5 Things to Say Goodbye to During Your Twenties

Like most teenagers, you probably counted the days when you’ll finally be in your 20s. After all, there are a lot of reasons to be excited about embarking on the ride that only our twenties offer. This will probably be the most frustrating and thrilling decade of your life; you’ll experience some ups and downs, but to make the most out of this time, you need to learn to say goodbye to the following things.


  1. Destructive Relationships and Toxic People

Your 20s is when you figure out what you really want in life. It’s also the time when you discover what your dreams and passion are, as well as develop ways on how you can turn them into reality. That said, it pays to have a solid social network who will encourage and support you in chasing those dreams. The last thing you’d want to have during this time are people who only bring negative vibes to your life.

  1. Drama

You spent most of your teenage life creating and dealing with drama, and by now, you know that drama won’t get you to where you want to be in the future. So whether it’s in your romantic relationship or your friendships, start dropping the drama, and act like a grown-up that you’re supposed to be.

  1. People-Pleasing

Gone are days when you look into the mirror several times wondering if you look decent enough to avoid getting laughed at. Now that you’re already in your 20s, be yourself and live the way you want to be. Not everyone will cheer you on for being yourself, but it’s not like their opinion will decide who you’ll become in the future.


  1. Need to Justify Your Choices

Unless it’s someone important who’s questioning your decisions, stop feeling bad about not explaining your decisions to certain people. Now that you’re in your 20s, you’re already capable of thinking and taking responsibility for the consequences of the decisions you make. So forget about the people who question your life choices. Remember that with or without their approval, you can do anything you want.

  1. Need to be in a Relationship Just to be Happy

As you enter the phase of young adulthood, you’ll learn that being in relationship isn’t the answer to a lasting happiness. The key is to be happy regardless of your current relationship status. This way, you’ll be able to live your life happily without depending on someone else. Sure, most of your twenty-something friends might be in a relationship, but that doesn’t mean that they’re really happy with it.

Letting go of things that only bring negativity to your life is what will make your journey to your twenties more enjoyable and worthwhile. So say goodbye to all the drama during your teenage years, and start enjoying a fresher and better perspective in life on your twenties.


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