Reflections on Conversations and Communication

There have been so many things invented for the sake of improving communication. Telephones, cell phones, emails, social media, and maybe even more channels of communication have been invented for us to have the best means to communicate as possible. But has this really improved our communication? Well, sadly no. There are still people out there who do not converse as much as they should.

Now don’t get me wrong, we’re not saying you should force yourself to talk to others. We’re just saying that everyone needs a healthy conversation every now and then. Remember when you were a kid and it was so easy to talk to your family then you started trying to make friends and it was kind of hard? Well, maybe you had a hard time conversing back then but that shouldn’t stop you now.

Why should people have healthy conversations on a regular basis? It’s just a part of who we are. As human beings, we want to communicate. We want people to understand us. We want to be able to get others to understand us. This is why we have artists who communicate on a different medium than language. Whether it be paintings, music, sculptures, or any other form of art, they were all created to send a message.

What happens when we aren’t able to converse? When we aren’t able to converse, we end up completing the conversation ourselves. Take note, this can be very dangerous as this relies greatly on your mood when you are conversing with yourself. If you had a problem in mind and end up talking to yourself because of the lack of conversation, you might end up finishing your problem with a negative response and accept it because you haven’t heard solutions from any other person.

Everyone needs a friend. Friendship is something beyond what we want but rather what we need. We need healthy conversations. We need conversations that keep our mind going. It’s a bit sad how some people feel like there’s nobody to talk to. Don’t give up searching. There’s always someone out there desperate for a good conversation.

Who knows, you might be the match to what they’re looking for. Conversations build everything. From marriage to families, it is conversation that holds them together. Treasure the conversations you have. Some conversations might even be the milestone and door into a new chapter of your life. There have been so many life changing conversations around, you might just even experience one soon. We definitely need more conversations around. People need to each other.

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