4 Work Habit You Need to Stop Doing

Bad work habits come in many different kinds. There are those that cause disaster on your productivity, make your work harder, inflict additional stresses, and serve as a negative result of being too stressed out—but not all happens at our desks. Regardless of where these habits happen, all of them have negative effects in our lives.


Here are some common habits that threaten your work performance.

  1. You Multitask

If you think you’ll be able to do more duties in lesser time by doing multiple tasks at once, think again. It’s a fact that humans have limited attention to span. After working hard on a particular period of time, you might feel extremely exhausted and have no enough energy to complete your remaining tasks. Being focused on one task at a given moment helps a lot to work better and faster for a longer span of time.

  1. Starting and Ending Your Day With E-mails

Sending a bunch of emails the moment you wake up will easily make you lose track of your priorities. On the other hand, sending emails before going to bed at night will give you insomnia. So, what you should do? Make a to-do- list and stick with it. Cross out at least two important things before sending out emails.


  1. Keeping Your Desk Messy

A messy sight will keep you from focus. Toss that week-old Starbucks cup to the trash, throw away those year old files and documents, and make good use of your drawers. A clean and organized desk will help you concentrate on the job that needs to be done.

  1. Not Disconnecting From Work

Weekends are sacred; it’s the time for hardworking people like you to unwind and relax. Hide your phone in a hard-to-reach area as soon as you get home on a Friday night. If it rings and it’s somebody from work, don’t answer it. They’ll surely text their concern to you. If the concern is about work, it can wait until Monday. If it’s about a weekend vacay or a Saturday night out, go and call back for a fun time with colleagues.

Breaking bad habits is not an easy task, and it surely doesn’t happen overnight. However, making even the smallest effort to break all these good-for-nothing practices will certainly make a huge difference in your life and career.


5 Nappy Care Tips Every Parent Must Know


Changing baby diapers isn’t among parent’s favourite duties, but hey there’s no excuse for it not to be done. Changing your baby’s diapers must be done—and done right—because it doesn’t only affect your baby’s mood, but his health as well.


So whether you’re caring for your little munchkin or still preparing for the coming of your precious newborn, keep these nappy care tips in mind to ensure your baby’s happy mood and good health.

  1. Keep it Dry and Fine

Whether to go for cloth diapers or disposable ones is just a matter of personal preference. The important part here is to regularly change diapers when necessary, and not until your baby is soaking wet or thoroughly soiled. However, before putting on new diapers, rub baby oil on his bottom to avoid rashes and chafing.

  1. Always Consider Mildness

Every part of your baby’s body is as delicate as his face, so make sure every baby product you use is mild. When shopping, check labels to see if products are hypo-allergenic and are mild enough not to cause skin irritation. It’s also essential to get those that provide moisture and skin care. The same rule should also be followed when buying detergents for laundering your baby’s clothes.

  1. Gently Massage Your Baby

Your little boss needs a lot of TLC. Incorporate gentle baby massage into your daily nappy ritual. After bathing, softly massage his body including his cute bottom. Finish off by patting with mild powder. You may also sing a lullaby as you massage him for total relaxation as you send your little tot to dreamland.


  1. Be Careful and Light

Ill-fitting nappies can cause leakage and discomfort. Check if the one you’re using is in the right size. Make sure that the diaper perfectly snugs the bottom of your baby when secured with tapes, snaps, or fasteners.  Check your baby’s reaction and if the edges of the nappy sinks into his skin; you can immediately tell if he is uncomfortable with the fit.

  1. Set Up a Nappy Station

You cannot tell when your baby’s going to poop, but you can be prepared to make the experience pleasant for your baby. Be calm and do not scramble when a situation calls for an unexpected nappy change. Have everything you need in a corner, near a changing bed or table. Also, prepare your baby bag ahead of time so you won’t have to panic when you’re out.

A good nappy care ritual before putting your child to bed will assist him to a longer and better sleep. Sleep is among the most important things for babies as it greatly helps in the healthy development of mind and body.


6 Things Galaxy S6 Can Do That iPhone 6 Can’t


Galaxy S6 hit the store shelves just this April; but months prior its release, it is the iPhone 6 that was leading the game. Both of these phones though are fantastic options, but there are a few features on Samsung’s new flagship phone that iPhone 6 cannot do.


  • Wireless Charging: Wireless charging is effortless, and it’s just cool! Even with its very thin profile, Samsung managed to fit in wireless charging functionality. No need to worry which wireless charger to buy, since the Galaxy S6 supports both wireless technologies—WPC and PMA.
  • Fast Charging: Aside from wireless charging, Galaxy S6 also boasts a fast charging feature, taking only 10 minutes to get enough charge for up to four hours of use. While iPhone 6 is already quick to charge, Samsung’s Galaxy S6 only takes half of the time iPhone 6 fully charges its battery.
  • TV Remote Control: While iPhone 6 also has the same feature, it requires third-party accessories if you want to use the handset as a TV remote. On the other hand, Samsung’s Galaxy S6 has built-in infrared blaster so you can instantly control just about any device, such as DVD players, AV players, Blu-Ray players, DVRs, TVs, and even air conditioning units.


  • Monitor Heart Rate: There are iPhone 6 apps that use the phone’s rear camera and flash to measure heart rate, but most of these apps are slow and often gives inaccurate results. The Galaxy S6, however, packs a dedicated heart rate monitoring device that instantly and accurately measures your pulse rate.
  • Hide Sensitive Data: iPhones store images in the albums, but doesn’t let you hide the ones you wish hidden from everyone else. On the Galaxy S6, you can set your phone to Private Mode, where you can hide sensitive files and data. This can be activated and deactivated with a quick toggle. But since it’s guarded with biometric technology, only your fingerprint can do change this setting.
  • Lock Apps to the Screen: You forgot to move your sensitive data to the Private Mode, but someone needs a quick access of your phone. So now what? Use the Pin Window feature to lock your device only to a particular app before handing it over to someone. They won’t be able to exit the app without entering a password or authenticating on the biometric sensor.

There are a few more Galaxy S6 features that can make iPhone 6 users a bit jealous. This is just a glimpse of how Samsung has stepped up their game with the recently launched Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge.


Dating Faux Pas: 6 Never-to-Discuss Things On a First Date


You may be an expert on politics and religion, but that’s not what someone you just met would like to talk a about. Here are a few more topics that are best avoided when trying to impress someone on a first date.


  1. Me, Myself, and I

It’s essential to open up things about yourself on a first date. This will let your date know more about you and your interests. However, it’s also equally important to let your date talk about himself, too. A first date is like a ping pong match, where the conversation should go back and forth.

  1. Marriage and Kids

This is usually one of the topics that send the other person running in opposite direction. Although it’s fine to mention that you’d like to get married and have kids someday, your date isn’t interested in knowing the names you want for your future children or the theme you like for your wedding. Even if you feel that he/she is the one, keep the ‘commitment’ topic off limits.

  1. Low Self-Esteem Remarks

You’ve spent hours for doing your hair and makeup because you want to put your best foot forward—not your worst foot. Sure, we’ve all got something we don’t like about ourselves, but first dates aren’t the right time to highlight what we think are the worst in us. Remember that confidence is a turn on, so make sure you’re not ruining your own game by feeling bad about yourself.


  1. Family Drama

Talking about family history is a good topic for first dates, but don’t mind including the family problems you once had or currently have in your family. Forget about sharing that Uncle John isn’t talking to your dad because of the surprise party he wasn’t able to attend. Save the family drama for another—and much later—date.

  1. The Exes

Really, nobody wants to be on a first date listening to someone talking about a terrible break-up with a recent ex. It’s okay to discuss a history of your past date (or dates), but keep it vague. Talking about your ex not doing this and that isn’t something your new date wants to hear. Leave the hate talks about your ex for a date with your girl friends with a big glass of wine.

  1. Religious and Political Beliefs

Do not even attempt to comment on a date’s religion or political beliefs, or even touch base on your own beliefs. Make sure to avoid any of these topics as this may only lead to a debate. It’s not romantic, you’ll see.

Keep in mind that after this date, you may not want a second date with the same person; so it would be smart if your date only knows a little about you. If ever you both want another date, that’s when you open up more interesting stories about yourself.