevin Chua was using different skincare products for the past decades, until he realized that they no longer cut it and started his own beauty line. His HA Collagen Cream, one of his greatest invention, aims to plump the skin upon application and is said to diminish fine lines and wrinkles after continuous use.

  1. SauceBox Cosmetics

Many of this brand’s eye shadows are excellent high-end dupes. Although the prices of their eye shadow palettes are quite steep for an emerging make-up brand, they are much more economical than purchasing individual eye shadow pots from a high-end brand.

  1. Morphe

If there’s one brand that has had created the most buzz in the online beauty community, it would have to be Morphe. They first came into fame with their line of professional make-up brushes at affordable price. But that’s not all! They also offer an extensive line of top-quality make-up products, including blushes, cream shadows, concealers and foundations.

  1. Allies of Skin

For busy women with virtually zero ‘me time,’ this Singapore-based brand will become your new best friend when it comes to skin care. The brand’s effective products are especially designed for modern day multitaskers to go with their hectic lives. The brand believes that skin care should be, fast and easy, and we agree on this 100%. This emerging brand only offers their products online, so make sure to check out their website.

While MAC, NARS and Urban Decay generally dominate the world of beauty, there’s a ton of excellent indie beauty brands out there waiting to be noticed. Now that you know some of them, make sure to stock up on these brands before they hit the mainstream.

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