Sleeping Positions for Pregnant Women  


The government of Singapore is encouraging couples to conceive. In fact, there are different programs to help couples conceive. For couples who grabbed the opportunity, their lives will change soon. The coming of a child will totally change everything – in a positive way. The pregnant woman will experience the greatest change.


Conceiving can do a lot of things to our body but rest assured that everything will be worth it when we see that little bundle of joy. When we are pregnant, things are harder to do like eating, walking and even tying our shoes. For some pregnant women, they have a hard time sleeping. It is not easy to sleep soundly with our belly.

We have to switch our sleeping positions to accommodate our developing girth. The imminent concern here is finding the right sleeping position. What is the safest sleeping position during pregnancy? After our fifth month, our back will not be the same. When we sleep on our back, we put more pressure to our aorta and the inferior vena cava. Pressure for these vessels means sluggish blood circulation to our body and of course our baby.


Lying on our back is also not recommended because it can make our breathing difficult. This position will push down our intestines which can lead to stomach troubles. Lying on our stomach is not good too for obvious reasons – our stomach will press our expanding uterus not to mention our swelling breasts.

So, what position should we consider? Lying on our sides is okay but experts recommend that we consider lying on our left side. Lying on our left side can improve our blood circulation giving our babies enough nutrients. It does not end there because lying on our left side can also keep our growing body weight from pushing down our liver too hard.

Here are some suggestions while lying:

  • For Belly and back support – We have to secure a pillow and put it under our tummy or between our knees. The pillows will serve as our belly and back support which will prevent us from rolling to our back or stomach.


  • To Improve Breathing – If we encounter shortness of breath, the easiest remedy is putting a pillow under our side so it can raise our chest.


  • To Alleviate Heartburn – Pregnant women often experience heartburn. It is uncomfortable during our waking hours how much more if we are trying to sleep? We should put few books and blocks at the bead of our bed as this can help us keep the acids down instead of burning up.


What You Need to Know About Drug Management  


When we hear about drugs, it is either of two things – drugs that are prohibited and drugs that can reduce pain or discomfort. Of the two drugs, the most necessary and of course legal is the latter. If we take drugs every time pain kicks, it is crucial that we know what analgesia to take.


Analgesia refers to medications that have the capacity to render the person insensible to pain without the loss of his/her consciousness. World Health Organization reminds Singaporeans to observe pain ladder when managing analgesia.

Here are the common types of pain and its distinctive drug management:

  • Headache: If we experience headache, the typical drug treatment is Paracetamol acetaminophen and NSAIDs (Non-steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs). If the headaches are severe accompanied by vomiting or fever, a doctor should be consulted.
  • Migraine: Many Singaporeans suffer from migraine. For migraine episodes, we can take Paracetamol or NSAIDs also but if migraines are severe, many consider triptans.


  • Menstrual cramps: Many girls have this problem and we take NSAIDs most of the time. The good news is that any NSAID will work.
  • Muscle ache: When we suffer muscle ache, Paracetamol or NSAIDs can make a difference. If inflammations are present, NSAIDs will work better.
  • Strain: For strains, we can use muscle relaxants and NSAIDs.
  • Severe trauma: Severe trauma includes burn, severe sprain and bone fracture. Opioids can help a great deal but if it is more than 2 weeks, it is a different thing.

Before taking drugs, it is crucial that we see our doctors first. The prescription and the advice should come from them.


The Motorola Improvements  


If we want to purchase another smartphone, deciding which is better seems to be the hardest. This is because there are myriad of smartphone brands here in Singapore each claiming better than the other. We only want to have the best that is why we have to decide wisely and thoroughly.


If in this case we are only loyal to the Motorola brand, we will be happy to know that there will be improvements coming. Motorola is updating its smartphones and this time, with better cameras and other improvements. This is Motorola’s way of enticing more customers who want an alternative of Apple and Samsung. Motorola brags about manufacturing lower-cost smartphones.

There will be new models to be released in the market – the Moto G, Moto X Style and the Moto X Play. The Motorola President Rick Osterloh said on an interview that these new models will surely deliver great mobile user experience that does not break the wallets or purses of its users.

For Singaporeans who are not familiar of the current structure of Motorola, it is time that we know this – Motorola was bought by Lenovo from Google in 2014. So, here are some improvements Motorola have considered:

Moto G


Moto G boasts of five inches screen. It does not end there because it has also a thirteen megapixel camera (up from eight megapixels last year). Aside from that, Motorola also claims that the Moto G can withstand three feet of dunking in the water for up to thirty minutes. It can support 4G connections at the same prices. The Moto G will go on sale August 4, 2015.

Moto X

Moto X phones (Style and Play) boasts of twenty one megapixels camera (up from thirteen megapixels last year). For the Moto X Style, it has 5.7 inches screen and the battery can last more than a day; it also has sharper screen and more options for customization like leather or wood backs (which are expensive by the way). As for the Moto X Play, it has 5.5 inches screen and assures two days of battery life. Both the X models do not have the extensive protection from water unlike the Moto G. Motorola did not give the exact date of the Moto X release however, they assure the public that models will be out in the next few weeks.

With this new modifications and improvements, Motorola can pick where they left off. This is something to consider knowing that its cost will not break our wallets or users.


Pet-Friendly Hotels  


Sleeping far away from home has its perks and disadvantages. Perks like being alone and experiencing luxury are hard to refuse. It has disadvantages too like missing home and our pet dog. It is good to know that there are hotels out there that employ pets to bring happy happiness to their guests.


Here are some hotels that see the importance of having pets around:

  • The Jefferson: The hotel in Washington D.C employs a CEO (which stands for Canine Executive Officer). The pet dog is a beagle and is called Monti. Monti is hanging around the lobby and welcoming the guests. The “Lord Monti” experience is $450 a night but the 5% of the reservation will be given to PAW Rescue.
  • Fairmont Copley Plaza: The hotel in Boston has two lovable canine ambassadors. The black Labradors are named Catie and Carly Copley. The dogs enjoy riding on the bellcarts and are there to greet the guests. In fact, we can book an appointment with them and take them for a walk.


  • Ritz-Carlton, Bachelor Gulch: The hotel in Colorado has two dogs – a St. Bernard called Bachelor and a Bernese mountain dog called Belle. The two dogs can take its visitors to hiking trails and flower-covered hills. Ah, what a fine experience.
  • Mandarin Oriental: If we are in Bangkok, we should see the Mandarin Oriental and hear the Thong-Jaa sisters. The sisters are domestic mynah birds capable to mimic sounds if they are taught. The best experience is the birds greeting the guests.

Although we are not sure if there are hotels here in Singapore with the same services, we surely hope that there is one. Having a pet around brings us closer to home.