Expert Tips for Drinking Alkaline Water

Drinking ionized or alkaline water is strongly recommended by health experts in Singapore. Yet, not everyone is familiar with this kind of water and are even hesitant to try it out just because they don’t have any idea how to properly drink it. For that reason, we gathered some tips on how you could consume and make the most out of the health benefits of alkaline water.

1. Familiarize the Levels of Alkaline Water

It’s crucial to know that alkaline water comes in various alkaline levels, and that you should start taking it at level one (8.5 pH) before you go any higher. Most people who use an alkaline water ionizer don’t know this, and just start consuming ionized water at random levels. It’s advised to start consuming alkaline water with 8.5 pH for a week or two to see how it affects your body before deciding to go any higher.

2. Take Note of Your Body’s Reaction

Although it’s inarguably healthier than tap water, drinking alkaline water is not for everyone since it may bring about negative effects if your body can’t adjust to it. If you don’t feel refreshed or if you experience some stomach troubles after consuming the ionized water, try drinking a lower or higher level of alkalized water. However, your safest option is to visit your doctor and inform him or her about the problem you experienced after drinking alkaline water.

3. Use it to Take in Your Supplements

Who would have thought that ionized water could contribute to increasing the potency of your supplements? We often drink tap water with our medications to make swallowing it easier, but if you are in the know, then you would be smart enough to drink quality alkaline water from Singapore along with your vitamins. Unlike drinking your meds with coffee, soda or plain water, taking it with ionized water will help in maximizing its positive effects on your body.

4. Drink it at the Right Time

It’s best to drink ionized water before and after your mealtimes, especially if you just consumed a good portion of meat. A good rule of thumb is to drink it 20 minutes before and 20 minutes after your meals. If you prefer drinking water during your meals, health experts in Singapore suggest squeezing some lemon into the water to add a hint of acidity to your drink. The main reason is that during the initial stage of digestion, your stomach needs a more acidic environment to digest the food you consumed.

5. Hydrate Yourself When You’re Ill

Drinking a healthier type of water becomes crucial when you are feeling ill. Drinking alkaline water will help you recover faster and prevent the worsening of your illness, especially if you are experiencing diarrhoea, vomiting and excessive sweating. Consuming a good amount of water could help in reducing your fever, thinning out the consistency of your secretions, and in rehydrating your body.

6. Drink When You’re Working Out

Our body tends to lose more water when we work out. To rehydrate your body properly, drink two glasses of alkaline water 15 minutes prior to exercising and a glass after every 15 minutes throughout the session. But be sure to drink even more water when you are working out in a hot environment. Alkaline water is a healthier substitute to tap water, as it helps reduce the effects of lactic acid build-up when working out. Spring water is often acidic, while tap water may contain chemicals that will just add to the toxic burden of your system.

Tips to Switching to Alkaline Water

• Look for a Reliable Brand

The pH level of water is often increased by incorporating natural additives like calcium, magnesium and potassium. There are only few water filter brands that follow the norms when it comes to manufacturing and selling alkaline water, so be sure to get the services and product of those who follow these norms.

• Choose the Right pH Option for Your Needs

One of the most important things to remember when you are switching to alkaline water is to choose the right pH option for your needs. Unlike tap water, which only has a pH value of six and seven, alkaline water can rank as high as nine or more on the scale. But as mentioned earlier, avoid just randomly choosing the level of alkaline water you would want to drink. Instead, listen to how your body reacts to the drink and decide whether you would want to drink a higher or lower level of alkalized water.

• Gradually and Fully Replace Your Beverages

Just like with going on a certain diet plan, you can’t expect to see any significant result without completely replacing your regular drinking water. Remember, alkaline water is not a miracle drink that could change your body overnight – but it is a lifestyle choice that will show its results eventually.

• Carry an Alkaline Water Filter

Perhaps the easiest way to make your body more comfortable with drinking ionized water is by carrying an alkaline water filter wherever you go. If your office doesn’t have an alkaline water ioniser machine, invest on a tumbler form alkaline water filter to make your transitioning from regular water to alkaline water as smooth and effective as possible.

An alkaline water ionizer may seem like an expensive purchase to make, but it’s actually highly recommended by health experts across the globe. Although some people might still be unaware of the importance of drinking the right type of water, having the right guidance and knowledge will certainly help in maximizing the health benefits that this water has to offer.

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