Boys Talk: Invite a Date and Pay

Boys know that it is their time to shine whenever they ask woman a date and usually boys offer to pay the expenses of the date. Like a typical date, you go to a restaurant to have dinner. Make sure that you have money because in the first place, you are the one who invited the girl. However, if she lends you money for the payment; it is your decision to accept it.


Normally, a man does this thing. Therefore, it is not appropriate to let her pay. The only excuse that you have is that when you are robbed few minutes before you meet. On the other hand, you cannot excuse anytime you want because the woman that you invited might be pissed off why you are cancelling your date.


Always remember that date is a planned thing and you don’t have any excuse to postpone it except that there’s a family emergency. It also doesn’t matter if you reason out your personal matters in life because first and foremost, you planned the date. Making an excuse every time you invite a date is annoying and disrespectful.

What if somebody does it to you? What would you feel? Admit it or not, you will be expect and get hurt. You can’t deny the fact that you are expecting things to happen by the time that you are ready. Therefore, the best thing to do when you invited a date to a woman is to pursue it to happen.


Asking if a Girl is on Her Period

Due to the increase of hormones during menstruation, many girls get angry when they see something that is not appropriate. However, this doesn’t happen every day. It only occur 3-4 days of the month while they are on their monthly period. On the other hand, some women say that they can actually control their feelings even though the strong hormones that make them angry is dominating.


Sometimes, girls only experience excruciating feeling in different parts of their body that may make them incapable of doing what they want to do. If a girl is acting cranky, you can her if she’s on her period – but be sensitive about it. Most women are actually fine with letting people know that they are menstruating. Sometimes, they keep it as a secret because they don’t want to be embarrassed.


Teenage girls are more likely to share that they are having their monthly period. However, some of them may feel shy about it due to some personal reasons or perhaps fear. Since menstruation can possibly make a woman mad even though you haven’t done anything, do not make it worse by asking her is she’s on her period. When you do this, you might encounter a beast-like individual who might want to kill you anytime.

You might be surprised when they do this. But actually, it is just normal for them to have that feeling every time they are menstruating. Always remember that girls have increased hormones during their menstruation and it contributes to their feelings, most especially the feeling of annoyance. Hence, try to be calm and keep yourself at peace.


How a Person is Affected by Emotional Pain    

There are a lot of individuals who do not eat, drink and sleep once they’ve experienced a deep emotional pain. Also, they only think that suicide is the only answer to their problem. Yes, you can die as much as you want. But before you do that, try to ask yourself if your family will be happy for you if you die. Can you just think of that?


Suicide is not the answer. You can’t escape the pain you feel. However, you can eliminate it. Although it is not as quick as you might want but if you are dedicated for it, then that pain will easily vanish. So how can you easily get rid of that pain? Any of your friends can actually help you cope up with the pain


However, make sure that they are one of your best friends. Two things may happen if you will share your losing stage to the persons who are not close to you. One, they will only hear and listen to what you say but they will not care for what happen to you. Be careful with this people. They might gossip it to others and you might be in trouble.

On the other hand, you so-called friend will listen and do things which is not appropriate and might also get you in trouble. In reality, you should not share it to your friends. Consider sharing it to your best friends or maybe to your closest sister. But if you do not want those two individuals, you can go to your parents and burst out your feelings.


Why Break Up Can Be the Best Thing for You  

Sometimes, it is a very painful when someone broke your heart without any clear reason. However, it is not a good idea to cry deep for this loss. Even if how many years or months you’ve spent together, it doesn’t mean that you need to cry all day and skip meals just because you are in love to the person.


Actually, it’s the most stupid thing to do when you cry for someone you love but doesn’t deserve to be loved. The best thing to do in a break up is to be happy. Why? You need to be thankful because you are thinking of it so many times.

It doesn’t mean that you don’t have the right to stop your relationship but when you really don’t know how to break up to a guy, just wait for him to get bored with what he’s doing and then he will initiate a break up. It’s a dumb thing, right?


But you have to do it because there’s nothing good that is happening in your relationship even if you do all the things that is good for your relationship. Defining a good and bad relationship is very easy. When you think that your ideas are contradicting, do not force wedding to happen. It’s either, you’ll get hurt or you will livea miserable life.

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Fencing Safely  

If you are a fan of fencing, for sure you heard about the success of national fencer Lim Wei Wen. He made history by delivering Singapore’s first medal at the Asian Games held in Incheon, South Korea. Wen got a bronze medal. In an interview, he said that he wants Singapore to be proud.


If in this case you are still learning fencing, the first thing that you should know is how to do it safely. Here are some safety practices that you should observe during fencing:

  • Wear proper clothing: It is imperative that before starting, you wear the proper clothing. Fencing is not like wrestling or boxing. In fencing, you need to cover or protect your body so you will be safe from injuries and other accidents. You need mask, jacket, glove, under plastron and long trousers.
  • Make sure the other party is also safe: Before engaging, you have to make sure that the other party is safe. Do not launch if you notice that the other player lacks body protection.


  • Do not lose temper: There are people who lose their temper when playing. It is not advisable. Fencing is after all a game. You might hurt yourself or the other player.
  • Obey the President: The President is also called the Referee. You have to obey to the President. When he says “Play”, you should engage. If he says “Halt”, you have to stop.
  • Do not turn your back: The golden rule here is never to turn your back to your opponent. You have to remember that there is a gap between your collar and mask. This portion of your body is not protected.

These things are just basic. If you want to be a professional fencer and eventually make it through the national team, you have to do your best and practice a lot. Who knows you will reach the Olympics? Good luck!


Growing Debts of Real Madrid

The love of Singaporeans for soccer is unfathomable. There are local and international teams and games that are anticipated by Singaporeans. If in this case you like Real Madrid, you should know that there is a recent issue about the team. The recent issue worries many people.


What is this issue? Well, you must know that Real Madrid is suffering from growing debts now. If this continues, who knows what will happen to the prestigious league. As of June 30, 2014, the total debt of Real Madrid amounted to €602 million or £472.2 million. This figure was released by the members of the club.

Real Madrid owed this much despite their earnings from winning the €60 million jackpot for becoming the champion. Real Madrid owes banks and the Spanish government. In the past year (2013), Real Madrid owed €541 million or £425 million but it rose to €602 million or £472.2 million this year (2014). The figure revealed an 11.3% growth of their debts.


Their debts are divided according to terms – short and long-terms. Short-term debts should be fulfilled within twelve months (about £210 million). Long-term debts make up a large portion of the total debt which is £189 million. The debt rose despite of the rising income of Real Madrid. The income rose only by 5% (about €550 million or £432 million).

Club members are expressing heavy concerns about the growing debts of Real Madrid. The debts may hinder the club from not meeting the commitments especially the future payments. In spite of this, the team still continues to do its best.


Rochester House: Something for the Little Ones    

If you have a kid or a niece or a nephew, you’d have an idea of how challenging it can be to find a restaurant where both the adults and the kids, especially, enjoy the food and the place. Well, kids don’t really care much how elegant or sophisticated the restaurant’s ambience may be. All they care about is that they get to run around the place and scream their lungs out. Yes, in the case that your kid does want to scream out of utter joy or playfulness, it’s better to be in a restaurant that actually is meant for the kids or at least has the usual load of kid customers. That way, all the other diners will be more forgiving and empathize with you without even a need to excuse or explain yourself. So, for a Singapore restaurant that puts the spotlight on the kids, here it is.


The Rochester House

Welcome to a grand, colonial bungalow perfect for the entire family! Rochester House is located at 7 Rochester Park. In its vast area of 30,000 square feet, you’ll find a bistro style restaurant, that the grown-ups will surely adore, and an indoor and outdoor playground, that is made for the kids. The Playhouse consists of 2 floors of play area. The ground floor inside and outside are for free-play. Children, especially the younger ones, could enjoy running around here all they want. Plus, there’s even a 10-foot trampoline! On the other hand, the second floor consists of 3 rooms which are meant for the slightly older kids with ages about 7 to 12.


As for the menu, they actually have one that’s made specifically for the kids. This one is simpler but perfect for a kid’s palate. They’ve made it such so that children will easily recognize what’s in their food. As we know, kids are such picky-eaters and if something on their plate seems unfamiliar, they’d immediately assume that it’s something that doesn’t taste good. So to avoid this, they’ve prepared an entire kid menu with the usual food items children enjoy such as the classic Mac and Cheese. But they don’t only focus on the taste either because they’ve also ensured that all their kid menu items are tastefully-made with different vegetables in them.

So, if you can’t wait for an enjoyable time both for the grown-ups and the young ones, then just plan your next weekend activity at Rochester House!


Smaller Than Cake  

What’s smaller than cake but just as delicious or maybe even more delicious? The answer is cupcake! Cakes are so last season. Now, cupcakes run the show. This heavenly dessert is indeed a delightful, gastronomic creation and it’s also such a lovely site that just looking at it can already brighten up a day. So for a mood-booster in the form of the mighty cupcake, before you head out and buy yourself one, or maybe a dozen, take a look at this list of promising cupcake bakeries.

Twelve Cupcakes

Open since 2011, this cupcake shop has now been selling to a total of 15 locations. To name a few they have outlets at United Square, Millenia Park, and Ion Orchard. In case you didn’t know, Twelve Cupcakes is owned by local celebrity couple Jaime Teo and Daniel Ong. But that isn’t the reason so many cupcake-junkies are queuing for their sweet creations. Their cupcakes are celebrities on their own because they are moist, fluffy, and less sweet.

The perfect finish on top is their light, smooth frosting that’s always pleasing to the taste buds. These cupcakes are made from scratch daily and are always freshly baked. With 12 everyday flavours such as Red Velvet and Vanilla Chocolate and even monthly specials like Nutella and Chocolate Salted Caramel that Jaime, herself, has created, people will surely have a hard time choosing. Well, there’s always the easy solution of buying twelve cupcakes, right?


Cupcakes with Love

Longing for cupcakes that taste like they were lovingly cooked by our moms? Then grab a piece from Cupcakes with Love. Inspired by their mom who baked such heart warming cupcakes for them when they were young, the founders of this adorable cupcake shop have made it their aspiration to spread the love and several of their mom’s wholesome recipes to all the cupcake-lovers out there.

Each of their cupcake is baked with the perfect balance of less sugar but more flavour. They have 9 flavours available. Among them are Vanilla Mallows, Blueberry Summer, Chocolate Storm, Polka Chocs, and their rum-infused Adult Chocolate. And for a sweeter touch, you could even have your cupcakes personalized. They are located at 10 Tampines Central 1, Tampines 1, #03-22 and another outlet is at 216 Joo Chiat Road, #01-12, Soho Life.


Singapore Student Budget Tips  

For students, money is one of their primary needs but when money is lacking, can they survive? Typically, students can survive but it is not an easy way to get out of a situation wherein you really need help. Most of the time, money is the very reason why students get the problem.


But money is not really a problem if you are a student who’s saving for future use. Saving is one important practice especially when you are a student. This is to avoid asking money from your parents. Most of the students make money as an excuse to save money in order to buy new shirts.

Saving money as a student is not like that. You save money through the allowance that your parents gave you and not on the extra money that you have asked them. On the other hand, many students say that it is impossible to save when your money is just enough for your daily expenses.


But there is nothing impossible when you want it to happen. Pushing it to happen will give you a chance to do it. Choose campus gym instead of gyms in the city. While you are busy schooling, you will definitely have a time to go out and build some muscles.

Since you are only a student, your money is limited and you cannot afford gym memberships. But when you go to your campus gym, you will be more likely to have discounted or maybe free membership and unlimited use of gym equipment.