Things to Know about SCOT

Have you heard about the SCOT? SCOT (Shared Computer Operated Transport) is a driverless car developed by SMART (Singapore MIT Alliance for Research & Technology) and NUS (National University of Singapore). Scot was launched on January 28, 2014. The car is set to wander around the campus of NUS.


The researchers developed the car with the cost of US $30000. The electric car is a Mitsubishi i-MiEV. It has four seats with a speed of 130 kilometres per hour. Here are some features that you need to know about SCOT:


LIDAR is a low cost  remote sensing technology. Researchers utilizes laser sensors (of up to 30 meters) that can evade obstacles. Apart from that, the lasers also focus on radar and imaging capabilities. This is the car of the future because it can work even if the lighting is poor. The car can also endure moderate rain. SCOT is equipped with remote sensing technologies that can function without depending on GPS (Global Positioning System).



Researchers developed SCOT because they want to improve the state of public roads. The car is the demonstration of the commitment of students and researchers because they developed the car in not more than six months incurring only S$30000. The advantage of SCOT is you do not need to return it unlike rented cars. This system can lessen transportation grief by decreasing number of car ownership.

Further development of SCOT can see more vehicles transporting Singaporeans from their homes to their specific destinations. It was not mentioned the things it can do for the environment. The carbon emission will surely be reduced with the influx of electric cars.


Safe Driving for Your Teens

Your teen will always ask you to teach him to drive because the act excites him. It will be up to you to teach him. If you do not teach him, he will look for someone who will. When you give him car, he can either take care of it or abuse it. It is good if he takes care of the car but what if he will abuse it?


There are some teens that experience road or traffic accidents because of reckless driving. They are lucky if they only sustain minor injuries but what if they will die? As a parent, it is your responsibility to take steps to avoid the hazards of driving.

Make sure your teen understand safety

It is important that you make sure your teen understand safety. One way is to enrol him at driving courses. He will know about the importance of seat belts, headrests and shoulder straps.

Make your teen committed to safety

Your teen should be a responsible driver. You have to make him committed to safety so he will know what to do and what not to do.


Make a contract

Driving is not easy so it should be taken seriously. Your teen should not goof around with the car because it can claim his life or the life of others. To be effective, you can make a contract and include safety measures. If he understands it, he should sign it. You also need to consider the punishments.

Make your teen listen

Teens seek adrenaline rush. It is in their system so when they drive cars, the feeling excites them. Knowing that, you should always remind your teen about the safety measures and hazards of driving. If he fails to understand and listen, a punishment should be given.