4 Tips in Planning a Camping Trip

One common misconception about camping is that you need to be outdoorsy or a nature fanatic to enjoy your trip. On the contrary, camping is actually a great way to disconnect from all your stresses at work and spend some quality time with your family or friends. To ensure that your camping goes smoothly and is more enjoyable, here are a few tips on how you can effectively plan your first ever camping trip.


  1. Choose an Ideal Campsite. One important thing to remember when deciding on your camping site is to know the different types of site, as well as each of its own pros and cons. If you prefer to camp on a more secluded area, try looking into primitive campsites, or national parks that allow camping. That said, understand that going on a primitive camping does come with some challenges like not having a potable water to drink, and not having any proper access to a toilet. So think about these factors first before you decide on going on a particular type of camping.


  1. Plan Your Meals Early On. If you’re a first-time camper, there’s a possibility that you’ll find preparing your meal prior to your camping trip a bit bizarre. With that said, planning your meals beforehand and bringing along ingredients that won’t immediately go bad can actually make your trip a lot better. Simply think of meals that are both flavourful and healthy. Foils meals (meals with ingredients that can be cooked in aluminium foil) are a great meal option to start with.


  1. Decide on Your Camping Activities Beforehand. Other than camping, there’s a chance that you’ll find several activities that you can do to kill your time while outdoors. So ensure that you discuss the activities that you’ll be trying with your camping buddies beforehand. Doing this will enable you to pack all the right things and properly prepare for the activity that you’ll be doing.


  1. Create a Packing List. On other types of trips, it’s quite easy to run to the hotel front desk or the grocery store to buy an item that you forgot to bring. But unlike that kind of trips, a camping trip requires you to bring more things, and that’s why creating a packing list would help in ensuring that you don’t skip out on any essentials. And let’s face it, you wouldn’t want to be the person who forgets to pack his S’mores supplies or his sleeping bag.

Planning a camping trip isn’t really that difficult even for a first-timer. All you’ve got to do is follow these camping preparatory tips and make the most out of your time while on your trip.


5 Tricks to Make Your Day-Off More Productive

We all know the feeling of finally enjoying a day-off from work after what seems like forever. During these days, we just feel like staying in bed all day long, ordering our favourite pizza, and avoiding any form of human contact for one whole day. But sometimes, this only leaves us feeling lazy and sluggish, like you’ve wasted a good day just laying on your bed all day. Luckily, that can be avoided and here are a few ways on how you can still be (semi-) productive even on your day-off.


  1. Try Out a New Recipe. When you get home from work, cooking a good meal seems like a rather daunting task. When you have the whole day ahead of your, however, take it as an opportunity to experiment or try out new recipes. Scour through your Pinterest board for recipes that you actually swore to try but forgot to. Here’s your chance to finally channel your inner chef.


  1. Declutter Your Place. Is your place starting to look like a mess? Then use your day-off to spruce your place up even just a little. Wipe off the foundation spills on your makeup table, arrange your brushes, throw out empty containers and list down the products that you need to restock. Got a two-week’s worth of laundry? Throw all of it in the wash. This may not sound fun for you, but wouldn’t it be better to lounge in a place that’s clean and neat?


  1. Plan Your Week Ahead. Do your future self a favour by making your week less hectic by planning your workdays ahead of time. Bring out your planner, set reminders in your phone, and ensure that all of your activities for the following week is properly lined up. With this, you’ll be able to relax more since you already know what the week ahead has in store for you.


  1. Go for a Good Run. I know – who wants to exercise during their day-off when you could just curl up in your bed, right? But doing a quick, short run can actually help in energizing you for a whole day. Head to your gym and hop on the treadmill, or try a new running path. If you want, you can bring a friend along and grab some brunch later. Think about it, it’s much more satisfying to lounge in your couch, watch a good movie, and be lazy when you know that you’ve done a good workout for the day, right?


  1. Pamper Yourself. Grab that bubble bath or new face mask you’ve been wanting to try, open your favourite bottle of wine, read few chapters of your favourite book, or experiment with your look. This may not sound productive to you, but trust me it actually is. It’s fun and somewhat lazy, but it won’t make you hate yourself for eating a large pizza and staying on your bed all day long.

A day-off from work can both be a blessing and a curse, so don’t let it get the best of you. Make the most of your spare time, and you’ll thank yourself later when you’re facing work prepared, fresh, productive and happy.