What to Expect in Breastfeeding If You’re a First-Time Mother

Breastfeeding is a special experience between a mother and a child, not only because it’s healthier and cheaper than baby formula, it’s also good for both the mother and the child.

It’s Okay if You Can’t Breastfeed

Doctors and nutritionists will advise mothers to breastfeed their newborns for up to two years, some mothers cannot breastfeed even if they want to. However, this does not mean that you are not a good mother because there are various factors that can lead to this.

Most women cannot breastfeed if they have had breast reduction surgery or they have breast implants or double mastectomy, there is not enough glandular tissue (called hypoplasia), the nipples are inverted, or if there is an infection or inflammation of the breasts called mastitis, and if the mother has poor milk supply.

Breastfeeding is a Learned Skill

There are techniques on how to breastfeed baby properly and diet guides to stay healthy and to produce more milk for the baby.

Before your due date, you should prepare for the wonderful journey ahead by consulting a lactation expert, staying healthy as much possible, and to avoid giving your baby formula, food, pacifiers, and artificial nipples. As a first-time mom, it’s best to start breastfeeding after birth as soon as possible and to breastfeed as often as possible.

You Should Breastfeed as Often as Possible

So, how do you know if the baby needs to be breastfed? Doctors will advise you to breastfeed as often as possible especially during baby’s first few weeks. Some mothers are advised to breastfeed as often as twelve times daily.

You can schedule the feedings between one or two hours until your baby has developed his/her own feeding habits. There is no standard for how long each breastfeeding session should last because the baby will let you know if he/she is full.

Know How to Make the Baby Latch Properly

There are techniques to make sure that the baby latches on properly during feeding. Some babies will have a hard time practicing during the first few tries, but others will latch on right away, so don’t worry if you don’t get it the first time.

Hold the baby upright by supporting the neck or shoulders with your one hand and the baby’s hips with the other. The baby’s head should be tilted slightly, and you can use a blanket to help support baby’s back until you find the most comfortable position for you both.

Stay Healthy and Take Care of Your Breasts

There are days when your milk supply will be low, but other times you will also have an oversupply of milk. Sometimes milk buildup can cause engorgement which can be painful for some mothers, while other also experience plugged ducts.

While these can be resolved with proper breastfeeding habits, you should also look out for breast infection (mastitis) and fungal infections. Keep a healthy diet and make sure to bathe everyday and wear clean clothing. If there are signs of infection, consult your doctor right away to get treated.

25 Bands You Need to Follow if You Like Industrial Metal

Industrial metal’s name is descriptive of the repetitive guitar riffs, gruff vocals, and sampling, and why not? This heavy metal sub-genre was influenced by dance beats, punk, and thrash metal.

These are some of the best industrial metal bands that will serve as good introduction to the genre.

Fear Factory. Some of their best songs include “Linchpin,” “Replica,” “Martyr,” and “Demanufacture.”

Nine Inch Nails. Some of their best songs include “Closer,” “The Hand that Feeds,” “Hurt,” and “Less Than.”

Rammstein. Some of their best songs include “Du Hast,” “Ich Will,” “Sonne,” and “Engel.”

Ministry. Some of their best songs include “Everyday is Like Halloween,” “Just One Fix,” “Thieves,” and “Lay Lady Lay.”

KMFDM. Some of their best songs include “WWIII,” “Megalomaniac,” “Ready to Blow,” and “Stray Bullet.”

Rob Zombie. Some of their best songs include “Black Sunshine,” “More Human Than Human,” “Dragula,” and “Feel So Numb.”

Pitchshifter. Some of their best songs include “Hidden Agenda,” “Please Sir,” “Deconstruction,” and “Underachiever.”

Marilyn Manson. Some of their best songs include “The Beautiful People,” “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This),” “The Love Song,” and “The Fight Song.”

Strapping Young Lad. Some of their best songs include “All Hail the New Flesh,” “Underneath the Waves,” “In the Rainy Season,” and “Far Beyond Metal.”

Mushroomhead. Some of their best songs include “Qwerty,” “Sun Doesn’t Rise,” “Simple Survival,” and “Solitaire/Unraveling.”

Godflesh. Some of their best songs include “Like Rats,” “Crush My Soul,” “Slateman,” and “Avalanche Master Song.”

Dir En Grey. Some of their best songs include “Different Sense,” “Glass Skin,” “Conceived Sorrow,” and Dozing Green.”

The GazettE. Some of their best songs include “Filth in the Beauty,” “The Invisible Wall,” “Dripping Insanity,” and “Distress and Coma.”

Girugamesh. Some of their best songs include “Crying Rain,” “Dirty Story,” “Owari to Mirai,” and Crazy-Flag.”

Skinny Puppy. Some of their best songs include “Smothered Hope,” “Tin Omen,” “Rodent,” and “Assimilate.”

Front Line Assembly. Some of their best songs include “Neologic Spasm,” “Everything Must Perish,” “Synthetic Forms,” and “Bio-Mechanic.”

Oomph! Some of their best songs include “Sandmann,” “Labyrinth,” “The Power of Love,” and “Supernova.”

Static-X. Some of their best songs include “Push It,” “Love Dump,” “Bled for Days,” and “Cold.”

VNV Nation. Some of their best songs include “Perpetual,” “Illusion,” “Nemesis,” and “Chrome.”

White Zombie. Some of their best songs include “Black Sunshine,” “Super Charger Heaven,” “Blood, Milk, and Sky,” and “Warp Asylum.”

Front 242. Some of their best songs include “Headhunter V1.0,” Tragedy >For You<,” “Welcome to Paradise,” and “Quite Unusual.”

Killing Joke. Some of their best songs include “Eighties,” “Wardance,” “Requiem,” and “Adorations.”

Dope. Some of their best songs include “Dirty World,” “My Funeral,” “Blood Money,” and “Nothing.”

Die Krupps. Some of their best songs include “Germaniac,” “Fatherland,” “Robo Sapien,” and “Machineries of Joy.”

Laibach. Some of their best songs include “Final Countdown,” “Across the Universe,” “Eurovision,” and “No History.”

Being Present: Comforting a Sad Friend

How many times have you had someone come to you crying because of a death, a break-up, or even just a terrible day at work? If you’ve at least tried it once, you know very well how awkward it can be. They’re beside you bawling their eyes out and you’re just sitting there not knowing what to do or say at all.

Even though you want to show your empathy and let them know you’re there for them, it can be difficult to express in words. So, let’s just get straight into what you can say or do on times like these!

If it’s appropriate, offer physical affection.

If you’ve known the other person for a long time and you’ve been good friends, you can offer a hug or a literal “shoulder to cry on”. When it comes to physical affection really, the keyword here is “offer”. The other person should be the one to actually take the lead.

For example, if he/she is crying beside you and leaning on your shoulder, you can put a hand around them rather than just patting them on the back. Of course, if you’re not as close to this person, you can’t immediately go for a hug.

Know that your presence is sometimes enough

A lot of people admit that it’s hard for them to comfort someone because they don’t know what to say. Fortunately though, when people are going through something bad, they’re really not asking for any advice. They just want someone to be there with them, someone who understands what they’re going through. Just being there for them or saying something like “I’m sorry you’re hurting right now,” can be way better than giving unsolicited advice.

Don’t attempt to “minimize the pain” by cheering them up

If someone is sharing his/her problems and starts to cry, the usual reaction would be to stop them from doing so by making them laugh or smile. This will actually make them bottle up their emotions which is the opposite of what you want if you are to help them get over the situation faster. Someone who is sad or upset, most of the time, wants you to go on that melancholic journey with them. Remember, trying to cheer them up will only be a band-aid solution.

Give suggestions when…

If a person starts feeling better and asks you for advice, then you can make a suggestion. Again, only if they actually ask for your advice. Even then, your suggestions should still be largely based on the other person’s ideas. Ask them first about what they have in mind and give them a suggestion that will help them improve the situation slowly and step-by-step. Guide them towards making the decision instead of immediately suggesting a solution.

6 Diet Myths You Should Stop Believing

Popular diet and slimming fads are harmful not only because they are nonsense and misleading but because they lead people down into harmful practices. However, because they are so commonly touted even by celebrities, most people think mainstream nutrition is legit.

Here are more diet myths that we should stop believing.

A low-salt diet reduces the risk of a heart attack

Unless you have a condition called salt-sensitive high blood pressure (which means you get hypertension if you have a high salt intake), this myth is not true. However, it has been persistent for many years even in hospitals that despite not having any supporting evidence, people will willingly eat bland food. Hypertension is more complicated than just having a lot of salt in your body, but of course it’s easy to just believe there’s on culprit.

A high-carb and low-fat diet is good for you

Recent studies show this to be false and is not the healthiest way to slim down fast. In fact, researchers even argue that it will increase the risk of getting cardiovascular disease and will have no effect on the body whatsoever.

Eat smaller meals instead of three huge meals

Some people believe they can get through the day by eating like birds. But it is more difficult to monitor your portion sizes this way. Two to three healthy meals a day should be enough to give you the energy you need.

You should completely avoid saturated fat

There are conflicting evidences that show saturated fat can increase the risk of heart diseases and strokes, but a moderate amount of saturated fat is not harmful for you. Instead of completely cutting off fat from your diet, you should be more mindful of portion sizes instead. Some people are even scared of consuming full fat milk and opt instead for low-fat milk because of the belief that saturated fat can kill you.

More protein in your diet can cause diseases

Some people have stopped eating meat just for this reason. They believe that too much protein can cause kidney diseases but cutting off protein completely is a bad idea. Your body needs it, especially if you are also working out regularly.

All red meat is bad for your health

Wellness articles that tell people to stop eating red meat should learn to distinguish between unprocessed and processed meat. Again, the key to staying healthy is to eat everything in moderation.