Growing Debts of Real Madrid

The love of Singaporeans for soccer is unfathomable. There are local and international teams and games that are anticipated by Singaporeans. If in this case you like Real Madrid, you should know that there is a recent issue about the team. The recent issue worries many people.


What is this issue? Well, you must know that Real Madrid is suffering from growing debts now. If this continues, who knows what will happen to the prestigious league. As of June 30, 2014, the total debt of Real Madrid amounted to €602 million or £472.2 million. This figure was released by the members of the club.

Real Madrid owed this much despite their earnings from winning the €60 million jackpot for becoming the champion. Real Madrid owes banks and the Spanish government. In the past year (2013), Real Madrid owed €541 million or £425 million but it rose to €602 million or £472.2 million this year (2014). The figure revealed an 11.3% growth of their debts.


Their debts are divided according to terms – short and long-terms. Short-term debts should be fulfilled within twelve months (about £210 million). Long-term debts make up a large portion of the total debt which is £189 million. The debt rose despite of the rising income of Real Madrid. The income rose only by 5% (about €550 million or £432 million).

Club members are expressing heavy concerns about the growing debts of Real Madrid. The debts may hinder the club from not meeting the commitments especially the future payments. In spite of this, the team still continues to do its best.


Rochester House: Something for the Little Ones    

If you have a kid or a niece or a nephew, you’d have an idea of how challenging it can be to find a restaurant where both the adults and the kids, especially, enjoy the food and the place. Well, kids don’t really care much how elegant or sophisticated the restaurant’s ambience may be. All they care about is that they get to run around the place and scream their lungs out. Yes, in the case that your kid does want to scream out of utter joy or playfulness, it’s better to be in a restaurant that actually is meant for the kids or at least has the usual load of kid customers. That way, all the other diners will be more forgiving and empathize with you without even a need to excuse or explain yourself. So, for a Singapore restaurant that puts the spotlight on the kids, here it is.


The Rochester House

Welcome to a grand, colonial bungalow perfect for the entire family! Rochester House is located at 7 Rochester Park. In its vast area of 30,000 square feet, you’ll find a bistro style restaurant, that the grown-ups will surely adore, and an indoor and outdoor playground, that is made for the kids. The Playhouse consists of 2 floors of play area. The ground floor inside and outside are for free-play. Children, especially the younger ones, could enjoy running around here all they want. Plus, there’s even a 10-foot trampoline! On the other hand, the second floor consists of 3 rooms which are meant for the slightly older kids with ages about 7 to 12.


As for the menu, they actually have one that’s made specifically for the kids. This one is simpler but perfect for a kid’s palate. They’ve made it such so that children will easily recognize what’s in their food. As we know, kids are such picky-eaters and if something on their plate seems unfamiliar, they’d immediately assume that it’s something that doesn’t taste good. So to avoid this, they’ve prepared an entire kid menu with the usual food items children enjoy such as the classic Mac and Cheese. But they don’t only focus on the taste either because they’ve also ensured that all their kid menu items are tastefully-made with different vegetables in them.

So, if you can’t wait for an enjoyable time both for the grown-ups and the young ones, then just plan your next weekend activity at Rochester House!


Smaller Than Cake  

What’s smaller than cake but just as delicious or maybe even more delicious? The answer is cupcake! Cakes are so last season. Now, cupcakes run the show. This heavenly dessert is indeed a delightful, gastronomic creation and it’s also such a lovely site that just looking at it can already brighten up a day. So for a mood-booster in the form of the mighty cupcake, before you head out and buy yourself one, or maybe a dozen, take a look at this list of promising cupcake bakeries.

Twelve Cupcakes

Open since 2011, this cupcake shop has now been selling to a total of 15 locations. To name a few they have outlets at United Square, Millenia Park, and Ion Orchard. In case you didn’t know, Twelve Cupcakes is owned by local celebrity couple Jaime Teo and Daniel Ong. But that isn’t the reason so many cupcake-junkies are queuing for their sweet creations. Their cupcakes are celebrities on their own because they are moist, fluffy, and less sweet.

The perfect finish on top is their light, smooth frosting that’s always pleasing to the taste buds. These cupcakes are made from scratch daily and are always freshly baked. With 12 everyday flavours such as Red Velvet and Vanilla Chocolate and even monthly specials like Nutella and Chocolate Salted Caramel that Jaime, herself, has created, people will surely have a hard time choosing. Well, there’s always the easy solution of buying twelve cupcakes, right?


Cupcakes with Love

Longing for cupcakes that taste like they were lovingly cooked by our moms? Then grab a piece from Cupcakes with Love. Inspired by their mom who baked such heart warming cupcakes for them when they were young, the founders of this adorable cupcake shop have made it their aspiration to spread the love and several of their mom’s wholesome recipes to all the cupcake-lovers out there.

Each of their cupcake is baked with the perfect balance of less sugar but more flavour. They have 9 flavours available. Among them are Vanilla Mallows, Blueberry Summer, Chocolate Storm, Polka Chocs, and their rum-infused Adult Chocolate. And for a sweeter touch, you could even have your cupcakes personalized. They are located at 10 Tampines Central 1, Tampines 1, #03-22 and another outlet is at 216 Joo Chiat Road, #01-12, Soho Life.


Singapore Student Budget Tips  

For students, money is one of their primary needs but when money is lacking, can they survive? Typically, students can survive but it is not an easy way to get out of a situation wherein you really need help. Most of the time, money is the very reason why students get the problem.


But money is not really a problem if you are a student who’s saving for future use. Saving is one important practice especially when you are a student. This is to avoid asking money from your parents. Most of the students make money as an excuse to save money in order to buy new shirts.

Saving money as a student is not like that. You save money through the allowance that your parents gave you and not on the extra money that you have asked them. On the other hand, many students say that it is impossible to save when your money is just enough for your daily expenses.


But there is nothing impossible when you want it to happen. Pushing it to happen will give you a chance to do it. Choose campus gym instead of gyms in the city. While you are busy schooling, you will definitely have a time to go out and build some muscles.

Since you are only a student, your money is limited and you cannot afford gym memberships. But when you go to your campus gym, you will be more likely to have discounted or maybe free membership and unlimited use of gym equipment.


Company Knowledge: Key Factor to a Successful Job Interview  

Employers in many business establishments are always looking for some individuals who has the potential about working in a company and above all passionate about the job. That’s what employers are looking for – a bunch of passionate workers. Can you imagine a team like this?


Contrary to that, there are also companies who tend to choose intelligent individuals to help their business grow. Now, when you say intelligent lineup in a company. It will be a tough team to match. However, the only thing that will make passionate people win is that they have the heart to do things without complaining.

Now, when it comes to the job interview, who are you? The passionate one or the intelligent one? If you are going to choose, choose both. Be a passionate worker with intelligent ideas. Ask about the company. Your interviewer should be the person to ask you, but do not wait for your interviewer to get bored.


Make a smooth conversation with him. Talk to him as if you are best friends. But the main point of your conversation is about the company. You can ask. There’s no rule that prohibits an applicant to ask their future employers.

But always remember that you should be careful about the things you’ll ask because you might fall on your own bait. There are instances that you unknowingly shared the vital information about yourself or perhaps your friend which might make a bad impression to your interviewer.


Well-Known Bars in Singapore

Singapore is small country in nature but gigantic in terms of their economy and culture. Also, the country is popular for many tourists as it has different places to go round and visit like beaches, restaurants and malls. But when dusk comes and night starts to bloom, the beauty of different bars in Singapore makes the country be more attractive.


New Asia Bar

When you want to experience the highest point of comfort, you have to know how to go to New Asia Bar. Situated in the 71st floor of Swissotel the Stamford, New Asia bar offers first and foremost, the beautiful and incomparable sight of Singapore.

Acid Bar

Not all things sold here are acid or acidic as you imagine. In Acid bar, you can listen to live music and have a chance to sing with the performers in the bar. Also, you can purchase beers her at a reasonable price. Acid Bar is located in the Orchard part of Singapore and is formerly a re-established shop house. Here, music plays even at late midnight.



This bar serves Class A people because this bar is for affluent people. They say that Prive is a expensive.  Prive is located after you cross the bridge from the main island of the city. This bar is near the harbor wherein guests and customers have the opportunity to see the eye-catching maritime scenery together with the sunset. Here, concoctions are locally made which includes blackberry lychee cocktail and more.


The 3 Must-Bring Things for a Trip to Singapore

Unlike other tropical countries, Singapore’s climate is relatively different. If in other tropical countries you can experience rainy season, in Singapore, rainy days occasionally comes. This is because the location of the country is near the equator. Since the climate is hot, you need to prepare everything you need when you plan to go to Singapore.



Your outfit will depend on what is season when you go to the country. However, if you are going to Singapore in a hot season, be sure to pack loose clothing. It is not necessary that you bring loose clothing but if you want to travel around the city comfortably, you’ll need those.


As usual, you cannot travel without cash. That is the very reason why money is significant in all that you do. Once you have stepped your feet in the country and have brought cash, utilize it for shopping and eating to restaurants who serves high-quality chow. Singaporeans past-time is eating and shopping. So, when you have an ample time, do it.



Definitely, you need to bring this one. If you are travelling around the world don’t let the opportunity leave you behind. Use your cameras to capture memories. The main point in travelling is to see the beautiful surroundings or sceneries in a place and to take photos which will be your reward after. Camera must be brought together with its memory cards. Do not also forget to bring additional memory cards once you are fun capturing attractive spots.


Encouraging Healthy Lifestyle among Kids  

Singapore’s Health Promotion Board (HPB) is bringing healthy lifestyle awareness to secondary school children. It is better to introduce healthy lifestyle early so kids can incorporate it and understand its importance when they grow up. HPB knows that students spend most of their time in school. In line with this, HPB developed a school program that helped hundreds to lose weight and stop smoking.

Happy family preparing a healthy dinner at home.

The programme is called Student Health Adviser Programme. It started way back 2010. The initial program only covered 8 secondary schools but it will be expanded through time. HPB will make sure to bring the awareness to additional 50 secondary schools, 5 Polytechnics and 3 Institutes of Technical Education by the end of 2018. The health programmes are spearheaded by HPB in the hopes of reducing the rate of obesity and other chronic illnesses in Singapore.

The initial program helped 30% of more than five hundred overweight students. Overweight students attended the Weight Management Programme. The Weight Management Programme for example covers three sessions which will give students tips on how to promote healthy eating habits and staying active.


Teenagers should be constantly reminded of healthy food choices and exercise. Food choices and exercise can affect your life in the later years. It is better to start young. If you are a parent, you should encourage healthy living to your kids by being a role model. Remember that your kids follow your lead. If you live an unhealthy life, they will surely tread the same path.

Healthy lifestyle is fun if it is done together with friends. Teenagers will surely like the program of HPB.


Handling Your Kid’s Public Tantrums  

As much as you want to bring your kids outside, you are worried because they might exhibit public tantrums. Their public tantrums embarrass you. Suddenly, they become little fiends instead of adorable angels. You are not alone in this world. There are parents here in Singapore who are worried about their kid’s public tantrums.


You have to understand that like adults, toddlers also experience frustrations. If you are unable to give it (their frustrations), they will surely ask for it until you yield. The good news is that tantrums become infrequent when your child reaches four or six. Instead of shouting at your kids when they exhibit tantrums, it is best to consider the following things:


  • Stay calm: You have to stay calm as much as possible. Children can smell tension. It is easy to overreact when everybody’s watching. Take a deep breath first. The effective thing to do is ignore their tantrums.
  • Distract: The next thing that you can do is distract your child. You have to take their mind off with whatever they want. There are many distractions here in Singapore.
  • Remove: The next thing that you should do is remove your child from the source of his/her frustration.
  • Do not yield: It is important that you do not yield. If you yield, your kids will think that they can get what they want.
  • Allies: There are people around. Instead of feeling indifferent, you can use the scene to get other people to help you. You can seek alliances to help with handling your kids. Do not be embarrassed because most likely, the people nearby have their own kids and encountered the same scene.

You can eventually handle your kid’s tantrums in time. Good luck!