Timeless Beauty Looks

Trends come and go. They change constantly and truthfully, it’s getting a bit hard to keep up with the latest fashion and styling trends. With the purpose of making every girl’s life a bit easier, we present you beauty looks that never go out of style.


Rosy red lips

You can now stock up on different shape of red lipsticks because we’re here to tell you red lips will always be ‘in’. It makes any woman look stylish and sophisticated. Wearing red lips alone can make you look very put together. The right shade of red lipstick will brighten up your whole face.

Smokey eyes

Smokey eyes are a big trend because it makes the eyes pop. It gives off an edgy and mysterious vibe to the wearer. It will also highlight the color of your peepers.

Winged eyeliner

The perfect winged eyeliner is very hard to achieve but women desire to master this trick because it creates a big change in our look. It elongates the eyes, making it stand out and gives an instant oomph factor to our entire face.


Defined eyebrows

Gone are the days when women wanted to make their eyebrows as thin as possible. Cara Delevingne inspires us to embrace our thick eyebrows and make it more defined. Defined brows frame our face so make sure to keep your eyebrows groomed properly.

Deep side part

A deep side part to limp hair can give extra volume and body. It makes us look sexy and glamorous. It adds an instant wow factor to plain and simple hair.


Meet the Perfect Wedding Planner for Your Special Day

Wedding planning can be extremely stressing, both for the bride and groom and their family. It is not only about proper utilization of the financial resources they have but to also create the dream wedding that they have in their mind. This article will provide you with a wedding planning guide.


No matter which part of the world you live in, may that be London, America, Malaysia, Singapore or any third world country for that matter, the www.perfectweddings.sg from Singapore wedding planning guide will provide you with all the information you could possibly want. The planning should move along systematically in a timely fashion and development of checklists can really help keep track of whatever is going on. However, if you do not want to handle everything yourself, you can simply hire a professional wedding planner, who will be ready to provide their professional services round the clock.

There are numerous wedding planner companies present, especially in the city of Singapore which is a favorite wedding destination for couples who want to tie the knot. This is unthinkable when both bride and groom are planning themselves and have to negotiate with others to get the work done on time while at the same time having to supervise the quality of work all the time.


This is the reason why clients in Singapore are realizing the value of a professional wedding planner as they feel that their services are really worth the efforts put in by them. Be reminded that it is always a personal decision. However, despite all their advantages, the fact remains that one has to pay the fees of a wedding planner out of their own pockets and it is really their own decision whether to hire the services of a consultant or not.

While you can hire a top-of-the-line wedding planner in Singapore with the status of a celebrity, there are also many wedding consultants that charge very reasonable price for their services. But if you have a budget, do stick to it as there is no use getting upset with high fees of a wedding planner once you have agreed to his services.

If your marriage is months away and you can manage everything on your own, there is no point in hiring the services of a wedding consultant but if marriage is on the cards and you do not want to take all the stress that is inevitable with a marriage, it is worth investing in the services of a wedding planner in Singapore.


The Best Places to Experience Korean BBQ in Singapore  

Korean pop music and Korean television dramas are not the only things making waves in different parts of the world. More and more people nowadays are enjoying delicious Korean cuisine. Because of this, the Korean dining experience have mushroomed into a profitable business especially in Singapore.


Perhaps we were enticed by what we see in Korean dramas where people dine in eating shacks, grill beef and drink soju that the Korean meat roasting techniques have grown very popular not only in Singapore but in other parts of the world as well.

To enjoy authentic Korean barbeque in Singapore, we listed some of the best Korean barbeque restaurants you have to visit.


Ssikkek BBQ

They serve both fresh and marinated beef, chicken and pork in big trays. You can cook them however you want. There are even non-marinated meat slices available if you want to marinate or boost its flavor just the way you like it.


If you want other food choices, they also have sausages, seafood and other Korean side dishes like kimchi. A lot of people keep coming back to the restaurant because the area is clean, comfortable and very well maintained.


The Corner Place Korean BBQ

One key attraction in The Corner Place aside from their grilled meat options is the Dong Chi Mi Gook Su or noodles served in water kimchi. It’s refreshing and a bit sweet. It’s a perfect combination with grilled meat and it gets you ready for another serving of meats.

The restaurant also offers a bibimbap buffet, which includes a hefty serving of rice, mushrooms, cooked meats, lettuce and other vegetables.


Boys Talk: Invite a Date and Pay

Boys know that it is their time to shine whenever they ask woman a date and usually boys offer to pay the expenses of the date. Like a typical date, you go to a restaurant to have dinner. Make sure that you have money because in the first place, you are the one who invited the girl. However, if she lends you money for the payment; it is your decision to accept it.


Normally, a man does this thing. Therefore, it is not appropriate to let her pay. The only excuse that you have is that when you are robbed few minutes before you meet. On the other hand, you cannot excuse anytime you want because the woman that you invited might be pissed off why you are cancelling your date.


Always remember that date is a planned thing and you don’t have any excuse to postpone it except that there’s a family emergency. It also doesn’t matter if you reason out your personal matters in life because first and foremost, you planned the date. Making an excuse every time you invite a date is annoying and disrespectful.

What if somebody does it to you? What would you feel? Admit it or not, you will be expect and get hurt. You can’t deny the fact that you are expecting things to happen by the time that you are ready. Therefore, the best thing to do when you invited a date to a woman is to pursue it to happen.


Asking if a Girl is on Her Period

Due to the increase of hormones during menstruation, many girls get angry when they see something that is not appropriate. However, this doesn’t happen every day. It only occur 3-4 days of the month while they are on their monthly period. On the other hand, some women say that they can actually control their feelings even though the strong hormones that make them angry is dominating.


Sometimes, girls only experience excruciating feeling in different parts of their body that may make them incapable of doing what they want to do. If a girl is acting cranky, you can her if she’s on her period – but be sensitive about it. Most women are actually fine with letting people know that they are menstruating. Sometimes, they keep it as a secret because they don’t want to be embarrassed.


Teenage girls are more likely to share that they are having their monthly period. However, some of them may feel shy about it due to some personal reasons or perhaps fear. Since menstruation can possibly make a woman mad even though you haven’t done anything, do not make it worse by asking her is she’s on her period. When you do this, you might encounter a beast-like individual who might want to kill you anytime.

You might be surprised when they do this. But actually, it is just normal for them to have that feeling every time they are menstruating. Always remember that girls have increased hormones during their menstruation and it contributes to their feelings, most especially the feeling of annoyance. Hence, try to be calm and keep yourself at peace.


How a Person is Affected by Emotional Pain    

There are a lot of individuals who do not eat, drink and sleep once they’ve experienced a deep emotional pain. Also, they only think that suicide is the only answer to their problem. Yes, you can die as much as you want. But before you do that, try to ask yourself if your family will be happy for you if you die. Can you just think of that?


Suicide is not the answer. You can’t escape the pain you feel. However, you can eliminate it. Although it is not as quick as you might want but if you are dedicated for it, then that pain will easily vanish. So how can you easily get rid of that pain? Any of your friends can actually help you cope up with the pain


However, make sure that they are one of your best friends. Two things may happen if you will share your losing stage to the persons who are not close to you. One, they will only hear and listen to what you say but they will not care for what happen to you. Be careful with this people. They might gossip it to others and you might be in trouble.

On the other hand, you so-called friend will listen and do things which is not appropriate and might also get you in trouble. In reality, you should not share it to your friends. Consider sharing it to your best friends or maybe to your closest sister. But if you do not want those two individuals, you can go to your parents and burst out your feelings.


Why Break Up Can Be the Best Thing for You  

Sometimes, it is a very painful when someone broke your heart without any clear reason. However, it is not a good idea to cry deep for this loss. Even if how many years or months you’ve spent together, it doesn’t mean that you need to cry all day and skip meals just because you are in love to the person.


Actually, it’s the most stupid thing to do when you cry for someone you love but doesn’t deserve to be loved. The best thing to do in a break up is to be happy. Why? You need to be thankful because you are thinking of it so many times.

It doesn’t mean that you don’t have the right to stop your relationship but when you really don’t know how to break up to a guy, just wait for him to get bored with what he’s doing and then he will initiate a break up. It’s a dumb thing, right?


But you have to do it because there’s nothing good that is happening in your relationship even if you do all the things that is good for your relationship. Defining a good and bad relationship is very easy. When you think that your ideas are contradicting, do not force wedding to happen. It’s either, you’ll get hurt or you will livea miserable life.

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Fencing Safely  

If you are a fan of fencing, for sure you heard about the success of national fencer Lim Wei Wen. He made history by delivering Singapore’s first medal at the Asian Games held in Incheon, South Korea. Wen got a bronze medal. In an interview, he said that he wants Singapore to be proud.


If in this case you are still learning fencing, the first thing that you should know is how to do it safely. Here are some safety practices that you should observe during fencing:

  • Wear proper clothing: It is imperative that before starting, you wear the proper clothing. Fencing is not like wrestling or boxing. In fencing, you need to cover or protect your body so you will be safe from injuries and other accidents. You need mask, jacket, glove, under plastron and long trousers.
  • Make sure the other party is also safe: Before engaging, you have to make sure that the other party is safe. Do not launch if you notice that the other player lacks body protection.


  • Do not lose temper: There are people who lose their temper when playing. It is not advisable. Fencing is after all a game. You might hurt yourself or the other player.
  • Obey the President: The President is also called the Referee. You have to obey to the President. When he says “Play”, you should engage. If he says “Halt”, you have to stop.
  • Do not turn your back: The golden rule here is never to turn your back to your opponent. You have to remember that there is a gap between your collar and mask. This portion of your body is not protected.

These things are just basic. If you want to be a professional fencer and eventually make it through the national team, you have to do your best and practice a lot. Who knows you will reach the Olympics? Good luck!