The Ultimate Hair Hack List

Simple and Amazing Tips in Getting Great Hair


It’s not easy to get and maintain great-looking hair. No matter how much hair styling product you put or treatments you get, all these will be useless if your hair wasn’t in good shape to begin with.

Girls with chemically treated hair can still get amazingly soft and shiny hair, if they pay special care to it. Here are the best hacks to get awesome hair that will catch the attention of everyone you meet.


  1. Brush before wash

Studies show that people lose about an average of 100 hair strands a day, or even more. Majority of these go down the drain when we shower. Protect your hair from shower shedding by brushing your hair before you go into the shower to release any tangles. Furthermore, brushing your hair can energize the scalp.


  1. Condition the tips alone

Most of us make the mistake of conditioning our hair from roots to tips. This leads to hair looking limp and oily.  Make sure to condition the ends or at least three quarters of your hair and leave the top part alone. However, in cases of extreme scalp dryness, you can condition the scalp and roots.


  1. The secret in silk pillowcases

Silk is a better option for your pillowcases since it causes minimal friction and breakage as compared to the regular cotton ones. Silk also retains the moisture of the hair, unlike cotton ones that tend to suck all the moisture out.


  1. Scalp massage

One of the secrets to better hair is a good old scalp massage. It helps increase the blood circulation in the scalp, making hair grow quicker and longer. A massage also helps relieve headaches and stress.


  1. Wide toothed is the answer

It’s better not to comb wet hair because it is more prone to breakage. But there are times when we’re in a hurry that we have no choice but to comb our hair to at least look presentable before dashing out the house. In this case, it’s better to use a wide-toothed comb to get rid of tangles.


  1. Squeeze it

Towel drying hair can cause frizz and tangles. Instead of using the regular towel, reach for the paper towels because these are more absorbent.


  1. The task is to mask

Nobody is safe from split ends. To help prevent this frustrating problem, use a home-made hair mask to keep hair smooth and shiny. The mixture of honey, virgin olive oil and egg yolk is only one of the classic hair masks you can do yourself.


  1. Filter the water

There are chemicals found in our shower water that are unknowingly causing trouble for our hair. Use a water filter to filter out fluorine, chlorine, rust and other minerals damaging your hair.


  1. Use steam rollers

Curling irons destroy your hair because of the use of extreme heat. This can burn, dry and cause breakage. To get voluminous curls, use spiral steam rollers that curl the hair quicker minus all the damage.


  1. Get that humidifier

Using a humidifier as you sleep will give moisture for the hair and skin. Moisture is essential in keeping both the hair and skin healthy.


Features You’ll Find in the Best Garbage Disposals

You don’t really need to spend a lot in order to find the best garbage disposal you can use at home. There are different models that are sold everywhere in Singapore you just need to know what to look for. A good garbage disposal can have all the best features but they are still considered useless if they don’t match your household needs. So it is particularly important to consider your household needs, too, and then match this with how the specific features on the garbage disposal can help address those needs.


Consider the Two Types of Garbage Disposals

Choose between the two types of garbage disposal and determine which will suit your household needs best. The first type of garbage disposal is the Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal. This is turned on by a flip of the switch and will keep on grinding until the switch is flipped back. The second type of garbage disposal is the Batch Feed Garbage Disposal. This only starts grinding once the disposal cover is closed.

The first type is more convenient and affordable while the second type is safer but more expensive. Which would serve you best?

Consider the Level of Horsepower

You don’t necessarily need to have a garbage disposal with the most powerful horsepower. A small household and an average household’s daily demands will be adequate with only ½ horsepower. Larger households and those who have heavy kitchen use may opt for a 1 horsepower. This is already sufficient in grinding all types of food waste – no matter how big the pieces may be – and they are processed in a faster rate as well.


Consider the Noise Factor

You need to consider that one of the tradeoffs for the more affordable garbage disposals is the noise level that they generate during their grinding operation. The expensive higher end models for garbage disposals have placed sound inductions on the device’s parts to reduce any noise from coming out. Although there are also affordable models with very low noise level so you may want to keep a look out on these ones. You may want to prioritize this feature especially if you have a baby or a child at home.

Consider the Stainless Steel Parts

Most high end garbage disposals come with lifetime warranties. Even if you may have warranty on your garbage disposal, you would still need to look at the construction of this garbage device. Those garbage disposals that are able to last more than a decade or a few decades are made up of stainless steel parts. These steel parts are resistant to corrosion and rust. This is noteworthy especially if you want to make an investment on your garbage disposal. Keep them running at their best by protecting them from daily exposure to water and other chemicals.

Consider the Warranty

There are garbage disposals that come with only one year limited warranty. They may be the most affordable but the fact that you can’t be sure how long you can keep them doesn’t add up to a wise investment. Consider how long you want to use the device and how much you’re willing to spend for repairs and replacements overall. You might want to spend a bit more on your purchase but save enough of money with a lifetime warranty.


Signs That You Are Addicted to Facebook  


Facebook has been the part of every Singaporean’s life from its onset. Many people are drawn to Facebook because of its appeal. Getting connected these days is not that hard and coping up to happenings are no trouble at all. Some even think that Facebook is a gift to humanity. But is it really a gift or otherwise?


It will only be a curse if we let Facebook take over our lives. We hear news that Facebook can get addicting. Well, anything can be addicting if we yield to it. There is a Dutch project called 99 Days of Freedom that studied the effects of Facebook and released the top five warning signs of getting addicted to Facebook. The project has seen more than forty thousand people who attempted to quit Facebook.

According to the founder of 99 Days of Freedom, not using Facebook is liberating. Now we cannot totally abolish Facebook in our lives but we can limit its use so it does not interfere in our daily lives. The good news is that after the survey, the participants feel slightly happier and in fact, about 25% gave up Facebook for good.

For those who kept their Facebook accounts, they said that they are missing out on something important. The researchers partnered with Cornell University to comprehend why many users find it difficult to give up Facebook. The researchers also collaborated with Universiteit Amsterdam and Leiden University.

The researchers revealed the warning signs of getting addicted to Facebook:


  • Thinking that Facebook is a tool to control our image: Facebook is a platform to express one’s feelings but if we constantly check it and ensure that our “good image” is maintained, then it has become a mental illness. There are people who use Facebook to present a privileged lifestyle and good-looking pictures. It is tempting to want to show the world of the “sunnier” side but then we may find it harder to give up. It discourages us to be real.
  • Using Facebook or other social media sites: If it is just Facebook, it would be harder to let go but if there are other social media that we can scan, there is a possibility to stay out of Facebook for good. There are many social media sites aside from Facebook like Twitter and Instagram. There are those who think that substitution is not a good solution or effective answer to slay the addiction but it is a start.
  • Feeling that we might actually be addicted to Facebook: Whenever we think that our urges are uncontrollable, the brain sends message that we might actually be addicted to something. In this case, we already know that we are leaning to the addiction but still pursue it regardless. Research found out that for people who felt that they are addicted to Facebook are likely to go back using it.
  • Feelings of unhappiness: For the first few days of logging out, there is an unpleasant feeling. That is understandable and quite normal actually. The research found out that people who felt less happy during the course of the study are included to use Facebook again. Ironically, those who made it to 99 days without Facebook felt a lot happier than those who gave up.
  • Not worrying about privacy: If we do not care about our privacy, Facebook is the place for all types of stalking. For participants who are aware that Facebook can use everything they posted as a tool for ‘spying’, they felt less interest in going back to the site.

Addiction is not something that should be ignored. Though getting addicted to Facebook is somehow absurd (for others), it is important that we should know when to get help and not wait for it to fully control or interfere our lives. There are many therapists across the country if that is the concern. For starters, we can look for ways to minimize our exposure to Facebook or any other social media.

We can finally take that vacation, talk with our friends directly and go on a hike. If that is not enough, there are plenty of activities that we can consider that can encourage personal interaction. At the end of the day, Facebook should not destroy relationships or self-value but the other way around.


Ways to Help Our Children Fight Obesity  


Parents should be alarmed these days because according to World Health Organization (WHO), childhood obesity reached alarming numbers globally. This nightmare exploded in the developing world counting Africa where the number of overweight and obese children below five years doubled since the 90’s.  The report was revealed by the WHO’s Commission on Ending Childhood Obesity.


Initially, the commission did not treat obesity a serious public health issue because it is the by-product of lifestyle choices by families and individuals. However after two years, the commission realized that governments and other health bodies play an important part in reversing it. It is not the kid’s fault but of biological factors like insufficient access to healthy foods, slow drop of physical activities in school and loose marketing of foods that are fattening.

The commission already recommended some policies to promote healthy lifestyle. The progress in undertaking childhood obesity has been sluggish and erratic. According to reports by the commission, about 48% of children in Asia are categorized as obese or overweight. This should be enough warning not only for Singaporeans.

As parents, it is our role to keep our children away from harm’s way. Here are some ways to help our children fight obesity:

Setting good example

Children look up to their parents. As parents, we have a big role to play in terms of setting a good example to them. It is time to walk the talk. Parents or caregivers alike should make healthy lifestyle choices so the children will follow their lead. Obesity can increase one’s risk for grave medical problems. Remind the children that healthy decisions can help reduce possible risks.

Scheduling wellness exams regularly

Bringing our children to the paediatrician regularly should be observed. The check-ups will include physical examination and questions that should be answered. This way, the doctors will know the status of our child. If there is a need to administer immunizations, doctors will surely aid us. In the case of obesity, doctors can help us monitor their growth through Body Mass Index (BMI). BMI is important so we will know if the child’s weight and height are within range.

Making sure that children get rest

According to some studies, children with lesser sleeping hours are likely to be obese. Children who are in school should at least undertake ten hours of sleep every night. Young children on the other hand need about twelve hours of sleep while adolescents need nine hours of sleep.


Encouraging children to be physically active

Instead of letting children play in the computer all day, do them good by sending them outside. Encouraging children to be physically active is easy especially if the whole family is up to it. Allotting at least one hour of physical activity every day can make a difference at the end of the day. We can consider hiking, strolling or bicycling.

Grocery shopping together

What other way to immerse the children to healthy options than go grocery shopping together? Going to the grocery together can teach the children about healthy decisions as well as food choices. Involving the children in healthy food planning up to preparation can open their minds to the goodness of vegetables and fruits.

Avoiding untoward comments

Children are very sensitive and when they hear that their weight is an issue, they will self-pity and even be aloof. In the home, weight should never be an issue. Making untoward comments about the child’s weight is like ridiculing him/her and belittling – which are by the way unpleasant feelings.

Educate the children

It is not easy to explain why delicious foods are bad for one’s health but if it is explained well, the children will appreciate the warning. Educating the children of the dangers of obesity or even malnutrition will open their eyes. Also, if the child is keen on fad diets like diet pills and substances, they should know the hazards of it. When taking any supplements, it is best to seek for the doctor’s advice.

Remember that obesity is not the fault of children. If we consistently follow-through, they will be aware thereby making informative choices when it comes to food and lifestyle in general. We have a role to play and it will be up to us whether to let them live long or not.


Exciting Ways to Get Fit and Fab in Singapore

Surely, Singapore might be a haven to the people who would like to indulge in a variety of cuisines as this country is a home to a mixture of Western and Asian nationalities. However, as the timeless saying goes: health is wealth. The question is how do you stay in shape if sumptuous meals are served to you one platter after another? Can you resist the temptation of overindulging into delicious treats when it’s right before your very eyes?


Well, you should be the one to decide for yourself. You should not let anyone do that for you. After all, we are talking about your body and no one else’s. Now, let’s get straight to the point, shall we? First, let’s jot down a list where we can choose how to get fit and fab. Here’s a list of exercises you may want to give it a shot this year:

1. Yoga
Yes, this is one of the best ways how to maintain health and mental wellness. This form of exercise is said to make one’s body and mind healthier while relieving one’s stress. That’s what we call killing two birds with one stone.

2. Zumba
If you’d like to dance your way out of that nasty fat or to simply stay in shape and maintain your healthy glow while swaying that body of yours in a tune you like, well here’s the best choice for you. It’s actually dancing and working out at the same time. Well, how about that? What are we waiting for, DJ turn the music on and let’s hit that floor.


3. Martial Arts/ Self- Defense Exercises
What about doing hard core activities and learning how to defend yourself from the bad guys? Plus, you will have an extra dose of fun. Is it too good to be true? Well, actually no. Impact Mixed Martial Arts has been rising to fame lately throughout Singapore. To those who are fans of MMA and to those who would just like to sweat his way through in a hard core macho like style, well this is the exercise created just for you.

4. Quidditch
Yes, Harry Potter fans you’ve heard that right. There’s actually Quidditch in Singapore. Why are we still sitting around and hanging out somewhere? Get those broomsticks and let’s zoom our way now. Well, there’s a catch to it though; sorry we’re not going to actually fly with enchanted broomsticks but we are going to run around while riding on them.

But, you don’t have to worry if you think that you will look foolish alone because there will be a bunch of people doing the same thing as you do. Could you imagine thirteen (13) people playing Quidditch by your side? Doesn’t it sound fun and exciting? Sometimes, it’s not bad to go nuts and loosen yourself up as long as you are not hurting anyone, right?


Well, there you have it guys. There’s a little bit of something for everyone. Why don’t you check out all of these things out this year in Singapore? Now, you will not only be fit and fab but you will also experience a healthy dose of fun and excitement with your friends and loved ones. What are you waiting for, just go for it!

5 Helpful Habits for Working Couples

Working couples often get entangled in the fast-paced everyday way of living. They are often pre-occupied and in a hurry, resulting to less bonding time with each other. What most working couples seem to overlook though is that they can connect with their spouse in a lot of ways with these five habits:


1) Have a morning routine. Whoever wakes up first could make the other one a coffee or whoever brushes teeth first could put toothpaste on each other’s toothbrush. These little actions surely translate into “I’m-thinking-about-you-when-I-woke-up.” Doing and receiving sweet gestures are great ways to start a busy day!

2) Make a lunch call or text. Schedule in the office could become so hectic. However, a minute or two is just what it takes to call or send a text message to remind your spouse to eat lunch. Caring for one’s health can be shown through this thoughtful reminder.

3) Go home together. If you get off work at the same time, you could meet halfway and then go home together. Spending quality time in the train is a good way to talk about each other’s day at work. You can also catch a movie or eat street foods on your way home together.


4) Do grocery together. Buying groceries is an errand one of you is bound to do. However, this will be a more enjoyable errand if done together. This way, you will maximize grocery time by buying both your needs all at once. This is likewise a great opportunity to get to know your spouse’s brand preferences – from cooking oil to facial wash!

5) Establish a night activity. After washing the dishes and putting the kids to sleep, you can watch tv series together. You might discover and realize that both of you like the same shows. While watching, you can give each other foot massage as an added treat. Engaging in the same hobby with your spouse is entertaining and relaxing as well.

Working couples who connect with each other despite the busy day at work definitely sleep better and happily look forward to waking up with each other!


4 Tips in Planning a Camping Trip

One common misconception about camping is that you need to be outdoorsy or a nature fanatic to enjoy your trip. On the contrary, camping is actually a great way to disconnect from all your stresses at work and spend some quality time with your family or friends. To ensure that your camping goes smoothly and is more enjoyable, here are a few tips on how you can effectively plan your first ever camping trip.


  1. Choose an Ideal Campsite. One important thing to remember when deciding on your camping site is to know the different types of site, as well as each of its own pros and cons. If you prefer to camp on a more secluded area, try looking into primitive campsites, or national parks that allow camping. That said, understand that going on a primitive camping does come with some challenges like not having a potable water to drink, and not having any proper access to a toilet. So think about these factors first before you decide on going on a particular type of camping.


  1. Plan Your Meals Early On. If you’re a first-time camper, there’s a possibility that you’ll find preparing your meal prior to your camping trip a bit bizarre. With that said, planning your meals beforehand and bringing along ingredients that won’t immediately go bad can actually make your trip a lot better. Simply think of meals that are both flavourful and healthy. Foils meals (meals with ingredients that can be cooked in aluminium foil) are a great meal option to start with.


  1. Decide on Your Camping Activities Beforehand. Other than camping, there’s a chance that you’ll find several activities that you can do to kill your time while outdoors. So ensure that you discuss the activities that you’ll be trying with your camping buddies beforehand. Doing this will enable you to pack all the right things and properly prepare for the activity that you’ll be doing.


  1. Create a Packing List. On other types of trips, it’s quite easy to run to the hotel front desk or the grocery store to buy an item that you forgot to bring. But unlike that kind of trips, a camping trip requires you to bring more things, and that’s why creating a packing list would help in ensuring that you don’t skip out on any essentials. And let’s face it, you wouldn’t want to be the person who forgets to pack his S’mores supplies or his sleeping bag.

Planning a camping trip isn’t really that difficult even for a first-timer. All you’ve got to do is follow these camping preparatory tips and make the most out of your time while on your trip.


5 Tricks to Make Your Day-Off More Productive

We all know the feeling of finally enjoying a day-off from work after what seems like forever. During these days, we just feel like staying in bed all day long, ordering our favourite pizza, and avoiding any form of human contact for one whole day. But sometimes, this only leaves us feeling lazy and sluggish, like you’ve wasted a good day just laying on your bed all day. Luckily, that can be avoided and here are a few ways on how you can still be (semi-) productive even on your day-off.


  1. Try Out a New Recipe. When you get home from work, cooking a good meal seems like a rather daunting task. When you have the whole day ahead of your, however, take it as an opportunity to experiment or try out new recipes. Scour through your Pinterest board for recipes that you actually swore to try but forgot to. Here’s your chance to finally channel your inner chef.


  1. Declutter Your Place. Is your place starting to look like a mess? Then use your day-off to spruce your place up even just a little. Wipe off the foundation spills on your makeup table, arrange your brushes, throw out empty containers and list down the products that you need to restock. Got a two-week’s worth of laundry? Throw all of it in the wash. This may not sound fun for you, but wouldn’t it be better to lounge in a place that’s clean and neat?


  1. Plan Your Week Ahead. Do your future self a favour by making your week less hectic by planning your workdays ahead of time. Bring out your planner, set reminders in your phone, and ensure that all of your activities for the following week is properly lined up. With this, you’ll be able to relax more since you already know what the week ahead has in store for you.


  1. Go for a Good Run. I know – who wants to exercise during their day-off when you could just curl up in your bed, right? But doing a quick, short run can actually help in energizing you for a whole day. Head to your gym and hop on the treadmill, or try a new running path. If you want, you can bring a friend along and grab some brunch later. Think about it, it’s much more satisfying to lounge in your couch, watch a good movie, and be lazy when you know that you’ve done a good workout for the day, right?


  1. Pamper Yourself. Grab that bubble bath or new face mask you’ve been wanting to try, open your favourite bottle of wine, read few chapters of your favourite book, or experiment with your look. This may not sound productive to you, but trust me it actually is. It’s fun and somewhat lazy, but it won’t make you hate yourself for eating a large pizza and staying on your bed all day long.

A day-off from work can both be a blessing and a curse, so don’t let it get the best of you. Make the most of your spare time, and you’ll thank yourself later when you’re facing work prepared, fresh, productive and happy.


Sleeping Positions for Pregnant Women  


The government of Singapore is encouraging couples to conceive. In fact, there are different programs to help couples conceive. For couples who grabbed the opportunity, their lives will change soon. The coming of a child will totally change everything – in a positive way. The pregnant woman will experience the greatest change.


Conceiving can do a lot of things to our body but rest assured that everything will be worth it when we see that little bundle of joy. When we are pregnant, things are harder to do like eating, walking and even tying our shoes. For some pregnant women, they have a hard time sleeping. It is not easy to sleep soundly with our belly.

We have to switch our sleeping positions to accommodate our developing girth. The imminent concern here is finding the right sleeping position. What is the safest sleeping position during pregnancy? After our fifth month, our back will not be the same. When we sleep on our back, we put more pressure to our aorta and the inferior vena cava. Pressure for these vessels means sluggish blood circulation to our body and of course our baby.


Lying on our back is also not recommended because it can make our breathing difficult. This position will push down our intestines which can lead to stomach troubles. Lying on our stomach is not good too for obvious reasons – our stomach will press our expanding uterus not to mention our swelling breasts.

So, what position should we consider? Lying on our sides is okay but experts recommend that we consider lying on our left side. Lying on our left side can improve our blood circulation giving our babies enough nutrients. It does not end there because lying on our left side can also keep our growing body weight from pushing down our liver too hard.

Here are some suggestions while lying:

  • For Belly and back support – We have to secure a pillow and put it under our tummy or between our knees. The pillows will serve as our belly and back support which will prevent us from rolling to our back or stomach.


  • To Improve Breathing – If we encounter shortness of breath, the easiest remedy is putting a pillow under our side so it can raise our chest.


  • To Alleviate Heartburn – Pregnant women often experience heartburn. It is uncomfortable during our waking hours how much more if we are trying to sleep? We should put few books and blocks at the bead of our bed as this can help us keep the acids down instead of burning up.