Features You’ll Find in the Best Garbage Disposals

You don’t really need to spend a lot in order to find the best garbage disposal you can use at home. There are different models that are sold everywhere in Singapore you just need to know what to look for. A good garbage disposal can have all the best features but they are still considered useless if they don’t match your household needs. So it is particularly important to consider your household needs, too, and then match this with how the specific features on the garbage disposal can help address those needs.


Consider the Two Types of Garbage Disposals

Choose between the two types of garbage disposal and determine which will suit your household needs best. The first type of garbage disposal is the Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal. This is turned on by a flip of the switch and will keep on grinding until the switch is flipped back. The second type of garbage disposal is the Batch Feed Garbage Disposal. This only starts grinding once the disposal cover is closed.

The first type is more convenient and affordable while the second type is safer but more expensive. Which would serve you best?

Consider the Level of Horsepower

You don’t necessarily need to have a garbage disposal with the most powerful horsepower. A small household and an average household’s daily demands will be adequate with only ½ horsepower. Larger households and those who have heavy kitchen use may opt for a 1 horsepower. This is already sufficient in grinding all types of food waste – no matter how big the pieces may be – and they are processed in a faster rate as well.


Consider the Noise Factor

You need to consider that one of the tradeoffs for the more affordable garbage disposals is the noise level that they generate during their grinding operation. The expensive higher end models for garbage disposals have placed sound inductions on the device’s parts to reduce any noise from coming out. Although there are also affordable models with very low noise level so you may want to keep a look out on these ones. You may want to prioritize this feature especially if you have a baby or a child at home.

Consider the Stainless Steel Parts

Most high end garbage disposals come with lifetime warranties. Even if you may have warranty on your garbage disposal, you would still need to look at the construction of this garbage device. Those garbage disposals that are able to last more than a decade or a few decades are made up of stainless steel parts. These steel parts are resistant to corrosion and rust. This is noteworthy especially if you want to make an investment on your garbage disposal. Keep them running at their best by protecting them from daily exposure to water and other chemicals.

Consider the Warranty

There are garbage disposals that come with only one year limited warranty. They may be the most affordable but the fact that you can’t be sure how long you can keep them doesn’t add up to a wise investment. Consider how long you want to use the device and how much you’re willing to spend for repairs and replacements overall. You might want to spend a bit more on your purchase but save enough of money with a lifetime warranty.